My World

My World

Monday, July 29, 2013

Nice Night

The weather the last few days have been incredible especially for the end of July.  So we took advantage of it Saturday night by building a little fire and eating s'mores!  

And I guess we could say it was us celebrating this guy turning a 1 1/2!
Landon found the smallest lizard and Lance caught it for him.  I just can't seem to grab bugs, lizards, or anything like that.  Eek!!!  
So this weekend I finally got to work in my classroom.  I worked pretty much all day Saturday, after church on Sunday, and just a few hours this morning (B had a fever this morning and Nana had something this afternoon).  My room is looking good and I'm even liking it more than last year.  But I've busted my tail to get it close to done because the next four days I have CGI training so no class time for me.  Plus I'm praying we hear something on the house and I want to be able to focus on that too.  Nothing like starting a new school year while trying to (hopefully) move into a new house!  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1 Month

I can't believe that tomorrow will be a month for us living at Viola.  It doesn't seem like we've been here that long.  Things are still going good.  Hopefully we'll be hearing good news on the house sometime within the next week.  My fingers are crossed....I'm praying we will be in the house before school starts...August 19th!!!

Today the boys went to school so I am going to work on school stuff.  I can't believe it's almost here.  I even get to see my class list today which is always fun.  Lots of labeling for us K teachers.  I did accomplish a task yesterday for my classroom.  I ordered a kitchen and it came in so I went ahead and put it together.  My finger is raw now but I'm glad it's done...besides the missing door knob which is being sent to me.
Landon is getting to play with it until I can get into my classroom.  He's cooking up some yummy stuff.

So I've been shopping again.  But mostly for our home (wherever that is).  I ordered Landon a rug for his bathroom and Bennett's bedding.

I also got my new planner in and I'm loving it!  
And here are a few pictures from my phone.  Last week I looked over to see Landon doing this.  I thought it was great and super cute too!
Like I've said before, the drive is sometimes rough.  I think Bennett just wants to cuddle after school but instead he's in a carseat for 40 minutes.  So this trip I tried cheese balls.  I know I'm brave but I'll try anything.  And of course on this trip we had a major storm to drive through so Bennett fell asleep and Landon was scared.  The hail was super loud and it was raining so hard I could barely see.  I didn't blame him.
I have to admit I bought a CD on iTunes thanks to Snooki.  I love music and she was listening to this CD.  Well after looking at all the songs I ended up getting it.  It helps me when I have Jillian telling me what to do (workout DVDs).
Who doesn't love Paula, Genie In a Bottle, Backstreet Boys, etc.  You know you wanna buy it!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy Week

This week has been busy for us.  Nana left Sunday at 2:30 AM to go to Montana and she'll be back Saturday, Lance has dealer meeting which also started on Sunday so he's been back and forth, and I had in-service Monday-Wednesday.  Those in-service days can drain you, but I enjoy seeing my K ladies.  The boys have been at school since momma had to work and they even went today so I am home alone.  I have to admit its kind of nice!  But I am working on school stuff (TESS which is finished now, new math curriculum, plus all the new curriculum maps we are using) so it's not all nice.  I ordered a new kitchen center for my classroom (since the one I bought at Walmart Monday was used and a little scratched up) and a couple other things on Lakeshore...oh the things that excite teachers!  
Speaking of ordering...I ordered stuff that I read about on a blog and so far so good.  I'm loving the new lipgloss, the mascara that came with my curler is great, and the new blush is a good color.
And I finally got around to ordering a new planner from Erin Condren and it should be here today.  
This is what it will look like except with "the newtons" on it and no picture.
My sister and her family had a pool put in.  It was crazy how fast it went-done within 3 weeks.  So I took the boys over on Saturday and we got to enjoy it.  I have to admit it was a lot of work with both boys at first.  Bennett was wild and I think he wanted to just go and Landon was a chicken at first.  So I was trying to hold both but luckily once Bradford got in Landon learned to like it.  He started jumping off the diving board and that showed him he could swim just fine.  And a funny happened...I'm holding Bennett and as I was coming down the steps I fell under...and of course my sister just laughed.  
Sunday we were lazy and Landon fell asleep on me which I love.
Lately Landon has been in to carrying Bennett.  He's crazy but they've been playing so good together lately.
I got Landon a DS which helps entertain during our 40 minute drive (plus I have the DVD player, snacks, drinks, etc.).
We've been at Viola for 3 weeks as of tomorrow. I don't really know anything new on the house.  They are still working on some stuff and I hope we hear that's all fine sometime next week.  And then if that's all ok I hope to get a closing date. But I can't and I won't get my hopes up! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Long weekend

I wish I could say we did something incredibly fun over the 4th...but we didn't.  We actually had a relaxed little break.  Lance was off after Wednesday and just went back today.  I'm glad he got that break because dealer meeting is coming and that means non stop working.  On the 4th we just stayed around here which gave us time to nap, set up the swing set, and play in the little pool.  Friday lance golfed with the guys so Nana and I played with the boys.  Landon got the new Wii resort sports game so Bennett and I watched him play that.  I looked over at B and he was balancing this ball on his head.  He cracks me up!
On Saturday I woke up with a bug and had to spend most of the day in bed (feeling better today but still not back to normal).  My nephew had his 6th birthday party so Lance went ahead and took the boys.  My sister called to tell me it was a wild party at first.  Lance had got Landon out of the truck and was going around to get Bennett out when his doors locked.  His keys were in it and so was Bennett.  Luckily Lance is calm and thinks fast.  He told my sister to call 911 and he called onstar.  Onstar was no help which irritates me to no end.  The police got there fast (kid in hot car probably scares most), but they were unable to unlock it.  So Lance told them to just break the window.  They said the police officer used two things but couldn't get it to break so Lance got a hammer and finally broke it.  I think the whole ordeal was maybe 10 minutes and thankfully everyone was fine.  They said Bennett took awhile to warm up to people after but eventually he did.  Landon said he thought the police were coming to arrest his brother...ha!  So right now Lance is driving his moms truck and we will get a new window put in once we call.  Luckily a window is easy to fix and we will be getting his locks checked because this has happened more than once...just never with our babies in it!
My parents brought the boys home that evening and they ended up staying for a yummy supper.  Lance grilled red fish, shrimp, and Nana made a seafood recipe she found this week.
And I found a new blog yesterday that I'm loving.  I've been following filmmaker Chris Wiegand as he makes his documentary called American blogger and he is introducing me to these fun people.  So the blog is I spent a lot of time reading her blog and a lot of $ buying some things she suggested...ha! 
Well the boys are both at school today and my sis said they were both having a rough time.  Luckily B got over it fast but Landon took longer.  He hasn't been to school since the 27th so he was just out of it.  But he better get used to it since mama starts in-service next week and then classroom work time is next.  Can't believe it's almost go time!