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My World

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Goodbye Summer!

I can't believe summer break is over.  I hate saying this but it went so fast.  I did enjoy my break and time home with my boys though.  We didn't do anything wild or go anywhere.  We really just enjoyed having a home (last summer we were living with my awesome MIL) and tried to get some things done around here.  The boys were supposed to go to daycare two days a week but that didn't always happen.  We had some sick days here and there or we were just too lazy to get out.  We have spent some time at the park.
We've made a lot of trips to DQ for treats.
So what else have we been up to???  Let me start with Landon.  This boy is growing so big and he even lost his first tooth this past Sunday!  It's been wiggling for a few days and he couldn't leave it alone so it finally came out.  He was pumped and I was about to cry because it just makes him seem so big.
He slept with his nana that night but the tooth fairy found him.  He woke up to a $20 dollar bill under his pillow (first tooth is special) and the fairy left his tooth (they never take your first).  He decided to spend his money on a new wii wrestling game.  He is actually playing it right now and has been since we got home from school today.  He is still loving wrestling!  We usually watch Friday night smackdown & Monday night raw.  It's pretty entertaining to be honest.  Landon will have his last day at Creative Academy tomorrow and the boy couldn't be more ready.  He is wanting Kindergarten to start NOW!  A couple weeks ago Landon and I had a fun day out.  We started our day at the movie theater where we watched Planes.
We then went to Walmart to buy school supplies and some wrestling stuff (told you we are wrestling crazed).
And we ended our day with shaved ice!  It was so yummy and we've been back a few times since!
Landon says he hates naps and I typically don't make him take one (we tend to just rest during brothers nap), but sometimes he's just worn out.
Landon got to go with his dad to a work dinner and they let him help pass out awards.  

Bennett has been keeping me on my toes!  This boy is wild, doesn't fear much, and we love him so!  He loves wrestling just like his brother.  They like to play wrestle and it sometimes gets wild.  Bennett hurt his foot when he jumped off a shelf.  He kept walking weird on his leg so we made a quick trip to the doctor.  Thankfully everything was ok but the wrestling has calmed down since then.
Bennett loves to be outside and he loves swinging.  Lance finally got their swing set from Viola last weekend and that boy could swing for hours if I'd let him.

He went through his first car wash and he handled it a lot better than Landon ever did.  Ha!
I recently bought candy corn & peanuts (doesn't that sound yummy and scream Fall) and I have to say Bennett loves it!  He could eat the entire jar if i would let him.
He gets hurt but he's always tough.  Not much makes this kid cry!
We made a wrestling ring out of a broken stool and these boys spend many hours playing with this.  My engineer husband is probably so proud of me for designing this.  And yes I used tape....he fixed it with rope since then and it's tons better.

I started back to work yesterday and it has been pretty good so far.  I have only worked in my room a couple days so it helped my summer last longer.  It's ready for my new babies which will come by Monday evening for open house and then we start Wednesday!  Landon will be in a classroom right by me.  His teacher is Mrs. Kasinger and she's perfect for him.  He was actually helping me in my room one Saturday and she was up there.  He wanted to go see her so we walked down there and he opened her door and went in straight for a hug.  I was kind of shocked because Landon's usually more quiet.  I guess he's more ready than what I think.  I had to take a picture of his name in the hallway!  
I am still doing my Advocare and loving it!  I haven't had any soda since June 6th and I feel so much better.  I still drink spark, take the vitamins, and a few other things.  It has helped my headaches, I feel like my workouts are a little more enjoyable, and I'm not having my stomach issues like I used to.  We've had some friends do the challenge and they've lost a lot and they are feeling great!  My parents are using the products and my mom even said today that she was getting a little headache so she drank a spark.  And her headache stopped!  So if you ever think you'd like to try this awesomeness just let me know.  I have a site you could even visit and check it out there.
I am also jumping on the essential oil wagon!  Lance is gonna get me (hope he doesn't read this..ha).  I am definitely not saying no to doctors or no to medicine, but if I can help prevent sicknesses then I'm all for it.  I went with the young living oils and hopefully they'll be here soon.  I have another teacher who uses them so I know she'll help me through the learning process.  Once I learn more and start using them I'll be sure to post that on here.  

Well I think I've caught up or at least it's a start.  I'm glad we only have a three day work week because I'm a bit worn out with meetings and we just needed a short week to help us start back on our routine.  I will try to post pics of my room if I remember to take pics tomorrow.