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My World

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh how I love that boy

I was looking at the pictures on my phone and realized I hadn't shared some. Most of my pictures are of Landon & why wouldn't they be. He's with me all the time and he's my buddy! We heart him!!!
Here we are going to church last week and Landon wanted to take his phone with him.  He had a conversation with someone the whole drive.  Look at how serious he is?!?
Here he is riding his gator.  We've had a pretty warm winter so far and we've tried to take advantage of being outside.
Here he is watching tv and I'm sure he is pooping his pants.  This is the spot he always runs to when he has to go for some reason.  And it's funny...I'll tell him that he stinks and he tells me "well then get away from me so you don't have to smell me." 
Lance has been putting hardwood floors in our hallway so the house has tools and everything else laying around.  Lance let Landon wear his earmuffs or whatever they are called.  These are cool though!  They have a radio in them so Landon was jamming out!
Here he is being a pirate.  He would come out with underwear on his head and say "ARR-I'm a pirate."

Landon is still sleeping in his bed but wakes up through the night.  He'll cry out for us and I'm still unsure why.  I usually get him to sleep and then Lance gets up and goes in there when he wakes up.  We are probably not helping the situation because we tend to stay in there with him and we don't get back up.  I am getting a bit scared for when Bennett gets here.  I don't know if anyone is going to be sleeping but who needs sleep...right?!?  I guess we've got about 4 weeks left to figure it out before baby boy gets here.  Wish us luck! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks preggo with Bennett. I only have 42 days till my due date! My doctors appointment on Friday went great. I've gained a lot but I'm going to try to just ignore that number from here on out. I'm pregnant and should be gaining. Plus I know I can lose it after he gets here...I'm thinking positive. I go back in two weeks and this will be the start of getting checked. I did ask about being induced and he said if my body is ready there would be no reason not to at 39 weeks like we did with Landon. But he also said I could go in to labor before. He asked how big Landon was (7 lb 5 oz) and mentioned how things are different this time (weight and measuring) so maybe Bennett will be bigger...again who knows. Guess we'll see soon!  Here is my belly picture for the week and Landon even got in it just a little.  It was just me and Landon this morning so we were rushing around and he was climbing on the counter.  He's a wild man!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

33 weeks

I am 33 weeks preggo with baby Bennett-48 days away. I can't believe it's so close. I sent Lance a text yesterday telling him that if we are induced at 39 weeks like we were with Landon, we would have Bennett here in 6 weeks! CRAZY!!! My belly seems huge-which most would agree. It's funny because it doesn't go any way but straight out. I think that's why it's hard to find shirts in my regular closet. Even some of my pregnancy tops are not working. I'm thinking about getting a few more tops to make the next couple of weeks easier on me. It's stressful finding outfits that work.
I go to my doctor Friday and this will be my last easy appointment. After that I'll start the checking appointments. Those are more exciting just for the fact that i get to find out if I'm making progress but not so fun...well you know why!
Well here is my belly picture.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Landon Time

With a new baby coming soon I want to give a lot of attention to Landon and enjoy these last weeks with him as our only baby.  He is so sweet and fun and just full of life.  Does he make me crazy?  Yes, sometimes I want to hide but you just can't stay away from him.  Landon has had some fun outings lately.  Lance went duck hunting last weekend and I think Landon made him feel pretty guilty about being gone.  So when Lance got home Saturday he took Landon on a daddy/son outing.  They went to see the movie Chipmunks and then they went to Pizza Hut.  He had to have popcorn and a drink when he got there.  Lance said as they were walking in to the theater (it was dark already) Landon dropped his sprite...ha!  So he got to drink daddy's drink.  Lance sent me a picture when they were out.
It was funny.  When I asked Landon about eating at Pizza Hut he made sure to inform me that it was a different Pizza Hut.  The kid only eats at the one in Flippin.  We've never been to the MH Pizza Hut. 
This week Lance said he needed to go to Lowe's so we all rode over to MH and decided to eat at Yoshi's.  I've been wanting to eat there and we thought it it would be entertaining to Landon.  When we walked in a cook was at a different grill/table.  He said "hey, there's Ratatouille."  Lance and I laughed at that.  It was a fun night!

He used his chopsticks to stab his food-which worked for him! 

Landon is still sleeping in his bed.  He tends to wake up around 12 or 1 and usually Lance goes in there.  I know it isn't good that we just stay in there at that point but we are just tired & trying to make it.  Yesterday Lance and I talked about how we would stop doing that and how we would start it tonight.  Well after church Lance and Landon washed my car (I drove over oil somewhere) and so it was a pretty late bedtime for Landon.  I think we went to his room at 9:30 and he was asleep by 10:00.  He is doing this thing where he wants to sleep on my hand (not sure what's up with that) and I woke up at 10:30 with a tingling hand.  So I got up and went to my bed.  GOOD NEWS = Landon didn't wake up until about 6:45 this morning.  Lance and I talked this morning about how refreshed we felt.  He said to me, "you must have slept good b/c you were snoring."  I told him that he deserves to hear me snore b/c I never sleep good and I have to hear him snore...ha!  I think we are going to try to move Landon's bedtime a little later.  We are wondering if 8:30 is too early for him.  So we'll see how it goes.  I pray we continue on this path b/c with him sleeping good = happier house.  Landon has been in such a good mood and I'll have I! 
This weekend we have a few things around the house to do but I did my WalMart shopping yesterday and I don't have plans to leave the house.  Some things on our list for the weekend is to move the couch from upstairs and replace it with a bed.  And Lance is going to put our hardwood floors down in the hallway.  It took us a long time to find a match but I think we found something that matches perfect.  I'm ready to get the carpet out of there.  I don't care for the carpet because it shows everything and I feel like it makes my house look dirty.  I know that with the wood floors in the hallway I'll feel tons better.  I can deal with the carpet in the bedroom but the hallway has too much traffic.  I'll post before and after pictures later.  Poor Lance is going to be busy - those jobs don't sound fit for a preggo. 

32 Weeks

I am now 32 weeks and 4 days or 53 days until Bennett's due date.  I am feeling good but still tired.  I don't think that will ever get better.  As a mommy I know I'm going to be tired and these kiddos are totally worth it.  I have my next doctors appointment in a week and then I'll go back 2 weeks after that.  This is when I'll be checked=35 weeks.  And after that I start my weekly appointments until Bennett is here.  Here is my weekly belly picture.  Not good pictures this week but at least I got some.

I have two showers coming up in a few week and I'm excited about those. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

31 weeks

Well I am actually 31 weeks and 3 days now but who's counting....oh wait...I am! I went back to work today and I'll admit it was a bit rough. I think if Landon was sleeping good at night I'd be ok. But that isn't happening yet. Hopefully soon. I'm kind of having circulation issues today for some reason. I go to my doctor Friday so I'll definitely mention it to him. I started taking nexium b/c my heartburn was crazy bad! I wonder if it's true what they say about heartburn = hair. We shall see. Well here is the belly this morning.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Spoke Too Soon

So I told you last night that Landon was doing really good in his bed.  Well not so much last night. :(  Lance tried to lay him down and when he turned the TV off Landon started crying.  I wasn't sure if I should go in there or just let Lance handle it.  But after a bit I decided to go in because I didn't want Landon to be upset and have a horrible night.  Well I went in and layed down with him and didn't get out of there until 10:22 PM.  At midnight Landon was waking up so Lance had to go in there to get him back asleep (which didn't take long) and then at 2 AM I had to go in and this preggo stayed in there.  It was literally 4 AM the last time I looked at the clock.  For some reason Landon just couldn't get to sleep good.  Every time I turned away from him he would get upset and move around.  At one point he even told me he was sad because I wasn't talking to him.  Yes kid...I don't usually talk at 3 in the morning!  He got up for good by 7 AM. So a bit of a rough night but I guess I'd rather him do this last night than tonight since we have to go back to reality tomorrow.  Hopefully tonight will be better.  Am I jinxing myself again???
Landon and I didn't do much today.  I made sure to take a nap with him.  I thought I'd better take advantage since I don't have any more breaks before Bennett's arrival (unless we have snow days).  We did laundry and got our things together for the morning.  Oh and guess what I did?  Preggo here actually walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  I know 15 minutes isn't much but for someone who hasn't exercised since who knows when I think it was good.  Plus I don't plan on running anytime soon-just trying to get a little cardio in.  We had a good supper and now it is almost bath time.  I'm hoping this bath will relax little man so he'll sleep good tonight. 
Wish us luck for the morning.  I hope we can get out of the house by 7:20 but we'll see. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

New color

No not hair color...but nail color!
So Amy just came over last week and did my nails so I won't be seeing her for another 3 weeks.  And of course I was doing something just a few days after she came (putting socks & shoes on Landon) and I broke the corner of my thumb nail.  I had to file it down and it is super short compared to the others.  So I decided to shorten all of them and wanted to paint them.  I usually use red/pink colors (Dutch Tulips is my favorite) but I was in the mood for something different.  I wanted to do a grayish color since I can't do the black or dark colors-I'm too pale.  I had to run to MH  today to look for a few more preggo shirts and then to WalMart to get folders for my class.  When I was in there I decided to look at their nail polish.  And I found one I thought would work.  Lance took a nap with Landon this afternoon so this momma got to paint her nails and catch up on some of her recorded shows.  Always nice to have those moments because they don't come by often.  Here is the picture of my new nail color.  I'm actually liking it so far!
Update on Landon sleeping in his bed-We were watching Gnomeo and Juliet and it was getting late.  At 9:45 he said "turn the TV off."  Yes sir!  So he was asleep by 10 PM and I actually went in to his bed to sleep at 5 AM.  Lance was getting up to go hunting and I wanted to sleep so I just went in there.  We slept till about 8 AM.  He is doing so good and we are very proud of him.  He loves to get a sticker on his chart every morning.  That is the first thing we have to do. 
We have one more day home before I go back to work.  Lance goes to work tomorrow so it will just be Landon and I. 
I do want to do a quick brag on my handy husband.  The boys wanted a table they could play cards on and Lance decided he could make one.  He finished it up last week and they even got together to play last night.  He's pretty talented I must admit. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1 Year

A year ago I started this blog.  I can't believe its already been a year.  I have truly enjoyed keeping this blog and am ready to tackle the next year.  I hope to blog more but with a new baby coming in a few months I might have an excuse. 
My sister and I have been talking about printing our blogs into a book but we couldn't figure it out.  Luckily my BIL Bradford is a computer/tech person and he's going to help us out.  Can't wait to get that and look back on the year!
Today we went to church, ate lunch with the Bentons, took a good nap, and then this momma went to WalMart all by herself.  We are about to call it a night and hopefully we'll all sleep good.  Last night Landon made it in his bed till 3:30 AM and I just climbed in with him.  Being pregnant and having major heartburn makes me want to get comfy quick and fall that is why I stayed with him.  Oh and tonight Landon went #2 on the toilet.  He told me to get out and leave him alone.  When we checked on him later he had a magazine and was still going.  HA!  Glad he likes my gossip magazines. 
I have two more days of break left and I hope to make the most of them...that is being as lazy as I can and probably not putting on anything but jammies.  I'll definitely not be putting on any make-up.