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My World

Friday, February 3, 2012

35 Weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for my appointment.  It was going to be a fun one - strep B test and my first check.  My appointment was at 4:20 so Lance and I got there at 4:15.  Of course we had to wait a long time but our doctor is very good to us and he is worth the wait.  When we got called back I first did my weigh in and I'm glad to say I only gained 3 pounds over the last two weeks.  Lets just throw it out there...I have gained 39 pounds so far...yikes!  So it was nice to see a smaller weight gain number.  Once I got to my room the nurse checked my blood pressure and she said it was high.  Lance and I kind of laughed and teased that anyone would have high blood pressure if they were about to get the strep B test and a check.  Not sure if the nurse found it funny but we sure did!  So I got ready for my fun stuff and we then had to wait a bit more.  Lance had to be at our house to meet a carpet guy so we were hoping the doctor would hurry.  Well at 5:10 Lance said he was going to have to leave. :(  As he was walking out, the doctor was coming in.  So Lance did get to hear the heartbeat (160), my belly was measuring right on track, and I am dilated to 1 and 50% effaced!  YEAH!!!  And I think it's neat because at my first check with Landon I was the exact same.  Wonder if these two boys will be the same on that.  We shall see.  After I was finished with the fun stuff  Lance had to leave and the doctor wanted to re-check my blood pressure again.  This time it was good and Lance even checked it when we got home and I was much better.  I think the doctors office just makes everyone a little fired up so the blood pressure check at the beginning of your appointment isn't always the best.  Maybe they should do it at the end?  I did ask my doctor if we would induce at 39 weeks (which is what we did with Landon) and he said he didn't see anything wrong with that since I am ready to go.  He asked me if I wanted to schedule it for February 27 (39 weeks) but I got nervous since Lance wasn't there.  He said we could talk about it and schedule it next week.  So I'm thinking February 27th will be the big day. :) 
Here is my 35 week belly picture and I actually have a couple.  It's funny how one shirt makes me look ginormous and others hide it (well hide it just a little or so I say). 

 I had my school shower today and tomorrow I have my other shower that my sis and bf are putting on.  I'll post about those later once I get the pictures. 

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