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My World

Monday, February 29, 2016

February Fun

I'm glad I got this extra day to catch up on my blog....I've been slacking big time.  We've had a lot of pretty days so maybe that can be my excuse.  We went to visit my parents at the end of January since my dad turned the big 6-0 on the 29th.  Poor guy ended up washing our vehicles.  Lance helped him of course and I vacuumed and cleaned the insides while mom entertained the little guys.  I really love a clean car...too bad we live on a dirt road.  And y'all it was so clean and shiny a lady at my work asked if I got a new car!  Dad needs to open up a detailing business.
We played outside after naps since it was too nice to be inside.

The first week of February was hitting the 100th day of school and haircuts.  Landon always passes out after haircuts and when in vehicles (like his momma).
Not Bennett...he hardly ever sleeps in a car.
That weekend we worked on Valentine's for our class parties.

On the 9th Landon lost his other front tooth at school so he got a fancy tooth necklace.  I guess he twisted it and pulled it out at that was pretty.
And then the next day Bennett got bonked in the eye during their jumpy house time.  Brooke said it wasn't bad but by the end of the day it looked worse.  Poor kiddo!
Lance attended Landon's valentine party at school.  It's hard for me to slip away unless I get a sub and I have a party in my class to run.
Bennett had a sweet poem and picture for us.

We got the boys a few things for valentines and here they are in their new jackets.
I told Lance I wanted a necklace and he said he wanted boots so we did our own shopping!
At BLAST some of our class has been going up on stage to sing.  

We've been practicing baseball since that will be starting soon.

This past weekend we celebrated Bennett's 4th birthday.  He wanted to bowl so we did that Friday night.

Then went to dinner with the Benton's.  We went to Yoshis and we had to wait for a cook for almost 30 minutes.  As soon as he got started the fire alarm got pulled.  It was so loud and stayed on for about 10 minutes.  It was a bizarre dinner for sure.

Saturday was Bennett's actual birthday so we opened and played with our gifts.  It was another awesome weekend to be outside.

I enjoyed watching from my anniversary present.  They are bigger chairs but for me it's a good size.  Plus the table comes in handy.

And the boys have really enjoyed the bath toys from aunt Brooke.
Well now it is Dr. Seuss week so lots of dress up days.  Having boys makes dress up days pretty easy...they don't want to be all decked out.  March is spring break (also doing my advocare challenge), judge cheer tryouts, and my birthday.  We've only got 59 more school let the countdown continue.