My World

My World

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Landon`s 6th Birthday

We decided it was time to let Landon have a real party!  He wanted to invite friends from school and church so we decided on a bowling party.  We had about 13 kids and  it turned out great.  We started off with a game and that took a lot longer than i thought.  

Bennett even enjoyed bowling.

The pizza was ready so the kids ran back and forth.

Two of his classmates.
We had a wrestling theme even though he really wanted football.  

The group of kids.

He wanted to spend the night with Nana and his cousins.  Even though it broke my heart we let him go.  Lance went and got him that morning and i talked to him on the phone.  They got home and put together his gift from grandma and papaw.
He opened a few gifts and we had his icecream cake.

He had a good 6th birthday which is all we wanted.  Landon's such an awesome kid.  He is so sweet, very kind hearted, and is such a smart boy.  I'm thankful God chose us to be his parents!