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My World

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Since today is the last day of the year, I figured I better get our Christmas on here.  Plus I want to print my blogs again. 
We had a lot of fun at school the last week before break.  Both boys had PJ day on Thursday for Polar Express.

We decorated our doors and had our classrooms all set up for the movie.

Landon was not feeling the best but he never had a fever so he was able to stay.  But right after school he was out.
The next day was party day.  Thankfully our Nana was able to go to Landons party which was at 9:15. Then he was able to leave with her.  

Landon was excited when Santa came by.
Most of my kids went home after so the 6 kids left helped me take down all the Christmas stuff.  I had no intentions of going up over break so it had to be done.  I was ready to be off for two weeks.

So our first Christmas was with my parents and sisters family.  We had it Saturday afternoon at my house.  
And this is their true side.
The kids got so many presents and had fun playing with their new toys.

We then had a few days to rest up before our next Christmas which was the Wilhite gathering on Christmas Eve.  We woke up that morning to some sad news though.  Lance found our dog, Abby, in the garage and she had passed away.  She was going to be 12 in January but we were a little shocked to find her.  She did not seem bad Tuesday.  He buried her down our hill and then after he came in we told the boys.  Landon took it really hard.  He cried and did not want us to talk about it.  Abby was a good dog and she will be greatly missed.
Since the boys were down, John Mark let them touch him all day to help cheer them up.
That afternoon we went to Creative for the Wilhite Christmas.  We eat, play a gift game, and the little kids get to open presents.  We always get a cousin picture with Mamaw.

My favorite uncle is a stinker and they always try to tease my cousin he decided to get Farron a gift this year.
My other favorite uncle got the kids swords.  LORDY it was crazy!

We came home to find John Mark gone but he left the boys a present.

We got our milk and cookies out for Santa and then went to bed.  Landon woke up early so we ended up waking dad and brother up. We had to wait for everyone to go in the living room.
Landon was pumped about the bike.  Look at the air he is getting!!!

Bennett did not like being woken up and loves to pout lately.

He eventually got excited!

They went outisde after presents and helped dad with some stuff.

That evening we had Christmas at the Hoppers and i made the boys get a picture.  Think I lneed a selfie stick. Just Kidding!!!
We spent a lot of time out in the shop/garage playing.
They always sing and this year Bennett decided to dance.
I just sit back and listen.  Love Aunt Brenda and Mr.Forrest.
They got all the cousins together for a group picture.
And with their kids.
We tried to get a family picture too!
The next day Landon and I had to go get his birthday party stuff.  But other than that we tried to rest up.  Saturday we had our Newton Christmas over at Viola.  This is with Lance and his siblings.  We always have a good time and I am saying it is getting to be easy again.  The boys are at an age where we do not have to follow them.  
He finally got a Dora stuffed doll.  I bet Lance was thrilled...but the kid loves the show.f

I was not feeling the best but managed through.  Next up is Landons birthday and party so there is no time for sickness.