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My World

Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 Months

Yesterday this little guy had his 8 month birthday.  Crazy to think that he'll be 1 year in 4 months.  It goes so much faster with your second kiddo. 
Here are a few of his 8 month pics I took.  He cracks me up!  He is still such an easy baby.  He hardly ever cries (only when he is in the car at night-not sure if it's too close to bedtime or the dark), he is crawling/worming around, he is starting to try to pull up on stuff, he is wearing size 4 diapers, he weighs 22.5 pds, he goes to sleep around 7:30-8:00 and most of the time he will sleep till 5ish, he still has the 1 tooth on the bottom, he is drinking 6-7 oz and it seems to be every 3 hours (don't keep up with time anymore), he loves Landon, he eats some sort of fruit and cereal in the morning, he'll have veggies for lunch, dinner is a hit and miss (horrible mom here but do what I can), he snacks on yogurt melts, little puffs, and graham crackers, he isn't too crazy about the sippy cup or just the apple juice/water mixture inside, and he just got moved out of the infant car seat and into the big boy/rear facing seat.  WOWZER!!!  
Yesterday morning Lance left for his duck camp around 5 so the boys decided they'd get up early too.  I got them to lay in bed for a little bit but it didn't last long.
We had a pretty lazy day.  Landon has had a cough/cold going on and I think Bennett has gum problems because he seems to have drainage and just chewing/slobbering on everything.  We did get out for a sonic drink.  I thought we'd drive around for a bit but of course as soon as we start Landon informs me he has to go pee...ugh!  So we made it to get drinks but then went straight home.  Maybe another time. 
I have to share my new sweater/cardigan.  I love it!  I got it at Freckles Chic which if you haven't checked this boutique out yet you need to.  I always find such cute things there plus I enjoy visiting with Candace.  And she is working on her website so those not close to MH can go online and see all her items.  I might be in trouble...or Lance might be. :) 
Well I made it through conferences so now I just have to make it 3 weeks and then we are off a full week for Thanksgiving break.  I can't wait.  It makes me think about putting up my tree!  Which yesterday I finally started my Christmas shopping.  I now have the boys Christmas Eve gift ordered, I have them one gift coming, and I got my sisters kids finished.  Not bad but still lots to go!  Can't wait to shop, wrap, and give!  Love this time of year!
And here is a picture of big boy!  He was a bit pouty yesterday but momma always makes him laugh eventually.
 Can't wait to dress the boys up for Halloween.  I'll share pics Monday since we are going to trick-or-treating at the JH and then again on Wednesday for church. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mommy Brain

Well it is red ribbon week at school so we've had dress up days.  Monday was wear red and today was red, white, blue day...or so I thought.  I had to hunt for a shirt but I remembered I had a plaid shirt I wore down at the beach last 4th of July so my outfit was ready.  I get to school today and notice everybody wearing Bomber shirts.  Hmmm?!?  So after I ask I find out today was Bomber day-wear blue and gold. 
So tomorrow I'll be wearing my Bomber shirt (luckily it is blue and white).  Darn mommy brain!  
So with this being such a busy week I decided to go back to get shellac yesterday.  I said I was going to try gray and that's what I did.  I think it's a good fall color-even though this week feels like summer again. 
 Tonight the two big boys went outside so Bennett and I watched his favorite show.  The kid likes his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He is so cute! 
Well it is time for me to go finish report cards.  I have parent teacher conferences this week so lots to do before then.  But two things I want to remember.  First we are doing a unit on colors.  We've read some fun books and made some really cute projects.  One project was our freight train-lots of work for me but they had fun!
And the last thing was something that happened on Monday.  One of my kiddos came to me and said they stuck a rock up their nose and it was stuck.  Yep...I could see it in his nose so to the nurse he went.  He said she got it out with tweezers and we apparently both told him not to do that again.  GEEZ!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Time is Flying

Here I am playing catch up again and this post will be very random so get ready!

A few weeks back my mom and I took a day and went to Branson to do a little shopping. The boys had picture day at school and I planned on doing our family pictures sometime in October. So I decided to do the black/red/gray colors for our outfits. My closet has a lot of black so I knew I could find something.Here is a collage of their school pictures.  This is just what Lara posted on FB so I haven't ordered them but I love them! 
We had her do our family pictures last night and this is just a few I've seen.  I'm so excited to see all of them.  And by the way...Lara is pretty awesome so you should check her out!   
So I took my nails off after I had Bennett.  They did really good after but I decided to try shellac the other day.  And I did red to match the pictures.  Thinking gray will be my next color.

Last weekend we went to Lance's cousins house for a little reunion.  Landon enjoyed playing with his cousins. 
    Landon and I attended my cousins wedding on October 6. 
 He crashed on the way home.
Here is Bennett's new face.  He loves to wrinkle his little nose!
My sister took some pictures of B when he was at school.  So nice having her there with the boys!

And I had a girls night last week which was a much needed night.  I love getting together with these girls and catching up.  We met at Bamboo Garden and I'm not much on that food.  I'm scared of sushi and I am sure y'all think I'm crazy.  I need to just try it sometime.

I decorated my classroom door for red ribbon week.  It always looks nice after but I have to admit that it's kind of a pain doing it.

Here we are before church.  Sometimes pictures aren't the easiest but I still try.

The hubs and I have a meeting at church tonight and then we'll start another busy week.  It is report cards and parent teacher conferences this week so lots to do.