My World

My World

Sunday, May 25, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 21

Day 141: Bennett at school today with his girls!

Day 142: Look at this big guy!  Love his preschool graduation picture!

Day 143: My mom came over to keep Bennett so I could watch Landon's game!  Too bad the schedule was messed up.  BUT I did get to watch him practice.

Day 144: We finally got this out of storage plus two boxes of missing things (cookbooks which apparently I don't need and more toys/books for the boys)!

Day 145: This momma woke up with a bad sore throat but this guy wanted in the "bouncy house".  Look at his hair!  He's a mess.

Day 146: The boys went down to the river today while I was at school.  I'd say they had a great time & I bet they sleep good tonight!

Day 147: Landon won his t-ball game tonight & now we are winding down with some NickJr/Starfall.  This kid loves anything to do with learning!

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 20

Day 134: I guess getting a haircut on a dreary day made him sleepy!

Day 135:Christian and I had our Kindergarten music program tonight so he hung out with us for a bit!

Day 136: We've had a busy week in Kindergarten. Today we took a trip to our public library.

Day 137:  Bath time fun!

Day 138:  I love this little guy!

Day 139:  Landon had his first t-ball game tonight!  Too bad Bennett was a wild man and we had to sit in the car.

Day 140:  Yep, that's a bolt in my tire.  Thankful for my sister who took it to the tire shop this morning while I was at work.  She's a huge help!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 19

Day 127:  Finally used a gift card I got from one of my students to Car Care.  I love a clean car...too bad I live on a dirt road.

Day 128:  Loving my Kendra Scott necklace!

Day 129:  Mothers Day came early for me!  My boys did good!

Day 130:  Sprinkler fun!

Day 131:  So blessed to be these two boys momma!

Day 132:  Love when they play together!

Day 133: We get one kid off of antibiotics and then turn around and start the other kid on some.  Hate when they are sick!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

Wahoo for the weekend!  It was a busy week at school with end of the year testing, but next week is even more busier with field trips, preschool walk through so and the music program.  Only 16 more school days!  That makes me smile!

1.  I finally got my Kendra Scott necklace.  I went with black to be safe and I love it.  I'm already planning on getting another one.  Not sure if I want the pink or yellow?!?  

2.  I'm not a patient person.  When I find something I want....I have to have it now!  So yesterday when the UPS man pulled in I called Lance and asked if I could open the box.  Of course he ruined my fun and said NO!  Luckily, he let me open it this morning.  My boys got me some earrings for Mothers Day and I love them.  

And my most favorite gifts are the handmade things from my boys!  

3.  I love Freckles Chic.  My friend from school opened up this boutique here in town and I can't get enough of her stuff!  Today I found a couple more tops that I'm excited about!  

4.  I started Candace Cameron Bures new book Balancing It All.  I love watching her on DWTS...and it was only $.99 on BookBub.  If you haven't signed up for BookBub you definitely should.  It sends you daily emails of Ebooks that are free or at discounted prices.  You put in your interests and it's as simple as that!

5.  We don't have big plans for the weekend which is just how I like it.  Hopefully we'll get to rest, work outside, and just spend time together!  Maybe we'll sleep some too!  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 18

Day 120:  Received the sweetest text from a students mom tonight!  Kindergarten is a special thing!

Day 121:  Glad we've got our pjs on and that we're able to rest this evening!

Day 122: Yah for the weekend and for boom balloons!

Day 123:  Celebrated Evans 3rd birthday today.  It was such a pretty day to be outside.
And even though it's a nice day...I'll keep my rear inside if we find a few more of these....YUCK!  Luckily Lance was home to take care of it.  

Day 124:  I wish this boy felt better!

Day 125:  Oh my goodness!  Can you tell Nana is here?!?  She spoils all of us!

Day 126:  Our butterflies were released today!  Only 19 school days left!

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 17

Day 113:  The chicks are hatching!  We have four now so it's been an exciting day!

Day 114:  Our class now has nine chicks that have hatched.  Tomorrow we get to hold them!  And we love when Nana is here!  She's always singing with the boys!

Day 115:  These two are so fun!  Landon held the hummingbird that hit the window and Bennett brought his lounge chair out on the deck.  And he hasn't taken that hat off in two days - even napped in it today!

Day 116:  We had a rough night last night and then Bennett napped a quick 30 minutes today....yet he's the one still going strong!  Poor Landon!

Day 117:  Playing in the rain!

Day 118:  Only 25 more school days (plus 5 more for teachers) and then we won't be rushing out in the mornings!  Bring on summer!

Day 119:  Bennett loves singing his ABC's.

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 16

Day 106: The sidewalk got poured today so now it's grass time.  Our yard will be pretty soon!

Day 107: My niece Audrey got Bennett to nap at school today.  Look at his booty in the air!

Day 108: Lance was off for Good Friday but the rest of us had school.  But not gonna complain when he cooked us a yummy supper!  

Day 109: The Easter bunny came early.  He was hoping to make Landon feel better.  Poor baby has had a fever since he got home from school on Friday.

Day 110:  Spent Easter at home (Landon has been sick) but did get out for a walk with Bennett.  I love where we live!

Day 111: Watching a little Monday Night RAW with this big fan!

Day 112:  Enjoying the deck and all of our dogwoods!