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My World

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh how I love that boy

I was looking at the pictures on my phone and realized I hadn't shared some. Most of my pictures are of Landon & why wouldn't they be. He's with me all the time and he's my buddy! We heart him!!!
Here we are going to church last week and Landon wanted to take his phone with him.  He had a conversation with someone the whole drive.  Look at how serious he is?!?
Here he is riding his gator.  We've had a pretty warm winter so far and we've tried to take advantage of being outside.
Here he is watching tv and I'm sure he is pooping his pants.  This is the spot he always runs to when he has to go for some reason.  And it's funny...I'll tell him that he stinks and he tells me "well then get away from me so you don't have to smell me." 
Lance has been putting hardwood floors in our hallway so the house has tools and everything else laying around.  Lance let Landon wear his earmuffs or whatever they are called.  These are cool though!  They have a radio in them so Landon was jamming out!
Here he is being a pirate.  He would come out with underwear on his head and say "ARR-I'm a pirate."

Landon is still sleeping in his bed but wakes up through the night.  He'll cry out for us and I'm still unsure why.  I usually get him to sleep and then Lance gets up and goes in there when he wakes up.  We are probably not helping the situation because we tend to stay in there with him and we don't get back up.  I am getting a bit scared for when Bennett gets here.  I don't know if anyone is going to be sleeping but who needs sleep...right?!?  I guess we've got about 4 weeks left to figure it out before baby boy gets here.  Wish us luck! 


  1. Landon is so handsome! We love him. And who needs sleep? It is 1:00 in the morning and I am watching Little Bill with Mitchum and Audrey. You just prepare yourself. :)

  2. The comment above says it all. "Just prepare yourself!" We went through the exact same situation with our oldest when I was pregnant. We did the exact same things you are doing but when baby boy number 2 entered the picture.... it all went down hill. For the first 2 months after he was born, our 2 year old was in a PACK N PLAY (you heard me right) beside our bed. HAHA! Since baby was in our room, he had to be too!