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My World

Friday, June 17, 2011

Potty Training Day 2

Landon woke up dry this morning and that means he kept his unders dry all night. :) 

Oh how nice it is to be finishing day 2.  I think I've been looking at the clock all day just hoping the day would go fast.  I hate saying that but this whole running back and forth to the bathroom & telling Landon every other sentence to tell me when he has to go potty is getting to me.  He has had a very good day and I see it clicking for him.  He will be doing something and then all of a sudden he stops and says "hurry, hurry" and we rush to the bathroom.  He did have an accident as he was standing at the refrigerator.  He was supposedly getting a drink and when I turned around he was going tinkle.  AWESOME!!!  And the only other accident he had was with the #2 business.  We figure he'll have issues with that since he's never gone on the toilet.  But he did surprise me by going a tiny bit on the toilet later in the afternoon. 

We did leave the house just to run to McDonald's to pick up lunch.  Landon and I needed to get out for just a little bit.  I waited till he went potty and then we left.  I'm nervous to leave the house but I'm sure once I feel confident and once he is going good we'll be ready to go.  We do leave for our vacation in 11 days which is a 12 hour drive (we'll break it up) so we better get this potty thing down fast!  I told Lance this mommy needed to get out of the house tomorrow so I might run and get some things for our vacation. 

Here are some pictures from today...
 Relaxing in his chair watching TV
 Big boy filled up his first potty chart so we got a prize and then I made him stand by it for a picture!

 The cutest thing I have every seen!  I told him to show me his muscles. :)
I am ready for bed and I hope we have another dry night.  Yah for Day 3!!!

We also will be saying a prayer for baby Evan.  He is sick and they admitted him to the hospital today.  Poor baby boy!  It breaks my heart to see sick babies.

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  1. So glad things are going well with the potty, I am so proud of him. And thanks for the prayers!!