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My World

Thursday, May 28, 2015

House Work

It's time for round two of yard overhaul.  Last year we did a lot of work on the side of house and the big hill and just tried evening out some of the yard.  This year we are working on some of the landscaping parts.  There was a big bed here and we took it out, made it smaller, and planted some new things.  

I got a new pot for beside my front door and planted a few things in it.
We hired people to come build a retaining wall, fix some draining issues, and then remove some big rocks by the porch and build a new railing.  We plan to wrap the posts with rock and we'll do that where the rocks were plus around the bottom of the house.

The workers haven't been the greatest experience but they've finally got the rocks removed.

They wrapped the posts under the side deck.
On Saturday, Lance and I removed the front flower bed area.  I admit...I'm more on an indoor type girl but I can get out there and work.  I had my gloves on and was ready to hurt something especially after we saw this.
And then we found a frog.
We moved some plants to the front of the retaining wall and we'll eventually add some more.

Can't wait to get it finished and green grass!

Counting Down the Days

June 3rd can't come fast enough!  I think I could handle the later date but I see & hear about all the other schools around us who are finished....and I get jealous!  I'm ready to be home and enjoy my boys.  Almost there!!!
Last week we had days T-W.  So we cleaned tables with shave cream, shared unique things about us, watched videos, and had water day!  The shaving cream was a mess and not sure I'll include that next year.  It was messy and gave me a major headache.  Here is Landon playing in his room.
We had our last field trip to the public library and I got to follow Landon's class which was fun!

Mrs. Kasingers last day was Friday so we did our eXcellent awards on Thursday.  Landon received the award for outstanding manners which makes us so proud!  He is a very sweet boy!

The kids made things for Mrs. Kasinger of her last day.
We've had tball games twice a week and the boys won have won them all.  

My 1st baseman looking ready!
Bennett and I watched brother play.  He did good and allowed me to actually watch outside rather than like last year when we were in my car.
This weekend we played outside and just enjoyed being home.  

Bennett took long naps.

The end of school is rough.  We play hard and just try to survive!  This was after school yesterday and Landon just couldn't hang.  
Next time I blog it will be SUMMER BREAK!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Last Full Week

We just finished out last full week of school.  We had days O-S so that was outside day, popcorn day, quiet day in PJ's, relay day (which was field trip day so didn't get to do much with that), and sunglasses day.  

Bennett ended up getting sick this week so I took off Wednesday, Nana kept him Thursday, and Lance & I split Friday as best we could.  By the time I got home Bennett was napping and Landon ended up falling asleep too.  They slept for awhile which was good.
For the field trip we went to the Fish Hatchery and to the park.  Lance took half the day off to go with Landon since I had to take my own class.  It was a fun trip but I'm glad we can check that off our list of things to do.

After the field trip I came home to cuddle my sick baby and he ended up falling asleep on me.
Nana kept Bennett so I could go to Landons 2nd tball game.  The boys won!  
We've only got 7 more days left and those will go super fast...or I hope they do.  It's Memorial weekend and we don't have any plans which I LOVE!!!  This morning Landon & I were up early so we ran to the farmer's market and brought breakfast home.
Lance and I cleaned out our cars and rearranged car seats.  I have been wanting to get new seats for both boys especially since we have a long drive for vacation coming up.  I ended up getting this seat for Landon since it converts to 3 different settings but I think I'll let Bennett have it.  I can get Landon another one before our trip.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I've got to explain...

I haven't blogged since March (thanks sister for calling me out), but we are trying to finish the school year up.  In other words we are trying to survive!  So I've actually made a list...I'm a list maker...and I plan to catch the blog up to date.  
So first up was spring break.  We didn't have any trips planned and I've been needing to potty train Bennett so that's what I did.  I use the 3 day method and I LOVE it.  It worked with Landon and with Bennett it was even better.  We started on Saturday and he only had two accidents that morning and after that no more.  The second day was also good.  He might have tinkled a little but that was the only issue.  By day three we were good.  Now I kept using "sleep underwear" (or pull-ups to others) for nap and bed just because I didn't want to change sheets.  But he never wet the bed and within a couple weeks he said he didn't want to wear the sleep underwear so we quit those too.  For the #2 part it took a little more time but I'd say within two weeks he was going on the potty.  We would catch him going to hide which was the sign for him and we'd tell him to get to the bathroom.  When we got in there he told us to shut the door and he went.  He just needed his privacy...duh!  Why didn't I think of that.  I'm glad the potty training days are over for me!  

Next up is Easter.  Our class party was April 3rd which ended up being a rainy day so we had to do an egg picking party.  Thankfully the kids didn't mind and they got a lot of eggs.  Landon's teacher always takes pictures so here are some from his party.

Our church has a big hunt and festival type event for the community.  This is my first year to go and it was so fun.  The boys got ton of eggs, ate food, and played lots of games.

At church Uncle Randy and Aunt Brenda were getting a picture with their grandkids.  I guess my children feel like they are one of them too.  So funny!
Shortly after this we had a not so fun time.  Bennett had some blood in his urine back at the end of January.  We did a few tests here in town and everything was coming back fine so we got recommended to a urologist down in Little Rock.  We went in February and he thought it could be viral related since B had tested positive for the flu plus he might have had strep on top of that.  He said it could take 2-4 weeks to clear up if that was it and if it didn't we would go to the next step.  Well I probably postponed calling back...guess i was a little scared...but Lance finally called our doctor here and our urologist in LR on April 13th.  The doctor called me back and said it was probably time to do a scope to see what was going on.  He wanted to get us in quick so they scheduled us Wednesday as a fill in appt.  We left about 9 AM for our noon check in time.  Poor B couldn't eat but he could drink a little up until time.  He likes Children's for the elevator and the fountain where he throws in all my change.  We got called back around 12:30 and they had a room ready so we got in there.  The procedure was supposed to be 1:50.  Well of course it wasn't and we had to entertain each other for awhile.  Here is B in his doctor outfit.

He wasn't sure about the outift or the bracelet.  At around 3 the doctors started coming in and getting things going.  They gave him the goofy juice and that was hilarious.  He went right to the nurse, he told everyone that his dad was good at everything, and that he wanted the nurse to come to our house or he'd go to hers and drink chocolate milk.  He was also shouting "I like candy.  Give me some candy".  It's what they told him the goofy juice was.  We gave him hugs and kisses and they took him back and started around 3:15.  Lance ran to go eat and I stayed in the waiting room in case they called our name.  Once Lance got back I ran to the restroom.  When I came out Lance was on the phone which surprised me.  He was on the phone for a long time (or it seemed long to this momma) and when he came back you could definitely tell something was up.  He said "Well they found what was causing the blood.  He's going to be fine but they found a small tumor in his bladder.  They are removing it all."  Well of course i was completely shocked.  I wanted to cry but there were some many people around me, I prayed, and I just wanted to go get my baby and go home.  We didn't tell anyone anything because we wanted to talk with the doctor first.  That wait was hard and it seemed like forever.  They finally called us back around 4:15 and he just said it was so small that he removed it in three little pinches, how the tumor was the definite cause of the bleeding, and how it is uncommon to come back cancerous...oh and does anyone have bladder/kidney cancer in your family???  No...but I've had melanoma and that runs in my family.  UGH!!!  He said hopefully we'd get the biopsy back Friday maybe Monday.  So we went back to the waiting room and waited to go see Bennett.  Again...another long wait.  I honestly don't remember what time they called us back because at this point my head was killing me and i was kind of in a blur.  We got back to recover and he was still sleeping.  Ashley was the nurse and she talked to us about him and explained his meds he was going to be going home with.  She was super awesome!  Bennett kept snoozing so she helped us wake him up.  He woke up fine but was very groggy.  Lance ran to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions and I stayed with B.  He drank apple juice and tried eating a popsicle.  Once he did that we moved to the second recovery room.  He drank more juice and I just held my baby.  
Once they realized he wasn't going to be sick they removed his IV, Lance was back, and we got discharged.  I think this was after 6 PM so we got in the car and headed home.  He was walking to the car and ready to go see bub.  We drove about an hour and stopped for food.  He had to go pee so I ran him in to a gas station.  Once he went wasn't fun.  A scope of his bladder through the can imagine how painful it would be.  But y'all...there was NO blood.  Thank you Jesus!  We started his pain and tyelnol immediately and continued that for two days straight like the nurse said to do.  We got home about 10 PM and Nana & Landon were waiting up for us.  We stayed up a little but then everyone went to bed.  We all skipped school on Thursday.  Bennett had a good night, he woke up good, but then when he started going potty...he was not a happy camper.  He was scared to go because it burned and I was thinking it was going to be a long day.  He had a bladder spasm medicine that I gave him occasionally and this made him tired.  So I just held him when he wanted me to.
I ended up staying home Friday with him but we sent Landon.  I just wasn't ready to talk to people about it and I was hoping I'd get a call about the biopsy.  BUT there was no call.  They said hopefully we'd know Monday.  That was not a fun weekend.  On Monday I went to work and Nana stayed home with B.  The entire school day was so long and again no call.  At around 5:15 my phone rang and it was the doctor.  He asked how B was doing (I'm thinking...just tell small talk) and then he said well the biopsy came back benign!!!  Praise God!  He said we might not ever know what caused the tumor but it is gone and we have a happy ending.  We go back Friday for a check up and then I think he mentioned 6 months.  Bennett has been good since then and I'm so thankful they found it and took care of it.  For awhile he would say "look mom no blood.  Thank you Jesus." 

This was the aftermath of ice cream with black Halloween sprinkles and mommy not supervising.

He would swing 24/7 if I allowed it.
Now on to stuff not so scary...birthday parties!  Landon was invited to his buddy Luke's party one Sunday afternoon and I got to take him.  It was at a new bounce place in town and it was really fun!  I enjoyed visiting with other momma's as the big kids played.

We also had our best buddy Evan's 4th birthday party.  This was at Evan's grandparents house.  They cooked out, played in the awesome tree house, and even got to zipline.  

That is Bennett getting ready to go!

We have also celebrated Mother's Day.  Lance and I have started to more practical gifts so the boys picked me out some outside lights for our yard.  We've got lots going on out there and I'll show pics of that.  The boys also made me some special things that I will cherish forever.  On Sunday, we had Nana and Sharmin's crew over for lunch.  Lance fried fish and then we had a bunch of other stuff.  It was nice and just my style...being home!

We also had a wedding May 9th and I am pretty sure this was B's first wedding.  It was Lance's cousin Stacie's wedding and everything was very pretty.  We all had a fun time celebrating Stacie and Noel's big day.

So to wrap this long post up...I need to shout....ONLY 10 MORE DAYS LEFT!!!!  My POD of teachers are doing th A to Z countdown which has been a lot of fun.  We've done game day, jump rope day, chalk, bubbles, extra recess, popcorn, and tons more.  Tomorrow is Quiet day with PJ's...Wahoo!!!

We had our music program (which Landon skipped to go to his tball game and I was fine with it) which meant practice over at Dunbar, we toured 1st grade, and we have our end of the year field trip Thursday.  Lots of bus rides lately.

We have already hit up the shaved ice truck and we plan to make many more visits.
Landon had taken some fishing trips with his dad and our buddies.

We've also started t-ball.  It is crazy to think this is Landon's last year playing t-ball.  He had his first game for the season last night.  Landon's team won and Landon hit two home runs!  Way to go buddy!  Bennett enjoyed cheering on his brother and he did really good.  We had to go to the park a couple times but he'll get better with practice.

Landon is such a good big brother.  This day Bennett skipped his nap and eventually couldn't take it.  He was watching Landon play the iPad and all of a sudden was out.

Well I think that about wraps it up (or for tonight it does).  I'll blog about our yard work and a few inside updates soon.  Sister better keep on me!