My World

My World

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marching on to April

Wow!  It's already April and we've only got 39 more school days.  We've had our spring break and now it's racing to the finish line.  Our spring break was early this year so to kick it off I took the boys to see Zootopia and then we met Lance for dinner.  
Of course they had to play in the game area.

Saturday I went to Branson all by myself for a little shopping.  It was a good trip and everyone ended up getting something!  I found a new rug for our basement fireplace area.  And on Wednesday I went with Nana and the boys around town hunting for chairs.  Luckily I found exactly what I was looking for. We took one chair home and had to order the second one.

Lance worked on the trim downstairs so we decided to rearrange a little.  My exercise machines are together now. 
We ended up moving the desk into our random room off of the bathroom.  We had to do a little rigging but I'd say it works!
I ended up getting sick on Monday that week and thankfully the boys took care of themselves till my mom could get over.  It was awful with throwing up and in bed all day.  Landon ran a low fever most of the week so by Friday I had him to the doctor and he had bronchitis. Boo!  We did get outside some.

But then we see snakes and we hurry in to stay!  It's hard to see but it's a red, white, and black striped snake right next to the tree going under the rock.
I think the boys were going a bit crazy!
But I enjoyed the week being with my boys and cuddling during nap time.
We did get to go to church for Easter Sunday and then we had a few guests over for lunch.

My mom sent some funny candy for the boys.
My 33rd birthday was on the 29th and the boys made me some special art.
I even got presents from school people.
And my sister got me a cool weekly calendar pad and my fav...nail polishes!
Now it's April and we've had a busy start to it.  Friday I had a doctors appointment, ran a few errands, then ate lunch with Landon before going back to work.
Friday night I took food over to the Bradfords who just welcomed their third baby into the world.  Baby David is so cute!  On Saturday we had two birthday parties.  The first was a friend of Landon's from school.  
While I was gone Lance worked in the yard and so far it is looking great.  Glad I was gone for that...ha!
And then we had sweet baby Harpers 1st birthday that evening.

Hopefully this week and next weekend is a lazy one with zero plans!  I like being home!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Children's Appointment

Almost a year ago we found a tumor inside Bennett's bladder.  Thankfully it was all removed and it ended up being benign.  We've had zero issues since it was removed but we've been following up with our awesome doctor down at Little Rock since then.  We had an ultrasound at 11:30 so we left the house around 8:15.
Sweet boy waiting to be called back.
After the ultrasound we had our urology appointment scheduled for 1:00.  So with a little time to waste we hit the outside playground.  It was a super nice day but very windy!

We left there and had to throw some coins in the fountain then ride the fun elevator.
Playing and waiting to be called back.
The doctor said all looks great, nothing showed up on the ultrasound, and that he couldn't explain why he got it but just a crazy fluke thing.  As long as our sweet boy is ok...we will take it be a crazy fluke.  So we got dismissed and we don't have to go back!  HAPPY DAY! On our way out we let Bennett stretch and explore before getting back in the car.

Sweet boy was asleep within 20 minutes and slept about an hour.  We hurried home and it was close to 5:00 when we pulled in.  So a quick trip and one I'm thankful is over.