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My World

Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2011

Well I hope everyone is having a great last day of the year.  I can't believe we are finishing 2011 and going on to 2012.  We are having a lazy night at the Newton house and we wouldn't have it any other way.  I've never been a big "go out and party" type person and going out for NYE kind of stresses me.  It is always too crowded and people tend to act goofy.  Just call me boring. :)  And I'm sure I'll be asleep by 10 PM and that is actually pushing it.  I hope I make it to 10 PM...ha!!! 
I blogged about Landon's birthday and I forgot to mention his big present.  Landon went with me and my mom to Branson Wednesday to pick out bedding/bedroom stuff.  I had mentioned doing that for his birthday and to help make his room special so he'd sleep in his bed again.  Lance agreed and that is what we got him.

He seems to like it and you know what the best part is.....wait for it....wait for it...HE SLEPT IN HIS BED ALL BY HIMSELF LAST NIGHT FROM 9 PM TO 7 AM.  Now this momma here didn't sleep very well.  He never made noise or anything but I just worry about him I guess.  I know I'm pregnant and don't sleep very well anyway but I was up enough to go tinkle 4x.  I usually just wake up once through the night to go.  We'll see how tonight goes.  I did find a reward chart online today and we are using that.  Every morning he will get to put a sticker on his chart if he sleeps in his bed all night.  That is what we used for potty training and it worked so I thought...why not try it with bedtime sleeping. 
I hope everyone has a great 2011 and I hope 2012 is even better.  I know we have a lot to be thankful for in 2012.  Our sweet family will grow and who knows what else will come our way. 

Christmas 2011

Crazy to think this is our last Christmas as a family of 3.  Next year we'll have an almost 4 year old and a 10 month old...that will be lots of excitement and craziness...and I wouldn't have it any other way!  This year we had a lot of get-togethers.  We were supposed to do Christmas with my parents and sister on Christmas Eve morning but Friday around 4 PM I got the urge to have it that night.  I called everyone and just threw the idea out...luckily they let me have my brat moment and we got together at 6 PM that evening.  The kids got tons of stuff and so did us big kids.  My parents go all out for Christmas and I hope they know we are very grateful for all they do for us...not just at Christmas.  I mentioned earlier that my parents always get Landon gifts that take up space.  Well they also do loud toys.  They got Landon his first drum set and he loves them.  They also got him his first pair of cowboy boots.  The kid wants to wear them all the time...even with his comfy sweat pants.  We hung out and then came home and played with our new drums.  Saturday night was our next gathering at this is for the Wilhite side.  We have always done Christmas Eve night and we are a pretty large family so we have it at my sister's school since they have the big gym.  They blow up the bouncy house for the kids and we have tons of food.

My dad is OCD (that is why I am the way I am) and so why wouldn't he have the bag for trash?  That is his brother beside him in the green sweatshirt.  I'm his favorite niece. :)  

My uncle and aunt got him this guitar and he loved it.  He managed to fall and cause it to crack but it didn't stop it from working.  BOYS!!!
After we left there we came home to do all our Christmas Eve things.  First we had to put out the reindeer food and glitter so they could find our house.

Next we came in to let Landon open up his Christmas Eve gift. 

He loves Thomas so we got him Christmas jammies with Thomas on them. 

We had to put them on immediately and he quickly realized his daddy was getting a picture of him in his undies.  :) 
He loved the jammies and said they were so soft.  They really were and I wish I had a pair. 

He then played his drums before bed.
Our future rock star 
We then sat our cookies and milk for Santa and John Mark.  I didn't get pictures of the plate but here are a couple from us making them earlier that morning.

So Christmas morning was busy.  We got up and had to wake little guy up so we could do presents before church.
Sleepy boy trying to wake up. 
Opening his gifts from Santa.  He has been asking for a BIG dump truck and Santa brought that. :) 

Opening his stocking stuff 
He got a new Team Umizoomi DVD and he loves it.  He got a guitar that looks like his dads but is his size, new shoes, a few clothes, Cars 2, train stuff, and who knows what else.  He's very thankful and was good to say thank you.  We did learn that he is a very slow opener.  He would make sure all the paper was off and be sure to hand it to us.  Guess he'll be OCD like me and his papaw.
We then got dressed for church and of course we had to get a picture.  He had to wear his new boots...of course!
After church we came home to eat and nap before heading to the Hopper Christmas that night. 
Here he is playing a drawing game and he was proud of his picture. 
He would go sit on Aunt Brenda's lap and make them close their eyes.  As you can tell he didn't cover his very good.

The boys being silly.
Here he is sitting on Brenda's lap listening to everyone sing.  Landon was all about Brenda that evening and had a lot of fun with her.
Monday we went over to Viola to have Christmas with Lance's mom and siblings.  We ate supper and then the kids opened presents. 
Jed, Logan, Austin, Lilly and Landon 
Landon got a microphone and a guitar at Nanas. 

Aunt Lisa blowing up Landon's new punching bag.  While we were there Alana (my SIL) shared something wonderful with us.  It is from a restaurant in Little Rock-Burge's and it was smoked turkey salad.  Oh my was so good and preggo here couldn't stop eating it.  She made my day when she told me I could go online and order it...and trust me I've already checked it out.  You should definitely try it.  At first I told her I didn't like stuff like that but she made me try anyway.  Thankfully I did...that's all I can say.
Well you would think our gatherings would be over but Tuesday night we did get together with the Bentons for supper and we let the boys exchange gifts.

Now, that is all of our Christmas gatherings.  We had a great Christmas but I'm definitely looking forward to a little quiet time before I go back to work.  We took down our tree Monday before going to Viola and glad we did.  You have to remember...we have to go in to birthday party mode right after so not much time. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Landon

I can't believe Landon is 3 years old.  This time has gone so fast.  I remember when we were in the first days, the first year of his life and I thought I'd never sleep again.  He is definitely worth everything.  Landon is a very sweet, smart boy that we love more than anything.  December 29 is his birthday so last night we had our family over to help celebrate this special day.  Landon wanted a Thomas birthday party so that is what he got. 
Here is the cake.  When he saw it he said he was so excited! 
Our sweet birthday boy looking so big.
We ate first (we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs) and then we did presents. 

 Landon got gator golf, a nerf bow, playdoh kits, a puzzle, lots of loud trucks, Rio, pj's, a memory game, and money. 
 Landon with Audrey and Christian in the background checking out the nerf bow.
 Landon and Luke-the birthday boys and our best friends
 Landon with his cousins Austin and Logan
And then my parents brought out their gift.  They like to get big gifts that take up lots of space...but that are super fun.  He got Lucky the rocking/bouncing horse...and he loves it!  Lance and Jeff put it together after everyone left which is a good thing because it took about 30 minutes. 
After presents we did cake and ice cream.
 So excited when we sang to him :)
 Here he goes....
 And he got them all.
We had to have Luke take a turn blowing out the candles.
After cake everyone started to leave and that is when the big boys starting assembling Lucky.  It was killing the birthday boys to have to wait.  But as soon as it was ready-they were on it.  We set the timer for them to help them take turns which worked great.

It was a great birthday party and we want to say thank you to those who came and for all of the wonderful gifts they gave Landon.  He is a special boy and definitely loved!