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My World

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sick Day = Online Shopping

I ended up keeping the boys home today. I wanted Bennett to have another good day to rest and I wasn't feeling so hot myself. So as B is napping, Landon is finishing his lunch and I am doing a little blog reading & shopping. I thought I'd share some of my goodies! I am all about nail polish. I have way too many bottles in my basket and they probably look to be the same color to most people-but I love them! So today I ordered OPI Feelin Hot-Hot-Hot, Essie Mod Squad, & Essie Cute as a Button. I'm can't wait to try them out and add them to my collection. I also ordered a new Jillian DVD. I really like her 30 day shred tape so I'm going to try out her Ripped in 30 DVD. I'll let y'all know how it goes. And to go along with my exercise theme I went ahead and purchased a water bottle. It's a camelbak Eddy bottle-it's cute and I hope it makes me drink lots of water! And my last find was a pair of tall very first pair! I always say I'm going to buy some but always talk myself out of it. Well these were on sale at Nordstroms and I figure it's time. Hopefully I'll wear them!
And have to share this. Yesterday Nana taught Landon how to play Twinkle, Twinkle on Bennett's little piano. When I got home from work he showed me how he could do it and then he taught me how to play it. That boy definitely got the music talent from his daddy and the Hopper's. I can not take any credit there (unless we count all the cool music I listen to).
So now I'm off to watch Revenge. My sister got me to watch it and I love it! I've finished season 1 so ready for 2. Only 2 school days left and then it's spring break!!!

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