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My World

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all our family and yummy food.  Being pregnant during the holidays definitely has perks. :)  We had our first gathering at my mamaw's house with all the Wilhite's.  Landon had a blast playing with his cousins and he wasn't ready to leave but we had to head to our next place which was at Viola with the Hopper's.  As we were driving over I reminded Lance that this was our last Thanksgiving as a family of 3 (I do this all the time so it's kind of become a joke for us).  He said next year it is going to be a bit harder to carry them.  I reminded him that it might be for him but not for me.  I think it's pretty hard at this point-since I've got one in the belly and one on my hip!  We tried to get a few pictures before everyone got over there.  We are pretty bad about getting family pictures but we did better last night.

 So thankful for this 35 pound turkey :)
 Attempts at a family picture

 The kids played so well together.  It definitely is getting easier as he gets older.  I actually get to sit back and visit.  I'm not following him 24/7...but guess next year we will be starting that again :)  Can't wait!

 My loves and best friends :)
 Awww...its been a long time since Lance & I took a picture just the two of us.  Lots have changed for the two of us.  Almost 5 years of marriage and about to have 2 kiddos. 
 Poor Casey being tackled by Landon and Logan.  Luckily she loves them and will let them bother her.
Logan showing me his superhero pose.

Well I didn't go to any midnight sales but I did go to Wal-Mart this morning around 8:30 and it wasn't crowded at all.  And I got the camera I wanted (they had tons of them) without having to lose sleep or fight a crowd.  I'm super excited to have a camera I can throw in my purse and I hope to be better with taking more pictures. 

Today is the 1st annual Marvin Newton Classic at Viola.  Lance and his family are all there and Landon & I will be heading over after nap time.  I will take pictures I'm sure. 

Another big thing....RAZORBACKS playing at 1:30.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

 Oh yes you read right. I am just now posting about our Halloween. I have pictures on our camera and I've just been lazy and not wanting to put them on the computer.

So we started Wednesday night at church with trunk-or-treating.  The kiddos were all dressed up and ready to go.

 He looks so sweet in these pictures!
 The night before Halloween we finally carved pumpkins.  Landon was a big help at the beginning but sort of lost interest when the job got hard.  I actually don't blame him because I sort of wanted to quit.   Landon picked out what we did and I got handed the witch stirring her potion and Lance did a face. 

 Landon wouldn't have anything to do with the pulp so I had to clean it out all by myself.

 The finished jack-o-lanterns.
 And sweet Landon sitting behind our work.

So Monday I decided to wear Halloween colors.  All the teachers told me I needed a pumpkin face on my belly so my suite mate decided to do it.  This is the pumpkin belly at 22 weeks!
 Here is Landon on Halloween and we're about to head to my mom and dad's house to trick-or-treat with my sister and her kiddos.
We ate pizza at my parents and then the men took the 4 kiddos around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  I joined them for one street of fun just so I could get pictures but that was enough for me.  The kids were a bit crazy just because they were so excited.  They got tons of candy-yes we still have a bucket full almost a month later.

So there is our Halloween for this year and maybe tomorrow I'll post our Thanksgiving :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Helping the Hubs :)

 So I've decided to give the hubs a little help.  We have our anniversary coming up and Christmas so I'm sure he's wondering what I want. :) 


First up is UGG boots.  I have been wanting boots of some sort and not 100% sure of what kind I want but I think I'd wear these a lot.  I know a lot of people have had these for a long time but I have never gotten myself any. 
I have also been looking at more dressier boots.  I found these on pinterest the other day and I really like them.  You get them at or so I think. 

I want some boots but for some reason I never buy them.

 I also have been wanting a longer coat. I have always said I was going to buy one b/c of recess duty but just never spend the money on one. So I've been looking around for one and I think I want a puffy, long coat. This one is at L L Bean and for some reason it will not show up big.

 I just bought an otter box for my new iPhone b/c Landon tends to steal my phone to play games.  So I did a quick impulse buy and got the black otterbox.  My new phone is white and I really wanted a white otterbox.  So that is definitely on my list.  I'll just sell the black one Lance :)
 I've also mentioned a small camera for my purse.  Since I blog (when I make time) I try to snap more pictures.  If I had a small camera I think I'd take more pictures and blog more.  I saw WalMart is having one for about $50 on their black Friday sale. 
kodak c1450 digital camera
I have wood floors and I've heard a lot of people like these.  Again WalMart is having them and I think it would be good for our house to have one.
shark electronic steam mop

We could also use more sheets.  I just might be going to WalMart since they have some on sale.
canopy 600threadcount sateen sheet set
I love you Lance!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Baby is Sick :(

I knew Landon hadn't been feeling well lately but last night was the first time he has ran a fever and looked pitiful.  He has a cough, runny nose, his voice sounds sad, and last night he started a fever.  This morning I decided to take him to the Wal-Mart Clinic so that way he could start medicine now instead of waiting till Monday.  They said he had some fluid in his ears and they are pink and his throat is red and swollen.  :(  So we have some medicine (which he hates-but it is once a day for 5 days so I think he'll make it) and we are resting.  Lance is coming home from deer camp tonight to stay with him tomorrow.  It isn't fun missing days for me since I'm already getting docked for my maternity leave.  I'll stay home with him if he has to miss more than one day but since Lance already has the day off he said he'd come home.  So, speaking of horrible medicine I bribed Landon into taking it by telling him we'd paint after.  I had my class make these turkey hand prints and of course I have to make one with Landon. 
Here he is working on the project.
And this is what we've got done now.  We have to wait for it to dry before we finish I forgot the glue so we'll have to finish later.
This weekend while Lance was hunting, I worked on the Christmas tree.  He put it up for me Friday before he left and all Landon & I did that night was fluff it.  Yesterday we did the lights and the top of the tree.  I am having to do this in small steps b/c I'm just tired.  I am excited to get it finished because I have all new decorations.  I'm doing the traditional red and green colors and I think it is going to look pretty!  I went to GiftTiques last weekend and got a bunch of stuff. 
Here is the top of my tree.
I'm now trying to figure out how I want my ribbon and if I want to go get geo mesh ribbon.  Decisions, decisions!!!

Ok, so now to catch up on a few things.  A few of us girls from high school have been doing girls night once a month.  Now I haven't been good and going to a lot but I honestly try.  They tend to fall on the same night Lance has bank meetings which means I stay with Landon.  I did go this month and it was at my friend Allyson's house.  We played bunco and it was a blast.  I've always wondered how to play and now I know.  Super easy and super fun! 
We are planning a cookie decorating girls night for next month and I will definitely be going. 

I also found a new addiction...  She is famous on pinterest and her blog is fun to read.  She has taught me how to have full hair (blow dry my hair with my head flipped...duh) and how to have pretty curls that don't take long at all.
Here is a picture of my hair the first time I tried her method out.  I think it turned out good and it lasts on my hair all day long.
You need to check her out. 

Well Landon and I are going to go get ice cream since his throat hurts ;) and cuddle the rest of the evening.  I hope to blog Halloween soon but we'll see!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 22 & 23

Well, I am behind again!  I have a lot to blog about with the pregnancy, Halloween, and just catching up but I figured I'd do one topic tonight. 
So I am about to start my 24th week in this pregnancy and I have to admit...I feel huge and uncomfortable already.  I've been having a little pain here and there but I think its because of where he is.  Maybe he's hitting a nerve.  I'll definitely complain about it at my next doctors appointment which is after Thanksgiving.  I've still got heart burn and sleeping isn't always comfortable.  I've never slept on my stomach and don't mind sleeping on my side but sometimes I just want to sleep on my back.  But I worry too much about being propped up enough.  So many things to worry about! 

Here is week 23 which was also on Halloween.
 I usually take the picture facing the other way but I think that pose makes me look bigger for some reason.  I'll show you the other way and let you decide.
Maybe not but I feel it does!  At school that day everyone kept telling me I needed a face on my belly.  My lovely suite mate decided to dress up the belly and take a picture.  :) 

Here is week 23 belly pics.