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My World

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dirty 30

So yesterday was my big 3-0!!! Turning 30 didn't bother me one bit. As I turn 30 I still feel young even though I remember when I was in HS I thought people who were 30 were old. We were supposed to be off from school but we ended up going to make up snow days. So I got to celebrate with my kiddos at school. Yesterday was our Easter party/hunt so the kids were wild but we made it. As we were walking down the hall one of my boys told me that my arms and legs would probably hurt today. I asked him why and he said they hurt when you turn another number because you're getting bigger. You have to love Kindergarten! Lance is out of my 3 boys sent me balloons and my favorite flowers-gerber daisies! The boys had a lot of fun with the balloons last night. When we got home I had some packages and a card from my BF who I just love. I ordered some new work out pants or lounge pants (don't plan to work out in them...ha) and jeans. I also got the boys a shirt for Easter and Landon a bunch of new summer clothes.
This week Landon had a dentist appointment for his second cleaning. He did great and got some prizes from the treasure box. He picked a new ball and some awesome glasses. He's silly!
And I had to take his picture on the way to school yesterday. He loves music and always requests songs from my phone. As he was singing Coldplays Yellow to me I snapped his picture. He's so cool! It's funny when I hear him say he wants to listen to Stolen by dashboard confessional, The Civil Wars, Stay by Rihanna, or Look After You by The Fray (those are some of his favorites lately). Oh, the other night during bath I let Landon play with my shaving cream and when I walked in he was shaving his face.
And don't want to leave out Bennett. He's definitely our ornery kid. He loves to get in to everything and he doesn't like to be told no. The other night he was eating cookies....or so I thought. I later found some cookies inside of Landon's guitar.
And sorry about the pictures down at the bottom but I don't know how to insert pictures throughout when I blog from my iPad.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is it going to snow?

By the weather reports I'd have to say YES but I'm honestly hoping it doesn't. We've had a few really nice days lately and so now I'm just ready for spring. Right now I see no signs of snow but I guess they're saying this afternoon. We shall see!
Yesterday I took Bennett to school so I could have a little rest and have a day with just Landon. We didn't do anything but hang out. While he played the computer I painted my nails, took a bath, and shaved my legs! Relaxing baths don't happen often so I tried to take advantage. We picked B up around 4 and then headed back to get L to his haircut. Bennett fell asleep on the way home so I let him sleep as I started supper (had doors open, no noise going in the house, and had the monitor on him).
Tomorrow the hubs and I have plans to head to NWA for a night away. My dirty 30 is in 8 days and he is going to be out of he surprised me with plans of his mom staying with the boys so we could go to dinner with my BF Megan and Steve. We are going to eat at The Flying Fish and then I've got lots of shopping to do. I'm really excited to get away with the hubs and what girl doesn't get excited to shop. And this will be my first night away from B since he was born over a year ago. So it's long overdue! That's another reason I want the snow to stay away.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm not sure I can call this spring break. The weather reports are making me think more like winter! We had a great weekend. I think I've had a case of strep but I tried not to let it slow me down. Saturday night we went over to the Benton's house. The kids got to play outside, we had a bunch of fried (which makes it more yummy) food, and of course s'mores.
Sunday we went to church and it felt great to finally be able to go. With all this sickness mess we've been missing a lot. After church we went to eat Mexican with the Benton's. It's funny because every time we go out we always say we aren't going to do it again. Our kids are good but it's just so much easier being at a house.
Monday morning started early. Bennett had tubes put in his ears so we had to be at the hospital at 6:30. We went straight back to the prep room, met with all the doctors/nurses, and they took him back at 7:15. They didn't give him goofy juice so I was a bit worried about them taking him but he did ok. He was super friendly to everyone in the prep room (even reached out for the anesthesiologist) so they probably thought he didn't need it. We got out in the waiting room and by 7:30 they were done! When we got to recovery he was a bit mad so we fed him and walked him which made him happy. At 8:10 we were in the car headed home. He did great and I'm glad it's past us. Today we are going to rest, probably play the Wii since Landon loves it, and stay in our PJ's all day. But we will get out for happy hour!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sick Day = Online Shopping

I ended up keeping the boys home today. I wanted Bennett to have another good day to rest and I wasn't feeling so hot myself. So as B is napping, Landon is finishing his lunch and I am doing a little blog reading & shopping. I thought I'd share some of my goodies! I am all about nail polish. I have way too many bottles in my basket and they probably look to be the same color to most people-but I love them! So today I ordered OPI Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot, Essie Mod Squad, & Essie Cute as a Button. I'm can't wait to try them out and add them to my collection. I also ordered a new Jillian DVD. I really like her 30 day shred tape so I'm going to try out her Ripped in 30 DVD. I'll let y'all know how it goes. And to go along with my exercise theme I went ahead and purchased a water bottle. It's a camelbak Eddy bottle-it's cute and I hope it makes me drink lots of water! And my last find was a pair of tall very first pair! I always say I'm going to buy some but always talk myself out of it. Well these were on sale at Nordstroms and I figure it's time. Hopefully I'll wear them!
And have to share this. Yesterday Nana taught Landon how to play Twinkle, Twinkle on Bennett's little piano. When I got home from work he showed me how he could do it and then he taught me how to play it. That boy definitely got the music talent from his daddy and the Hopper's. I can not take any credit there (unless we count all the cool music I listen to).
So now I'm off to watch Revenge. My sister got me to watch it and I love it! I've finished season 1 so ready for 2. Only 2 school days left and then it's spring break!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scheduled For Tubes

Well Bennett ended up getting sick after my last post so I took him to the Walmart clinic on Sunday. His right ear is! My MIL kept both boys home Monday and Tuesday. I called the ENT first thing Monday morning and told them we did want to go ahead with tubes. So we are scheduled for the surgery Monday-thank goodness its spring break and I will be able to be home with him. Today he seems to be doing a lot better but I might stay home with them tomorrow so he can have another day to rest.
Today when I got home I had a package waiting for me. Love those days! I ordered the boys a shirt for St.Patty's day and a pair of aviators! Gotta love that!
And here are a few pictures of the boys over the weekend. We finally got Bennett's new swing up and he seemed to enjoy it. I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time outside when the weather gets warmer. Landon loves showing his brother all the fun things to do!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

She's funny!

My sister cracks me up! She is the girl who has Christmas shopping done by August and you're birthday presents a few months ahead...ha! I might tease her but when I'm shopping a day before Christmas I definitely wish I would have followed her. So, the other day I had to take Bennett to the ear doctor but had a little time to waste before. She told me to come by and she'd give me my birthday present (March 29). She got me a new nail polish and a new license plate! I love it!
The other day at school Landon complained that he had a headache and his neck hurt (I think he's getting his molars) so he was very loving to Brooke. And Landon isn't very affectionate so Brooke took the opportunity. She sent me the picture of both my boys in her office. Guess they wouldn't nap so Principal Brooke ;) let them hang out.
Well I'm glad it's the weekend and I hope it warms up so we can get outside. Of course Bennett is starting a cough and a runny nose so hope he stays well. The ear appointment went fine. He said tubes are not necessarily needed at the time unless we choose to do it. He did have fluid but no infection at the time. So we are going to see how he does the next few weeks and hope with Spring coming we'll get past these germs!
Only 5 school days and then it's spring break!!! And only 54 school days for kids!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Madness

I hate when I slack on blogging but life happens. I make time to read blogs but then I get tired and I don't do my own. So I'm going to catch up again.
We've had a couple snow days lately (or we might say ice days). I don't want to be in school any longer than we are scheduled but luckily they took Good Friday and Easter break from us. It won't be bad-we still have spring break in 2 weeks. On our snow days we enjoyed being lazy. Landon played the computer for hours and Bennett just enjoyed walking around.
Today we are all trying to enjoy our weekend but we seem to have a mean stomach bug visiting our house. Lance is back in Landon's room feeling horrible, Bennett has done better today but this morning he did throw up which made me do tons of laundry plus change bed sheets out again, and Landon has been in the bathroom most of the afternoon. I'm hoping I stay tough so I can nurse these boys back to health. Lately I've been ready about essential oils and right now I wish I had some. Too bad the health food store closed at 4:00!

Birthday Boy!

I can't believe we're already celebrating Bennett's first birthday! It seemed to go so much faster than Landon's first year. Guess with two kids you're just so busy to think...ha! So Bennett's birthday was February 27th. His teachers at school decorated his room for him and even got him a present. They're really good to my baby! After school we came home and made a small cake for him. It was church night but Lance came home before practice so we could sing, blow out his candle, and eat some cake.
We planned on having a little birthday celebration for B Friday evening. Well of course he ended up with a little stomach bug. Lance went and got the boys around 8:45 and I took off for the afternoon. I called to see if I could pick up the cake/cookies early and they said yes. So when I got home B had a little diarrhea but acted like he felt fine. We told the family to come over if they weren't scared because we were eating cake no matter what! Landon got to play with his cousin Logan and when it was time for everyone to go home he decided to spend the night with Nana & Logan. This is maybe his 2nd time to spend the night away from home but he did pretty good. Nana said he woke up around 4:30 and wanted me. Big baby!
Anyway, so Bennett is doing good besides this stomach bug. He has thrown up a few times and had diarrhea up until this morning. He is still having ear infections but this last round of antibiotics have kept him clear for a few days. We go to the ENT on Tuesday...thank The Lord! He is drinking all milk now and seems to do good with it. He likes big people food over baby food so we're slowly trying new things. He does love yogurt, mashed potatoes, spaghetti O's, and any small snacks. I gave him his first haircut a week ago and I have to admit it turned out nice (thanks To my BF Megan who gave me tips). He is still wearing size 4 diapers, wears clothes 12-24 months, he weighs 25.5 pds, he is walking a lot, facing forward in the carseat, he takes 2-3 naps a day, and he usually sleeps 7:30 PM to 6:00 AM. He likes Mickey Mouse, watching his brother play the Wii, and music. He does have a bit of a temper. When I was pregnant I said it would either be a girl or an ornery boy. And I might be right. Landon never got in cabinets, claimed stuff, etc. But Bennett is determined to open everything and if I tell him no he gets a bit mad. He'll quickly learn that this mom is going to win!
And I had to include my belly pic. That was the morning we went in to be induced. Gotta love my belly button. There was no hiding it!