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My World

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The thumb

My dad just sent me a picture of his thumb today. They have had it wrapped since the doctor looked at it yesterday so I think we were all curious to see what it was doing.
Well I have to admit...I think it looks a lot better! And I know he's happy because he gets to go home. He's staying until he finishes his evening dose of vank but that is fine with him. He is getting a port in his arm (or so I think that's where) so he can continue the antibiotic at home. It works better that way over an oral antibiotic. Home health will start and not sure what they'll do or how long he has that. It might be to just show him how to do his meds. He goes back to see the surgeon in six days but if he starts to get worse or anything, he was told to come straight back. I'm glad he's getting to go home and I'm really glad to see improvement on his thumb. Very scary ordeal.

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