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My World

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Madness

We are almost there...summer starts in 10 days.  We've got 6 more school days and I have to admit that I'm ready for it to be over.  Lately it's been busy with school stuff, baseball starting for both boys, and finishing up our church BLAST program.  

Bennett standing by my Goliath that I quickly drew.
We scheduled our beach vacation so that is making me want summer now (even though we scheduled for the end of July which means back to school shortly after).  That is in 63 days and you can bet I look at that countdown every day!  
The boys modeling their new swim gear.

So this season we have two boys playing ball.  Bennett is on his first t-ball team and Landon has moved up to pitching machine which scares this momma's heart.  He is playing at the pitching position and doing a great job.  They have practices on Monday and Thursday evenings so those two nights are busy.  Usually after Bennett's practice we go to the park, eat snacks, or hang out in the cars.  It is definitely fun times with these boys!

Brothers helping each other makes my heart happy!

Landon hitting at practice and his buddy Luke playing catcher.
Evan and Bennett are on a team together this year.
And a boy who couldn't hang after a no nap on practice day.
The games started this week with Monday night getting rained out so Thursday night it was go time!  
Bennett had a game a Cotter at 6 and Landon had his game in Flippin at 7.  They both ended up winning which was exciting.  

We have had birthday parties this month.  First up was Landon's best friend Luke from school.
These four boys all had the same Kindergarten teacher and will always be known as the dude club!

Then we had Maddens 4th bday party that evening.  

Landon had his end of the year field trip to Bull Shoals and his dad went for a few hours.  

For Mothers Day Bennett was a little sick so I ended up keeping him home and cooking lunch for our family plus Nana and Mimi.  The boys got me special things and we just spent time together.

Lance sandblasted this logo on my cup.
And my parents got me a card and GC to sonic...which was very sweet!
We had a cookout at my mamas house with all my Wilhite family.

We moved our rocking chairs to the front porch which I love.  
And we've got our ferns out, plants planted, and mulch out.

And I think my basement firplace corner is done.  Just need some small decorative pieces but I'm happy...and I've spent many evenings sitting in my chairs with the fire on...the basement can be cold to me so I don't care if it's spring.
The boys are loving water balloons so to make my life easy I bought those that you hook to the hose and then it fills up about 30 balloons.  Well they work and are tons of fun.  
They also enjoyed the big dirt pile we had delivered.  

Lance and Landon have been doing lots of fishing...hopefully we'll get Bennett out there soon.  He was just sick last week so he stayed home.

Random picture of Landon...this kid loves to read and he read one day during our entire grocery shopping trip.
We've been picking up Mexican in town (thanks to Brooke making it sound so good) and both boys seem to like it.  El Charro for the win!  
The boys had their first babysitter (outside of family) last week.  Lance's night fishing started up so I decided to make my hair appointment on that night...and the boys were dying to see Jill.  She's our neighbor and their entire family is awesome to us.  The boys had fun and want me to go away again.
We also had a surprise birthday celebration for our sweet Nana last weekend.  We had all her siblings and kids over to our house for a fish fry.  

Landon had Arkansas week at school which calls for dress up days and fun activities all week.  They also had a reading contest and to even go to the assembly they had to have 18 points.  The child with the highest score for each class got to participate in the principal challenge...and Landon got 90 points so he was their top reader.  We are pretty proud of this kid.

So to say I'm tired is a little understatement...and to top off all the kids activities Tuesday at lunch they buzzed down asking if I would want to move to my new classroom today.  My POD of teachers are moving up the hall...out of the Deep South.  We were told it wasn't going to happen until summer so we got it out of our mind.  Now I was packing away things prepping for summer vacation and moving when I was not I said sure!  A teacher took my class and from about 12-4 they moved my stuff to my new room and then I started setting up for kids to come the next day.  When I left at 4:15 it was actually kid welcome ready.  Wednesday my POD teacher took my class a lot and I busted it to get things done.  We found out the rest of the teachers are moving Monday so we wanted my room kid ready in case I need to help them cover kids.  I finally got pictures and this was taken Friday...2 1/2 days later...I'm crazy!  But I won't have so much to do come August.

This new room is so close to I'm no longer making the long walk to the end of the building.  It will be super nice once the tired from moving wears off.  6 more days to keep playing in our new room.  All the kids like it, sometimes I catch them walking past the door heading to the old room, but it's been a pretty easy transition.