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My World

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life is Starting to Get Normal Again

So much has been going on which explains my blogging break (for once I have a good reason).  We finally have our house!  Thank you Jesus...I now have all my things out of storage and I'm pretty close to town.  We closed on the 18th and then they had 7 days to get out.  So we actually got in to the house on the 24th.  We had made plans to paint over the weekend, carpet was scheduled for the 28th, and movers were scheduled for the 30th.  
I got all our paint Thursday night so that way on Friday we could start early.  I chose the color Loggia for the upstairs and we did Landon's room & bathroom in a gray called Ellie gray (thanks to a blog I read whose house is also in these same colors=very nice colors).  My dad, uncle Farron, and cousin Nick helped us paint and the grandmas helped with the kids.  We busted our tails and ended up getting all upstairs + garage painted.  There was a lot of tall walls and weird spots to reach but we managed it.

We are not painting downstairs right now and I'm not sure if we even will.  Definitely not any time soon!
So after the long weekend we were ready for the carpet people.  They told me it would be done in a day (only 4 bedrooms and closets to do) but when I went over Monday no new carpet was down.  SAY WHAT???  So they said they'd finish Tuesday.  Luckily movers weren't scheduled for another day.  So Tuesday Lance had to run to the house to meet the tree guy (we had some dead trees cut down) and of course carpet people weren't there.  So after school and a meeting I decided to run out there.  Luckily I did because the job wasn't done and they weren't there at 4:15.  So I decided to put my big girl pants on and call them up.  They said he only had a couple hours left and he'd be there in the morning.  I told them that movers were coming, that they said it would only take a day to do in the first place, and that they needed to get back out here and finish it. They listened and he finished that night.  Darn carpet workers stressed me out a bit.  We went with a darker carpet or one that had a lot of speckles so hopefully it hides little kid messes.  
On Wednesday morning we got up and loaded the rest of our stuff over at Nana's.  I took the kids to school so we were smashed in.

The movers were awesome!  They met at our storage units at 9, were at our house by 11, and had everything set up and gone by 2.  I even emptied some boxes before the kids got home at 3:45.  That evening nana took Landon to church for trunk-or-treat and then we all called it a night at the new house.  The next day was Halloween so school party day and then trick-or-treating that night.  A little busy week to move but we were gonna make it work.  So after a tiring day in Kindergarten the boys and I headed to get sonic then went over to my parents.  Now for costumes this year I let Landon pick his and then I figured out a way to coordinate Bennett.  Landon wanted to be a razorback football player so I decided to make B the official.  Thanks to nana she was able to sew him a top and then I found other things online or Walmart.  

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2013

The whole group 2012
Here they are for 2013

The next day I took off to unload boxes and try to get stuff done around the house.  I think I managed to unload 11 boxes and who knows how many loads of laundry I did.  We worked all weekend on stuff and then Saturday night I ended up having a major headache/throat stuff and ended up throwing up.  Geez!  But luckily it was a one time thing and by the next day I was a little better.  Which is a good thing because Monday and Tuesday I had my CGI training at Sulphur Rock Elementary past Batesville.  We had to leave at 6:30 and would get home at 5:30.  It was a good training but I don't like traveling.  Plus Bennett ended up sick so Lance took him to the doctor Tuesday and he had strep + ear was red.  He got medicine and seems better but now he has had messy diapers so we have stopped the medicine and praying he gets better and stays well.  
He is loving popcorn right now and still an iPad kid.  Here he is playing a sorting game.  Smart boy!

Landon has been having some fun times with his dad.  He's a hoot!

Sitting with his dad while he plays music.

At K we had grandparents day on Friday so my mom got to come eat with Christian...and see me!

We have two more weeks and then it's Thanksgiving break!  Can't wait! I think one of those days I'll take the boys to school so I can run to Branson to do a little shopping for the house.  We need rugs, a shower curtain and other decorative stuff.  But it looks good right now.  I'm just glad I'm able to sit a little, enjoy this house and my family, and not unpack.  Most of it is already unpacked...people know I can't quit till its done.  
Here are some pics of the house so far (and still have to paint behind the fridge).

Need candles for candlesticks.
Have to find chest of drawers or dresser for kids rooms.

And down stairs still has a lot to do but I'm not too worried about it yet.  I did get the play area organized, we hung our big TV, and I put my new rugs in the bathroom (luckily they matched cause I really liked them).

We have lots of deer around here.  I think I counted a total of 16 just on our dirt road and probably 10 more the rest of the way out.  It's crazy for me to have that-definitely not something I'm used to.  

Oh, and I can't wait to share my latest purchase!  They should be here in about a week!!!  

And super excited to get the boys school pictures back.  They turned out so good!
And I got my flu shot and had to show Landon these pics.  He is fascinated with stuff like this.
The girl taking the pictures wanted me to make a good expression but I think I was too nervous to fake it.  OUCH!  Those make your arm sore.
Here are the boys after haircuts.

Hope to be back sooner than last time!  Enjoy the week!