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My World

Thursday, June 23, 2011


On Monday Judy was watching Landon while I ran to MH to do a few things-also day 5 of potty training.  As soon as I got home Judy told me to come to the bathroom.  She directed me to the toilet and in there was a little ball of poo (sorry for the gross subject).  She then said she saved it for me so I could see it since Landon brought it to her and said here is a meatball.  She said she took it-not knowing what it was exactly-but quickly realized what it was.  She told Landon it was not a meatball but a terd and how he needed to go on the potty.  Later that day I asked Landon if he had meatballs and he looked at me with a grin and said "No mommy it was a terd."  I wonder if we'll ever eat meatballs again? 

Ok another cute Landon story-the other night we had spaghetti and salad.  Landon will not eat the salad-only the croutons.  He was messing with my plate and I think I asked him if he was done with his food.  He told me "No I have to eat my coupons".  Now if that isn't an extreme couponers kid.  :) 

I love my little Landon!!!

We Are Doing Good

Landon is doing a really good job with potty training.  He went to daycare yesterday and had 0 accidents.  I was super proud of my big boy!  The tinkle accidents actually stopped after day 2 but the problem we are having is with the poo.  The kid will not sit on the toilet to go.  I tried catching him when he'd start and I'd run him to the bathroom but that wasn't helping either of us.  He would just stop going and dirty a whole bunch of underwear.  So I finally just gave in and let him go in them.  I hate it but I don't want to hurt his belly and I don't like cleaning dirty underwear every 3 minutes!  I think it will just take time and he'll get it soon.  Oh and we are doing pull-ups at night.  He wakes up dry every morning which is great but I'm still going to let the pull-ups stay on just to be safe.  So weird to see my baby in underwear and him going tinkle on the potty.  It kind of makes me miss all those diaper changes. 

Last weekend we put up Landon's new pool.  My mom bought Landon's 1st pool so I could get him a fun one!
He seems to like this pool a lot but it's harder for me to sit in there with him b/c of the boat and the slide.  Guess it isn't about me!  He's sleeping right now otherwise we'd be out there.  

Last Saturday I called my sister to ask her if the waterpark was open. :)  She has a bigger pool and a bouncy waterslide in her backyard!  The 3 of us wanted to get out of the house and plus Landon loves playing with his cousins so we went over to their house for the afternoon/evening. 

Here is Landon going up the slide all by himself!
 Starting to go down.
 So sweet :)
 He had a blast doing the slide and it's crazy how last summer he couldn't do it without us and now he's the big boy who wants to do it all by himself.
 Little Mitchum was at the bottom of the slide and kept getting splashed by his big brother and sister.  Poor baby!
 Audrey in the pool.  Her and Christian wrestle in the pool like 2 sharks.  It was pretty funny watching.

 They played in the sandbox/swing set area.

 Look at that face on Mitchum. 
We took the kids inside so we could eat and they seemed tired.  Look how still they are...
But that didn't last long.  Within about 15 minutes of this picture the kids wanted to go back out.  This time they got in the sandbox.
 My sister likes to draw. :)  The kids have sidewalk chalk outside and instead of them using it...she was!  She wrote Landon's name for him.
So this week Landon and I have had a pretty busy week.  Judy was over on Monday so while she was here I ran a few errands in MH, Tuesday I had my hair appointment so my mom came over to watch Landon, and Wednesday I had to go to Fayetteville for my skin check so Landon went to school.  My mom went with me so I wouldn't have to travel alone.  Not sure I'm going to let her go with me again.  She kept giving me a hard time about my speeding.  I honestly can't help it and truthfully I don't notice when I am.  I've never had a speeding ticket and I better slow down so I don't ever get one.  Today Landon and I had nothing planned so we've been pretty lazy.  We did go to Wal-Mart this morning and I brought my bill down $58...Cha-Ching!  Tomorrow Landon goes to school and I plan on gathering stuff for our vacation.  We leave in 5 days and I can't wait.  Oh speaking of our beach vacation and skin doctor told me that I should be going through 2-3 bottles of sunscreen during the week.  Oh my golly!  I probably never used sunscreen before I had my cancer spot but even after I was told I had cancer I probably didn't even finish 1 bottle of sunscreen.  I did purchase 3 bottles today so I am set!

So here are some random pictures I've taken this week.  Landon and I needed our picture taken together (excuse the no make-up and nappy hair but it is summer).
 I made brownies and he loves to help me mix them.  He also likes to lick the mixers...and I can't blame him b/c I wanted the bowl!

 When we were in Landon's room the other day he asked me to take his picture with Mickey.  So funny!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Potty Training Day 2

Landon woke up dry this morning and that means he kept his unders dry all night. :) 

Oh how nice it is to be finishing day 2.  I think I've been looking at the clock all day just hoping the day would go fast.  I hate saying that but this whole running back and forth to the bathroom & telling Landon every other sentence to tell me when he has to go potty is getting to me.  He has had a very good day and I see it clicking for him.  He will be doing something and then all of a sudden he stops and says "hurry, hurry" and we rush to the bathroom.  He did have an accident as he was standing at the refrigerator.  He was supposedly getting a drink and when I turned around he was going tinkle.  AWESOME!!!  And the only other accident he had was with the #2 business.  We figure he'll have issues with that since he's never gone on the toilet.  But he did surprise me by going a tiny bit on the toilet later in the afternoon. 

We did leave the house just to run to McDonald's to pick up lunch.  Landon and I needed to get out for just a little bit.  I waited till he went potty and then we left.  I'm nervous to leave the house but I'm sure once I feel confident and once he is going good we'll be ready to go.  We do leave for our vacation in 11 days which is a 12 hour drive (we'll break it up) so we better get this potty thing down fast!  I told Lance this mommy needed to get out of the house tomorrow so I might run and get some things for our vacation. 

Here are some pictures from today...
 Relaxing in his chair watching TV
 Big boy filled up his first potty chart so we got a prize and then I made him stand by it for a picture!

 The cutest thing I have every seen!  I told him to show me his muscles. :)
I am ready for bed and I hope we have another dry night.  Yah for Day 3!!!

We also will be saying a prayer for baby Evan.  He is sick and they admitted him to the hospital today.  Poor baby boy!  It breaks my heart to see sick babies.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potty Training Day 1

Today was the start potty training little man.  This was a day I have been dreading and a day I've been avoiding.  I know he's been ready for some time now but I wasn't going to start until summer break.  Since he had strep last week I thought I'd wait till he felt better.  I had to work on Monday and Judy kept Landon and then on Wednesday he was going to school so I decided Thursday would be the big day.  I did my shopping yesterday and I don't have a reason to leave my house - unless we make a quick Sonic run ;)  So to help me with the whole potty training issue I bought Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training.  I finished reading it when Landon was at school yesterday...good thing right?!?  With the method you pretty much cut diapers out cold turkey, you encourage your child to tell you when they have to go instead of asking them if they have to go, you stick to your child like from sun up to sun down, and you don't play in the bathroom.  Landon has wore underwear before and he's went potty in the toilet here and there.  We've never used pull-ups so we are just going with underwear 24/7.  We put the first pair on at 8:30 this morning and we've really had a good day.  Here are the stats from today:
8:30 - went on the potty a little
9:30 - started to go potty while standing on the wood floors so I scooped him up and hurried to the toilet.  He went a lot when we got there.
10:55 - wanted to go to the bathroom and went potty
12:00 - went potty
2:15 - finally went potty so we could take a nap
4:30 - He slept for 2 hours and woke up dry :)  He was a bit crabby and I was trying to encourage him to go and he finally went after I started to wash my was an immediate reaction for the kid
5:30 - started to go potty at the door (luckily on the rug) and by the time I got him to the bathroom he didn't go anymore
6:15 - was playing and all of a sudden he had this look on his face and told us he had to go potty :)
7:30 - went potty

Here is the big boy today sporting his new big boy unders!

 We went to Target last week and stocked up on a bunch of underwear.  I let him pick out whatever he wanted so we have a little bit of everything.
 I couldn't help but get these!  How cute are they?  He hasn't wore them yet but I'll be sure to snap a picture of him in them. 
 Like I said...with this method you stay with your child all day long.  So we have colored, we did puzzles, played with playdoh, watched TV together and we napped together.  He's going to be tired of me following him around and saying to him "Landon be sure to tell me if you have to go potty, ok?"
Well hopefully we are about to call it a night and be finished with Day 1 of this potty training business.  I do have some pictures of what else we've been up to besides going potty.  Last week me, Landon and my mom ran to Branson so we could get new underwear and do a little shopping for our upcoming beach vacation.  Landon really dislikes the sun so I got him some new shades.  He picked them out all by himself.
 Here is the stud before church last week.  I told him he looked very nice and he wanted me to take his picture. 
 Gwen and I finally had our first play date of the summer.  We went over to her house and we let the big boys play inside and outside.  Gwen even made us a picnic.  We didn't get to stay long but it was a lot of fun. 
 Can you believe these two are 2 1/2 now?  They are so big and I just love them.

 Luke showed us his 4-wheeler and that thing sure was fast.  They had a hard time taking turns but I think we managed.

 We might have to get Landon one :)  Just kidding Lance!
Well I'll post tomorrow about our Day 2 and how the rest of Day 1 went.  Hoping for another good day!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Last Weekend

This is the last weekend before summer break.  We have 2 more days left and then it is officially summer break!  I've been packing my room away and getting everything finished in the kiddos files.  I think the next two days will be a lot of outside time!

This weekend has been very nice!  Friday evening we met Judy, Austin and Casey at Fred's Fish House.  I love eating there!  I got Casey to take our family picture.  I've noticed we don't have that many here lately.  I hope to get better at taking pictures.
Saturday Lance worked in the morning so Landon and I went to get our newspapers and breakfast.  When Lance got home I went with my friend Amy to coupon!  We did pretty good.  There are no pictures but I did get toothpaste for 25 cents, paper towels for 50 cents, sweet baby rays BBQ sauce for 50 cents and some other good deals.  I don't think I'll ever be like those on extreme couponers (unless I move away from MH). 
Once I got home I took Landon outside so we could enjoy the heat :)  We played in the sprinklers and in his pool. 
 And yes he is wearing a little swimmer diaper that is pink.  I didn't realize they sold packs for boys and packs for girls.  So we wear these around the house.  Sorry Landon!  He's still cute no matter what he's wearing.
My mom gave me some bamboo the other week and Lance thinks it's growing a lot so I took a picture of it to document it's growth! 
Well I'm going to cut more coupons and watch The Proposal.  I just turned it on and I'm really in to it.  I do love Sandra Bullock - very classy lady.  Hopefully next time I post I'll be on summer break!