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My World

Thursday, May 28, 2015

House Work

It's time for round two of yard overhaul.  Last year we did a lot of work on the side of house and the big hill and just tried evening out some of the yard.  This year we are working on some of the landscaping parts.  There was a big bed here and we took it out, made it smaller, and planted some new things.  

I got a new pot for beside my front door and planted a few things in it.
We hired people to come build a retaining wall, fix some draining issues, and then remove some big rocks by the porch and build a new railing.  We plan to wrap the posts with rock and we'll do that where the rocks were plus around the bottom of the house.

The workers haven't been the greatest experience but they've finally got the rocks removed.

They wrapped the posts under the side deck.
On Saturday, Lance and I removed the front flower bed area.  I admit...I'm more on an indoor type girl but I can get out there and work.  I had my gloves on and was ready to hurt something especially after we saw this.
And then we found a frog.
We moved some plants to the front of the retaining wall and we'll eventually add some more.

Can't wait to get it finished and green grass!

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