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My World

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

About caught up!

Time sure does fly by and honestly the first month of a new school year kicks my I'm glad it flies!  We've been in school for about 37 days and things are slowly getting better.  I always LOVE my kiddos but boy do I have some I'm having to try a little harder to love.  The group I have has actually encouraged me to add 4-8 grades to my teaching certificate if that tells you something...ha!  I just wonder if Kindergarten is where I want to always be.  This is my 12th year and Bennett will be here next year so maybe I'll tough it out another year....or maybe later I'll have a change of heart and stay in K.  I'm just not sure right now and that's ok.  Love my building and all my others teacher and crew which would make it hard to leave.  

So besides my year the boys are doing good.  Thankfully Landon doesn't struggle in school, he's super smart, and it comes easy for him.  He is with Mrs. Bell for 2nd grade and he's made some new friends in class which makes me feel better.  He didn't really know a lot of the kids in his class which could make it hard...but it all worked out.
Bennett has moved up to Ms. Vicky's class which means it's his last year at Creative.  He is a good boy at school and is a smart kiddo too...but he sometimes has a hard time going.  I think it's just a new room and new teacher so I think it will get easier.  He tells me he cries because I'm not there right at 3:30.  I keep reminding him that I work till 3:30 but I'll be there right after.  

This is their "how we really feel about the first day of school" face.
My sister and I shuffle kids again this year.  My mom swings by her house to take Christian to 3rd, we meet Brooke at creative so I can run Bennett in, I take Audrey who walks up to 6th grade, and she takes Landon & Mitchum to 2nd & 1st.  Thankful we have each other to help drop off and pick up.

I have a sweet boy from my church in my class.  His momma is my classroom mom and I went to school with his dad back in the day.  His mom snapped a picture at open house.
And a few from the first day of school...gotta love the newspaper coming in to take pictures when you are just trying to survive!
We have only skipped half a school day so far and that was to go to a Cardinal game.  We went at the beginning of September and it was fun.  Bennett threw up in the car within the first hour so that was definitely a stinky car ride.  We stayed at the Hilton and had a great room overlooking the ballpark.  They played the Brewers and won the game.  

This lady was painting faces in the hotel lobby so the boys picked out stuff before we headed over.

Our seats were good but of course I stressed about foul balls the entire time.

We went to the zoo the next day.  We got there right when they opened at 9 and finished by 11:45 which was when everybody else was getting there.  

We got home in time for the Razorback game and tried to rest up for the next week which was fair week.  We decided to take the boys Thursday evening around 5:30 and it took us over an hour to use up our tickets.  I actually enjoyed riding some rides...even though when Landon and I were on the sizzler....out belt came undone.  I felt ok since we had the bar across our lap but it was still creepy. We all survived, no food was consumed, and lots of money was spent on cheap toys/games.  

Landon's art picture was chosen for his class so we checked that out.
The following week we had a home football game for the Bombers so we all went to that on Friday night.  Landon's class wrote letters to the team and it turned out that he wrote to Peyton.  Peyton's dad and Lance worked together so the boys got to meet him after the game.

Our church Wednesday night Blast has started back.  Gwen and I have the 3-4 year olds again and we've brought game time back.  We will also be doing once a month family nights so that is an exciting thing and occasionally a theme night.  It was school colors last week so we are here representing the BOMBERS!

This week we had dinner with a family who might possibly be our new pastor at church.  We went to Fred's and there was 8 adults/10 kids which made for a fun night.  We ate and visited for 2 1/2 hours.  I really enjoyed them and I pray that they are what our church is needing.  Wednesday was church and Thursday I had my hair appointment.  I decided to go blonde for fall!  And yes I chopped it off this summer but it is slowly growing out.  I think I miss long hair.
Landon attended the pro hogs baseball clinic last weekend.  He had a blast and didn't want it to end.

The weather has been so nice lately which means outside time.  Bennett loves to swing and just be outside.

We had homecoming week so for jock day the boys just wore a sports top.
Landon and Lance went to the game but Bennett and I stayed home.  We ate El Charro and he decided to drink the cheese dip.
Landon lost a tooth today which makes it his 7th tooth.

I'll share our summer beach trip one day... I have some pictures on my good camera I want added so who knows when I'll do that.