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My World

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Catching Up before Beach Trip

Well we are finally here...we leave for the beach tomorrow morning bright and early.  So I figure I better update my blog before we leave.
We've been sped ign a lot of time swimming at Brooke's pool.  Haley and I are working on our tans so we don't burn down at the beach.  The boys are doing great with swimming.  Landon can swim without a life jacket and Bennett uses his puddle jumper.  They can jump in without holding their nose, open their eyes under water, and tons more.  

We've been having some lazy afternoons around the house with watching movies, playing games, and just enjoying being home before school starts back.  

Haley's been coming over for basement boot camp.  It's been super fun and of course the boys like to boot camp with us!
We celebrated the 4th of July at home with our own firework show.

We celebrated Christian's 9th birthday.  I was in CGI training so grandma took them over to celebrate.

Landon had a play date with his buddy Luke.  They've been dying to see each other so I'm glad they got to get together.  Even though after Landon said he got a little homesick...poor guy!
I decided to cut my hair and I think he said we took off 7".  I do like it but it's different for me and I've got to get used to it.

Well today is finishing up all laundry, finishing packing, and getting ready for beach time.  We're super excited and I'll blog on it when we get back!

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