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My World

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

How lovely are your branches! 

YEAH!!  My tree is finished and shining oh so bright even as I type this!  It was an all day project yesterday but it's up.  I did have to do it in stages since I had two sweet boys home with me but they cooperated and we got it done. 
 I love my tree!  I bought all new stuff last year because I wanted the traditional red and green tree.  I plan to buy more fun things over the years to make it even fuller but I LOVE it as it is now.  Oh and I have a red tree skirt but I plan to make one or find one that I like a bit better.
Here is my topper which I love! 
And my big helper who was more in to Home Alone 2.  We had to watch it while we put up the tree!  Bennett has done good with it so far...fingers crossed!  He only gets by it when we're around it so I think we'll be fine.  Not sure if I'll put presents out early or wait?!?  I"m not sure how that would go but I do have a lot of stuff upstairs ready to wrap. 
And here is the mantel.  I love our new stockings (got them from and the NOEL I found at TJ Maxx a few months back.  I think I might get some red candles for the holders.
Today we might do our Walmart trip as long as the boys promise to be good for me, but I don't plan on much more than that.  I was planning on taking B to school today so Landon and I could have a little time together but when I asked him about taking brother to school he told me NO.  He said he'd miss to you say no to that!

Monday, November 19, 2012


The time is just flying by and I can't believe we're on Thanksgiving break and I know this is awful to say but getting ready for Christmas.  Lance finally got our Christmas tree down this morning so that is my goal this week.  So far it is up and fluffed.  I plan to work on the lights in a bit as long as the boys cooperate!
Ok so I am going to go ahead a just catch up by going through my pictures.  A couple of weeks ago Lance took Landon with him to help a church member who just had back surgery (my hubs is pretty sweet like that) and I guess they made it down to Hudson's house after.  And Landon got to shoot a gun for the 1st time.  He was very excited about that and I love looking at this picture of my boys. 
 These two boys enjoy helping mommy (well they think they help me but it isn't always the case) so when I was cooking the other night they decided to join me.  We did some cooking and dancing to Christmas music.  I guess they were the drummers!
 Landon is getting so big!  I look at him and I just can't believe he is almost 4 years old.  He is such a good, sweet, easy boy.  I just love him and love being his mommy!  This was him the other night before church.  I know it is weird but the boy needed a bath and with church getting over at 8:00 PM it is just easier to do it before than after.
 Landon loves iPhones, iPads, computers, and now the Wii.  Here he is playing NickJr.  He is pretty smart and nows how to work these gadgets just as good as me.
 I got the boys newest school pictures last week and I was putting their new pictures up in the house.  I have always kept Landon's pictures in the frame and just add the newest to the top.  I love looking back on them and thought I'd share.  The first picture (him in a black shirt) was taken November 2010, next is March 2011, November 2012, and the bottom is March 2012, and then the newest November 2012.  I can't believe how fast it goes!
Yesterday Landon and I went shopping for our shoeboxes (nothing like waiting till the last day).  It makes me proud since he can understand that we are shopping for kiddos who may not have a lot and not for him.  He even picked a couple of his toys from his room to add to the boxes.  He's funny!  The first thing was a drum stick which was bent in half and I told him that wouldn't work.  He picked a book and a ball. 
 Here are the pictures of all the shoeboxes at church.

 After church last night Mr.Tom (or as Landon says the cop man) gave Landon a bear.  I asked him what he named it and it was "Cocoa". 
 Don't think I forgot this little guy!  He is a busy boy and pulling up on every thing.  Won't be long and he'll be walking. goes way too fast! 
Sweet boy taking a little nap last night.
At school we had our Charlie Brown Thansgiving and my class went as Indians.  They worked all week on their costumes.   
 And I had to share this.  On Friday a few of us decided to wear our cheetah print.  I had to get our picture because I thought it was too cute and so did they!   
Well I am off to work on the tree and who knows what else.  I'll post pictures of my tree and a few changes I've made to the house later (hopefully this week and not in another two weeks). 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun and busy Halloween we had this year!  Landon originally wanted to be the green power ranger but I couldn't find it anywhere in his size.  So his second choice was Batman.  Momma thought it would be cute to make little guy be Robin...ha! 
So the boys got to do a few trick or treating activities.  Monday night the Junior High had a trick or treating for school employee kids so Lance and I loaded up Batman & Robin.  It's really nice that they do that because you don't have to worry about weather, safety, etc. 

 They even did pictures this year which was nice and I think it turned out pretty good!
 On Wednesday Landon had a party in his class so he got to wear his costume to school.  And we had our party in my class as well.  Here are some fun things we've been doing and making.
My little buddy (whose mama is a friend and gave me permission to use his stuff for my blog) wearing our spider hats.
 Our skeleton man
And their fun place mats for the party (found the idea in oriental trading and thought I could make something like that without buying the kits).
I took the boys to my parents house that evening so they could go trick or treat with their cousins. 
Here are the kiddos with my mom and dad.
Me and my super heroes 
My sweet niece and nephews 
So me, my dad, and BIL Bradford took the 4 big kids around the neighborhood.  My mom and sister stayed back to pass out candy and watch Bennett.  And this is what happens when I'm gone...ha! 
As soon as we got back I got the boys in the car and headed to church.  We were a few minutes late but made it there for our annual trunk or treat and hot dogs. 
 Apparently the flash surprised Robin...ha!
 I love all my boys.
So as you can imagine...we have tons of fun and we have way too much candy!