My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm tired!

I love this time of year but it sure makes me tired!  Being a Kindergarten teacher at Christmas time is full of learning but add a lot of glitter and glue into the mix.  We've decorated gingerbread houses, wrote our letters to Santa, made sweet ornaments for our trees, and painted our hands a few times.  Landon gets to make all the crafts my class does since his teacher and I plan together.  Here he is working on his house.
He made his Rudolph and wrote his letter.  So sweet of him to include his brother.
Bennett recently moved up classes so now he has Ms.Wendy and they are always doing neat things.  

He has the best poses!
Last week Lance and I celebrated 8 years of marriage on December 9th.  He got me a watch I've been wanting and I love it!  He did good.  
He actually gave it to me the night before because he went out of town on Tuesday.  He is getting back today and we are definitely ready to have him back home.  The boys have missed him like crazy and I need my partner back.  It's been a long week alone.  Plus Bennett ended up getting sick.  Sorry for the gross picture.
He threw up Monday through the night and wanted me to hold him so I did and didn't sleep much.  Then Lance left and I had to sleep with both boys.  He did good Tuesday night but then this happened Wednesday.  Thankfully my MIL came over that night to keep him Thursday.  I didn't sleep a wink this night either but I guess us mommas don't need much sleep.  So Thursday at work was like being in a fog.  I was dragging!  Judy stayed with us Thursday night but had to go home Friday morning to be with Sharmin and Mamaw Hudson.  I ended up taking Friday off and kept both boys home.  Bennett seems better but I think he had drainage last night and threw up again at 2:45 am.  Nobody has been resting around here and I've done more laundry than I have wanted to.  Luckily Landon and I have stayed clear of the stomach bug germs but Landon has a sore throat and headache.  He was negative for strep but we are continuing to just rest.  My MIL is going to stay with them again tomorrow.  I'd be lost without her!  Good thing we only have a week left of school and then we'll be off for two weeks.  Only 11 days till Christmas and then 4 days later by big guy turns 6!!!  Seems crazy to say that.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Break 2014

Well my break is coming to an end BUT we really enjoyed our time off.  Lance got home Monday and we tried Buffalo Wild Wings (which just opened a week ago) for supper.  It turned out to be Buffalo Wild Wendy's.  They really messed up on our order so we ended up driving through Wendy's.  I wasn't going to complain because I LOVE their salads.  The wings were fine but they ended up messing up Landon's order.  It was supposed to be the sweet BBQ but he got the hot honey BBQ.  Yikes!  I think they just need more time to get the kinks worked out but I'm sure we'll go again!  On our way home we passed Santa walking down the road.  We honked and he waved.  Landon was excited so we turned back around to see him again and he was gone!  It was a fun sighting!  Plus we had Christmas music playing so it just made it more special.  
I also received some yummy goodness in the mail.  We had been tracking it and waiting for the FedEx guy to bring it so we could give it a try.  They are good!  Too bad they are sold out....but I'll be watching for them to be restocked.
Tuesday we had a "do nothing" day.  I ended up going to town for a couple of errands and Lance kept the boys so I could go alone.  And after him being gone for 4 days I needed a couple minutes by myself.  
Wednesday we had our Friendsgiving meal with the Benton's.  We had a lot of good food and getting to visit was so nice.  The boys played so good and we even tried to make s'mores by the fire.  That brought many laughs since it was dark, cold, and a little windy.  

On Thursday we had plans to go to Viola for the Hoppers get together.  We always love going to Nana's house.  And let me just say....the boys played so good.  I remember telling Lance a couple years ago how easy it was when Landon was about 3 and when he played without me following right behind him.  Well then you have another sweet baby and it's hard again.  Not anymore!!!  I told Lance it was easy again...guess it's time for another baby....ha!  Just kidding Brooke.  I did manage to get the boys all gathered to get one family picture.  
And our Nana with her siblings.
Today is the Marvin Newton Classic at Viola.  This is something that was started after my FIL passed away.  He was the superintendent at Viola and a man who loved basketball.  They have about 9 teams playing, 7 games total, and every senior playing is eligible for a scholarship.  I kept Bennett home but we still wore our shirts supporting them.
Since we were home today I decided to get the rest of my Christmas stuff out.  I rearranged the top of the tv cabinet which caused me to rearrange kitchen areas.  And I think I love it.

I had to move my NOEL and I'm still not sure about it.
But I like my print!
The stockings are hung for now.  
And now we can sit and enjoy all the lights!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's been going on!

This is going to be random but I need to get some pictures on here so here goes....

Landon had grandparents day at school at the beginning of this month.  Nana and grandma joined him for lunch and then he got to leave with Nana for the afternoon.  
He's also been hunting and hanging with his dad at the farm.  He enjoys 

They went deer hunting and got a good buck that we've enjoyed lately.  Lance made some smoked summer sausage and it was so good.  Plus we occasionally eat bad and fry it up.

Hanging out at the farm.
My mom has been taking him after school on Wednesdays to hang out and then she takes him over to church for me.  It's so nice when she does that because I don't like getting back out with Bennett and plus it gets dark so early which mean the deer are hard to see.  Unlike my family...I haven't hurt any deer in my life.  He likes having alone time with his grandparents (they spoil him).  They go to the park, get food, and usually go shopping at the truck patch (he likes pushing the smaller carts).  
This day they ran in to his friend (and one of my students this year) Aidan and his sister at the park.  He was there with his grandma too!
We had our Charlie Brown thanksgiving last week and most of the classes dress as Indians (pilgrim outfits are a bit harder to make).  Here is "Brave Hunter" getting ready to go to the feast.

Garnet snapped this one when we were posing!
On this day a couple of us teachers noticed our wardrobes were matching.  We decided we had to get a picture (my shoes were leopard print).
Bennett has been going through a major "I want mommy all the time" phase.  I kept thinking he might get sick and this weekend we both have been under the weather.  He has a low grade fever and is think it's his throat.  I've got the same BUT my throat is killing, sneezing, stuff that goes with a sinus infection or something.
Luckily the boys have been so good all weekend because Lance was out of town the entire time and just now got home.  We survived but was happy to have him back.  A couple weeks back the colors around here were beautiful so Bennett and I enjoyed walking around to see them.

I really want to get better at using my nice camera and how to edit pictures...but until then...I'll take what I can.
I ended up putting my Christmas tree up on November 15th.  I just couldn't wait.  It is too much work to only look at it for a couple I love having the lights on at night.
I took the boys picture in front of the tree before church.  That Bennett is a mess.  He is definitely not easy to pose.

Bennett went to Sunday school and they posted some pictures.
I don't think I've blogged about our bonfire.  Landon loves having a fire so we made one awhile back.  

We finally hung some pictures above our stairs.  Well Lance did all the work which was definitely a job for an engineer.  He had to borrow a ladder from my dad and rig it where it worked on the stairs.  
So this week we are off for thanksgiving break and I'm so excited!  We go to Viola on Thursday afternoon and that's about all we've got planned.  Then we have 3 weeks of school before we go on Christmas break.  It's such a fun time of year!