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My World

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bennett is here!

I can't believe it's 1:00 and I'm saying Bennett's here! Things went pretty fast and he arrived at 11:10 am. He's a big boy-9 lb 6 oz 19 1/2 in. No wonder I looked huge! He's doing great! Landon came to meet him and I bawled like a baby...not sure why-blame it on the hormones. I'm feeling good-lots better compared to Landon's birth-and that boy was just 7 lb 5 oz. Since Bennett is in the nursery getting poked I'm sure-I'm going to rest. I'll post all about our journey later and get pics up when I can.
Here is my belly this morning and one picture of Bennett that I have on my phone. So cute!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last weekend as a family of 3

Check out our countdown...yes tonight is the last night as a family of 3.  We will become a family of 4 tomorrow.  We are so excited and very ready to have Bennett here.  I'm so ready to have my body back.  I have loved sharing it with my baby boy but we are fighting for space here and I'm not sure either of us are comfortable.  It is crazy to think that in less than 24 hours I will not have Bennett in my belly but in my arms. 
And look at this sweet boy! 
Yesterday we worked around the house and got a lot of last minute things done before the big day.  Well when it was nap time Landon wanted nothing to do with it and this preggo didn't want to deal with it.  So we just skipped nap.  So later that evening I took my shower and when I came out this is what I found.  He was playing the iPad on his daddy's lap and Lance said all of a sudden he sat the iPad down and just fell asleep.  It was so sweet and it has been a long time since he's fallen asleep on us.  I picked him up and laid him down at 7:30 and he didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. 

 It's hard to believe that he will be the big brother tomorrow.  He'll always be my baby (even though we get in trouble when we call him that-because he is a big boy).  I know after Bennett gets here Landon is going to look so big.  He is going to be such a good helper.  I am sad about being away from him for the next couple of nights but I know he will be fine. 

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow as we meet our newest addition.  I pray that this delivery is a bit easier on me than Landon's was and most importantly that Bennett comes into this world healthy.  I'll definitely post tomorrow when he gets here and I'll have my last belly shot.   

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maternity Leave

I am loving this day! Besides the gorgeous weather, I have started maternity leave. Yes, it's a bit earlier than expected. No, Bennett hasn't arrived yet. I am just miserable and tired and wanted to have a few days to rest before the BIG day. Plus I want a little time with the soon-to-be big brother. So after talking with the hubs we decided to start my leave today. I worked 1/2 day and went straight to get my hair done. I did have major roots but for some reason they don't bother me. I think they bothered others more! I know I'm a fake blonde and roots are just something I'll have if I choose to stay blonde (which I do). So now I am sitting at Car Care getting the car cleaned. Bennett needs a clean car to come home in! I plan on running to TJ Maxx to finish up Landon's gift from Bennett before going to get my big boy. Tomorrow Amy is coming over early to do my nails and then I have my doctors appointment in the afternoon. Other than that we have no plans. Hopefully we'll rest and get our bags packed. I do have a lot of things laid out but I can't really pack my bag since I'm still using my stuff (blow dryer, make up, etc.). I might have it ready before my doctors appointment. What if he tells me I need to go straight to the hospital?!? You never know :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The thumb

My dad just sent me a picture of his thumb today. They have had it wrapped since the doctor looked at it yesterday so I think we were all curious to see what it was doing.
Well I have to admit...I think it looks a lot better! And I know he's happy because he gets to go home. He's staying until he finishes his evening dose of vank but that is fine with him. He is getting a port in his arm (or so I think that's where) so he can continue the antibiotic at home. It works better that way over an oral antibiotic. Home health will start and not sure what they'll do or how long he has that. It might be to just show him how to do his meds. He goes back to see the surgeon in six days but if he starts to get worse or anything, he was told to come straight back. I'm glad he's getting to go home and I'm really glad to see improvement on his thumb. Very scary ordeal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

38 weeks

I am 38 weeks preggo with Bennett. I can officially say I am miserable. I hate complaining but I'm tired, I hurt, and I'm just big! I had my doctors appointment Thursday. I gained 5 pounds in a week...holy moly! But I'm gonna say its fluid b/c I'm getting swollen. My feet are pretty big by bedtime and even my lips have some fullness that I never have had before. So what can I do?!? The doctor keeps telling me that I look fine and to stop looking at the number. Easy for a male to say.  We had another fun check and I did stay at 70% but I dilated to 2-3 CM this week.  So some progress.  I did ask my doctor about going in to labor on my own before my induction date and what would happen with the doctor situation.  He said to keep my legs crossed this past weekend and if I could make it through that then I would be set to have him.  He works this week and is on call this coming weekend for OB only.  Well I made it through the weekend so come on Bennett! 

I finally bought a few outfits for Bennett's hospital picture and to bring him home in. It's nothing fancy-just Carter's outfits. I've been buying things to go in to his diaper bag and our hospital bags. I plan on working on those this week...I better right?!? I've only got this week and then it's time. I'm super ready and super excited to meet Bennett. I went and bought a few other things for the present Bennett is giving Landon when he comes up to meet him for the first time. Found that idea on my Rosie Pope blog...or so I think.

Here is the belly at 38 weeks.

Poor dad

So I'm a week away from being in the hospital myself but I'm getting to spend some time there now due to my dad! This all started about a week ago. He had something on his thumb. It didn't sound like staph (I'm an expert with that) so he ended up going to Walmart clinic on the 12th and they gave him an antibiotic. By Wednesday night he was back because it wasn't getting better. They gave him a new antibiotic. So on the 16th he sent me a picture of his thumb.
Looks like a spider bite to me.  So me and my sister said that he probably needed to get to the ER-figured his doctor would just do the same. So he went about 7:30 and they admitted him. The initial thought was brown recluse bite possibly staph. Well they started IV antibiotic and cultured it but that takes time to grow.   Here it is either Thursday night or so I think.

So Friday the culture showed negative-still thinking spider and his doctor turned him over to a surgeon. Here it is Friday. 
Well the surgeon didn't see him till Saturday morning. Very frustrating! And by this point he has red streaks running up his arm, running fever, and swollen. So finally the surgeon comes Saturday and he said that they would re culture it and continue antibiotics because the surgery is a bit tricky. There is a tendon under his spot and if messed with it could cause usage problems. Well I'm thinking I'd rather him lose some function than his entire thumb.  But anyway-so yesterday they did get a positive on staph (duh...of course now it's infected) and switched his antibiotic to the good stuff I had when I was in for MRSA.  Here is his thumb yesterday. 
The doctor said that skin would fall off (what spider bites do) and the blue is where they had marked it to monitor what it did.
So now he has had 3 bags of his antibiotic (getting the third right now) and the surgeon said he'd have it tomorrow and get to go home. Now when you see his thumb you might think that's crazy. But the surgeon said the infection part is looking better.
I asked him if I was seeing his tendon or bone in this picture and he said no.  He said it is just like a huge blister that has popped.  No blister I've ever seen has looked like that.  But ok dad...I'll take your word. 
He will have to go see the surgeon in his office and they'll clean it up...ouch! And he will be on an oral antibiotic. I told him if he wanted to stay a few more days I'd be up there with him. :) It's been such a stressful time because my dad is a big, tough guy and he never is the one being the patient. Plus it was frustrating for everyone because we weren't getting answers fast. It seems like he was sitting and getting worse. So when we finally saw the surgeon and had a plan I think everyone felt tons better. I know we are far from healthy on his thumb but I feel better since he's on the good medicine and since he won't need the surgery. I think most of us (family) still say he was bit by a spider and then it got infected. Not sure what the doctors are saying but that's what we say. Hope the pictures didn't bother you.  I'll be glad when he is better.  He's gonna have to hold his new grandson soon. :)
And if he sends me more pictures I'll add them on later. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

37 weeks

Bennett is now considered full term! 
It's hard to believe that I'm in my 37th week of pregnancy with baby Bennett. And that means I only have the rest of this week and next week left of work! I'll be off for the rest of this school year so home till August. That will be very nice and I'm happy out family can manage that. I don't get to raise my babies but I do try to get as much time as I can with them.
I went to my 36 week doctor appt last Thursday. I was down 1 pound so 38 all together, I am now 1-2 CM and 70% effaced. So I made some progress in a week. With Landon I didn't change at my 36 week check.  I go back this Thursday so we'll see if I make any more progress.  BUT...we did schedule to be induced!  So unless Bennett comes on his own we will get to meet this sweet boy February 27th.  I'm very ready to get him here and to be a family of 4.  We started our Bennett countdown last week and every night Landon takes a link off.  When I look at that and count 13 links I quickly realize that it will be here in no time. 
Here is my belly shot at 37 weeks.
And happy valentine's to everyone!  We are going out to dinner and then coming home to call it a night.  That is all this momma wants to and cuddle with my boys! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks today.  I am getting so excited to meet Bennett and just want him here with us.  It's crazy to think that we might have him here in 21 days.  We go to the doctor Wednesday so we might have the exact date then.  I did get called today from my doctors office and my nurse told me my strep B test came back positive. :(  So it looks like I'll be receiving antibiotics when I go in (which I knew I would have to do) and she also informed me that I have to stay 48 hours instead of 24 (shocker for me).  I didn't know this and I am kind of down about that.  I can't stand the hospital because I feel so trapped plus I'm already feeling so guilty about leaving Landon but I guess we'll make it work.  I know Landon will be in wonderful hands and I know everything will be fine. 
Tomorrow night Gwen is taking me out for a pedicure and dinner.  That is my gift for baby and I think it is a perfect gift.  I'm definitely up for a pedicure and we need some girl time. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Smart Boy

Yesterday when I picked up Landon my sister told me she had to show me something.  So she got Landon and his teacher Ms. Alicia and they showed me this. 
Alicia said they practice them at carpet time and that Landon picked up on them really fast.  He loves to learn and he definitely made his Kindergarten teacher mommy very proud! 

35 Weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for my appointment.  It was going to be a fun one - strep B test and my first check.  My appointment was at 4:20 so Lance and I got there at 4:15.  Of course we had to wait a long time but our doctor is very good to us and he is worth the wait.  When we got called back I first did my weigh in and I'm glad to say I only gained 3 pounds over the last two weeks.  Lets just throw it out there...I have gained 39 pounds so far...yikes!  So it was nice to see a smaller weight gain number.  Once I got to my room the nurse checked my blood pressure and she said it was high.  Lance and I kind of laughed and teased that anyone would have high blood pressure if they were about to get the strep B test and a check.  Not sure if the nurse found it funny but we sure did!  So I got ready for my fun stuff and we then had to wait a bit more.  Lance had to be at our house to meet a carpet guy so we were hoping the doctor would hurry.  Well at 5:10 Lance said he was going to have to leave. :(  As he was walking out, the doctor was coming in.  So Lance did get to hear the heartbeat (160), my belly was measuring right on track, and I am dilated to 1 and 50% effaced!  YEAH!!!  And I think it's neat because at my first check with Landon I was the exact same.  Wonder if these two boys will be the same on that.  We shall see.  After I was finished with the fun stuff  Lance had to leave and the doctor wanted to re-check my blood pressure again.  This time it was good and Lance even checked it when we got home and I was much better.  I think the doctors office just makes everyone a little fired up so the blood pressure check at the beginning of your appointment isn't always the best.  Maybe they should do it at the end?  I did ask my doctor if we would induce at 39 weeks (which is what we did with Landon) and he said he didn't see anything wrong with that since I am ready to go.  He asked me if I wanted to schedule it for February 27 (39 weeks) but I got nervous since Lance wasn't there.  He said we could talk about it and schedule it next week.  So I'm thinking February 27th will be the big day. :) 
Here is my 35 week belly picture and I actually have a couple.  It's funny how one shirt makes me look ginormous and others hide it (well hide it just a little or so I say). 

 I had my school shower today and tomorrow I have my other shower that my sis and bf are putting on.  I'll post about those later once I get the pictures.