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My World

Monday, February 20, 2012

38 weeks

I am 38 weeks preggo with Bennett. I can officially say I am miserable. I hate complaining but I'm tired, I hurt, and I'm just big! I had my doctors appointment Thursday. I gained 5 pounds in a week...holy moly! But I'm gonna say its fluid b/c I'm getting swollen. My feet are pretty big by bedtime and even my lips have some fullness that I never have had before. So what can I do?!? The doctor keeps telling me that I look fine and to stop looking at the number. Easy for a male to say.  We had another fun check and I did stay at 70% but I dilated to 2-3 CM this week.  So some progress.  I did ask my doctor about going in to labor on my own before my induction date and what would happen with the doctor situation.  He said to keep my legs crossed this past weekend and if I could make it through that then I would be set to have him.  He works this week and is on call this coming weekend for OB only.  Well I made it through the weekend so come on Bennett! 

I finally bought a few outfits for Bennett's hospital picture and to bring him home in. It's nothing fancy-just Carter's outfits. I've been buying things to go in to his diaper bag and our hospital bags. I plan on working on those this week...I better right?!? I've only got this week and then it's time. I'm super ready and super excited to meet Bennett. I went and bought a few other things for the present Bennett is giving Landon when he comes up to meet him for the first time. Found that idea on my Rosie Pope blog...or so I think.

Here is the belly at 38 weeks.

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  1. Can't wait to see him!!! Thinking of you! I have something for him that I'll bring on our next trip home. :)