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My World

Monday, January 2, 2012

New color

No not hair color...but nail color!
So Amy just came over last week and did my nails so I won't be seeing her for another 3 weeks.  And of course I was doing something just a few days after she came (putting socks & shoes on Landon) and I broke the corner of my thumb nail.  I had to file it down and it is super short compared to the others.  So I decided to shorten all of them and wanted to paint them.  I usually use red/pink colors (Dutch Tulips is my favorite) but I was in the mood for something different.  I wanted to do a grayish color since I can't do the black or dark colors-I'm too pale.  I had to run to MH  today to look for a few more preggo shirts and then to WalMart to get folders for my class.  When I was in there I decided to look at their nail polish.  And I found one I thought would work.  Lance took a nap with Landon this afternoon so this momma got to paint her nails and catch up on some of her recorded shows.  Always nice to have those moments because they don't come by often.  Here is the picture of my new nail color.  I'm actually liking it so far!
Update on Landon sleeping in his bed-We were watching Gnomeo and Juliet and it was getting late.  At 9:45 he said "turn the TV off."  Yes sir!  So he was asleep by 10 PM and I actually went in to his bed to sleep at 5 AM.  Lance was getting up to go hunting and I wanted to sleep so I just went in there.  We slept till about 8 AM.  He is doing so good and we are very proud of him.  He loves to get a sticker on his chart every morning.  That is the first thing we have to do. 
We have one more day home before I go back to work.  Lance goes to work tomorrow so it will just be Landon and I. 
I do want to do a quick brag on my handy husband.  The boys wanted a table they could play cards on and Lance decided he could make one.  He finished it up last week and they even got together to play last night.  He's pretty talented I must admit. 

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