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My World

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Days

Well...I was really hoping to make it through the school year without using any of our snow days but that's not gonna happen.  We ended up getting some freezing rain, sleet, snow-ish mix on Tuesday night and a little more Wednesday night.  

So we've been home and making the most of our snow days.  Wednesday morning the boys wanted to go outside as soon as they woke up.  I convinced them to wait for it to warm up a bit and then we only stayed out for a short time.  

I told them I'd make the hot chocolate if they'd go in and thankfully they were ready! 

We warmed up by the fire in our fancy chairs.  I promise I'm searching for nice chairs for by the fireplace but it's hard to find what I want (when I don't even know what I want).  
Lance did an awesome job on the fireplace and now it's my turn to decorate around it.
I used my new crockpot I got for Christmas to make us some meatballs.  I love this crockpot because it has an automatic stirring attachment.  I haven't used it much because I'm trying to learn this thing.  It gets super hot and I'd be scared to leave the house with it going right now.  
Thursday's snow day was super lazy.  Bennett started a very low fever so I got out my Thieves oil and kept them inside.  By that evening his fever was up and we had a pretty rough night.  So I was definitely praying for another snow day and finally around 9 PM we got the call.  Thank you!  Friday morning we got up and waited for the sun to start melting some of the ice.  We just used 4WD on our road but by the main highway we were fine.
Little guy still had a red throat so we have to do a new antibiotic and steroid (which he hates taking and even made himself throw up this morning).  We got our mess, lunch, and headed home to nap.

Now we are just resting this weekend and hoping to get everyone well before Monday.  

And here are some pictures I meant to share earlier.  The boys before church one Sunday.
Bennett went with me to Walmart last week and apparently he snapped a few pictures for me.
Bennett got to hold the Bible for blast and he was so proud.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wrapping up 2015

We wrapped up school by having parties and finishing blast for a few weeks.

We've enjoyed our Christmas break and we're all hoping the last few days creep along!  We had a good Christmas...busy but good!  We started off having my parents and my sister fam all over the weekend before Christmas.  Me and the boys sorted the gifts a few times which helped the day go fast.
We then relaxed a few days before our other gatherings happened.  With the unusual temps we got to spend some time shorts!

Lance and Landon got invited to the Hogs basketball game with Gary and Jed.

We had the Wilhite Christmas at Creative again.  And this year we even got to play outside.


Mamaw with most of her grands (missing two).

When we got home we set out Santas treats and threw out the reindeer food before calling it a night.  The next morning we woke to some goodies.

I used some Christmas money to buy myself an elliptical or a jungle gym for kids!

That evening we went to the Hopper Christmas. 
And then the last gathering was our Newton Christmas at Viola.

Now once Christmas is over...I'm ready to get trees put away and have my house back to normal.  Plus Landon has a birthday four days later so I have to bust it.  This year he wanted Seahawks theme and just to have it at the house.  I waited too long to order stuff but we found stuff around town to achieve that theme.  This sweet boy turned the big 7!  He's such a sweet guy.

To end 2015 we took a walk outside, grilled steaks, and played a two hour game of monopolywhich Landon won!

We also lost my cousin Brett unexpectedly on Wednesday so our family is struggling with that. He was 44 so very sad.  He will be greatly missed.