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My World

Thursday, December 15, 2011

John Mark

Yes, John Mark is still keeping watch over us and we are enjoying him to the fullest.  Mornings are definitely a bit easier just b/c Landon is excited to find him.  I'm not sure what we'll do when John Mark goes home after Christmas.  I try to remember to take a picture of John Mark in his new location every day but I have forgotten a couple days. 
Here is John Mark in the entry.  We couldn't turn the main light on in there because it might burn his bottom so we had the lamp on so we could see him. 
Here he is eating a cookie and drinking one of Landon's apple juice boxes.  He even left Landon a note thanking him for the snack.  Landon loved this find! 
Yesterday John Mark was in Landon's room and hanging out with all his stuffed animals.  Well this morning he was getting a piggy back ride from Mr.Bear.  I guess he made a friend yesterday! 

Now off the subject of John Mark...yesterday Landon saw my boxes of candy canes for my class.  He asked if he could have one and of course I said yes.  He  wanted the entire wrapper off of it and I told him to try not to get sticky.  Well all I can say is...What was I thinking?  Of course his hands were sticky and I don't carry his bag which has his wipes in it.  So the hungry boy ate the entire candy cane but his hands were sticky.  Landon is kind of OCD like his momma and he doesn't like to be dirty.  I told him I'd hurry to get home and for him to try not to touch anything.  This is how he rode all the way home-15 minutes I'd say.
He's so funny! 

Tonight is my works Christmas party.  I love working with everyone that I do so getting together is always fun!  We eat, play dirty Santa, and just visit.  I will be sure to take pictures so I'll share those later.

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