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My World

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I think it's slow down time....

We've had a busy summer so far with VBS at church and wrapping up ball season.  This week is a "no plans" week and I LOVE hearing that....and it means I can catch up on the blog.

So ball season is over for 2016 and as glad as I am to be done...I've really enjoyed this year.  Both boys were playing so we had a lot of nights spent at the ballpark and a lot of running from one field to the other....but it was fun!  The heat kind of makes it miserable but thankfully we only had that for a few weeks.  Both boys ended up winning their first games in the tournament but both lost in the second round.  It was during VBS week so I was ok not having to play another night.  

Throwing it back to Landon's team 2 years ago..some of the same boys!

We had VBS at church last week and this was the first year Bennett could participate which means momma goes back to teaching!  Nana was teaching the 5th/6th grade so she got to spend the week with us.  Gwen and I did the 4 year old class which was a lot of fun.  The entire week was wonderful...tiring but lots of fun!  

VBS also causes good naps!
I ended up getting sick towards the end so all weekend I've been down...maybe a bad sinus infection!?!  It was all worth it and thankful I was able to help. 

We've also been swimming at my sisters quite a bit.  The boys are doing great with swimming so I think that makes it easier to take them by myself. 

We did upgrade our $5 pool for a $15 pool! 

Since we have no plans I told the boys we'd go watch Finding Dory so we went yesterday.  It was an OK movie...not as cute as I thought it would be but Landon liked it.

So I have to say summer has been good to us so far.  July will be here soon which means CGI training for me and then the beach trip for us.  Counting down the days for sure....25 left!  Until then we'll enjoy our $15 pool (hopefully Brooke's pool more) and enjoy our downtime.