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My World

Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 Months

Bennett is 5 months now.  He had shots on Monday and Wednesday we had his check up with our doctor.  He weighed 18 pds 9 oz (89%), his height was 27" (91%), and his head was 17.9(81%).  Our doctor said he looked good and more like a 6 month old.  We must raise them big around here!  He also said we can start introducing foods so hopefully we'll do that soon.  He is wearing size 3 diapers, eating 5-6 oz every 2-3 hours, he wears all 6 month clothing or bigger, he is liking his door jumper, he is sleeping good at night, and last night look what he did.
He slept in his crib for the first time.  He has slept in his pack-n-play since we brought him home, but I finally got a video monitor so I was comfortable with him going to his room.  Now did I sleep last night?  Umm...NO....because I checked the monitor every hour or so.  Landon has been with us pretty much his entire life so I'm not used to having my babies away from me.  But Bennett slept till 5 AM and I went ahead and brought him into our bed to feed him & then we slept till 8:30.  And I slept great from 6-8:30 (since he was next to me).  He's such an easy kid and I'm thankful for that.  Because his big brother...easy kid...but not a good sleeper.  Landon slept with us in our bed because he was sick with ear infections a lot when he was younger, we slept with him in his bed a lot, and so now he doesn't do so well.  I got him to sleep around 10 PM and by 1 AM he was crying for us.  UGH!!!  So now Lance and I are just going to have to start over and get him to sleep better and through the night without us.  It's sad that our 5 month old sleeps better than our 3 1/2 year old. 

Here is Bennett's new monthly picture
Here is a picture of my peaceful ride home after Bennett's doctors appointment.
Both boys are sleeping :)

Well I have got so much done in my classroom and I'm very excited to start a new school year.  I will try to take pictures next week once I am done (or I hope to be).  Tomorrow me, the boys, and my mom are making a quick trip to the teacher store.  Oh, what excites us now days!!!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well I've been horrible at blogging but I hope to get back at it.  I haven't been on vacation or anything crazy...I've just been enjoying my last few weeks at home with my boys before the crazy starts. 

On the 4th of July we headed over to Viola and spent the day with Lance's mom and his brother & sister. 
We went to my sisters house to celebrate our nephew Christian's 5th birthday.  Can't believe he's already 5 and he will be going to Kindergarten with me in a year. 
 Then Lance had to go out of town for dealer meeting in Branson for almost a week.  I was a bit nervous about being home alone with the boys for so many nights but it went just fine.  We did have some cranky moments where I wished I had help...

but then we had some extra fun times too!

Bennett started having a cough pretty much the first day Lance left...figures!  So we made a few trips to the doctor and he had to get his first antibiotic and steroid.  The steroid was rough and it made nights long.  His cough lasted for a good week and then towards the end he got a rash.  But we're all better now!
Once Lance got back we finally got Landon a little pool for the back deck.  It's perfect for him and it only cost $10.

We also have been playing on the swing set-which I am done with now.  I was outside with Landon and got stung by a bee.  I bet Landon didn't know I could run that fast, but that sucker hurt bad.
Landon has been wanting to hold Bennett and it's getting easier for him so I let him.

The boys found a surprise out in the garden the other day.
My wonderful sister (who had 3 kids of her own) called me a couple weekends ago and asked if the boys could come over for a few hours.  Say what?!?  This was the first time for me being at the house without Bennett being here.  I missed them but it was nice just having a few hours to ourselves.  Thanks so much Brooke! 

 My mom watched the boys for me the other day so I could attend a baby shower for one of my sweet co-workers.  She is having her 3rd kiddo in a few Cora.  We'll miss Kim when we start back to school but I know she'll be enjoying time with her newest addition.
 Here are some of my K crew.  It was good seeing them since I haven't had much time with them since maternity leave.  Won't be long and I'll see them every day!
 I finally put Bennett into the footed jammies which means I said goodbye to the baby gowns :(  But doesn't he look cute?!?  I love kids in these jammies.
 He found his feet this month.
This past weekend Lance's family all came in to town and stayed at Whitebrooke Estates over in Bull Shoals.  It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.  Bennett and I went back and forth since it is easier keeping him home where he has all his things.  But we did go over to hang out, swim, and eat.  Landon and Lance were supposed to stay the night but Landon started crying for his mommy and to go home.  He's such a baby but that's ok.  One day he won't want to be home so I better enjoy it while he does.

 Lance with his brother Gary and their nephew Austin in the middle.
Landon loved jumping in to the pool
 Aunt Sharmin caught this funny face of Bennett right after he woke up from his nap.
I also attended a wedding shower for our friends Becky & Matt.  Very excited for them and can't wait for their reception in September.
This week Bennett had to get his shots, we go to the doctor today for his check up, and on Friday he'll be 5 months. 
Both boys are now going to daycare at least two days a week.  I had in-service last week so those were Bennett's first full days and he did just fine.  I don't think he slept that much but he'll get used to the noise!  I started in my classroom yesterday and got a lot done.  My friend Kary was working and she got me to paint my shelves!  Glad she talked me in to it because they look tons better.  I should have taken a before picture because nothing was set up.  Thankfully she helped me set up the furniture so I was able to work.  I plan on going a few days here and there because come August 13th I don't want to have to work on my room.  That will be getting things ready for open house/orientation & for the first week of school. 
I did start a pinterest project for my room.  It is a wreath for my door. 
 Not sure how to rotate this so just turn your head...ha!  I thought I wanted yellow in it but I ended up taking that out and it is all blue.  I need to hot glue the letters on to it and then I have ribbon to use for the hanger.   I'll take a picture of it when it is in my room.

Monday, July 2, 2012

4 Months & A Bit More

Bennett is 4 months.  I know I say this every time but he is such an easy baby.  He weighs 17 pounds, eating 5 oz. every 2-3 hours, and last night we spoon fed him cereal for the first time.  He liked it and Landon liked feeding him.  Bennett has finally figured out how to roll to his belly going either way (he was only rolliong to his left).  Today he went to daycare for the first time (it was only for a few hours) and he did just fine.  I want him to go so we can all get used to it before school starts and he's going every day. 

Here is his 4 month pictures.
 He's getting wild.
 His hands are usually in his mouth now days.
 Isn't this sweet?!?  The boys were watching Baby Einstein on the computer.
 Landon took a picture of Bennett in his swing.  Notice his hands?!?
 And here's Landon playing dress up in his room.  He dressed me up as Spiderman but I skipped a picture.
 Look at the garden goods?  We are enjoying all of this and more. 
 Ok Landon is crazy with the phone, but showing you again...B's hands. :)