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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potty Training Day 1

Today was the start potty training little man.  This was a day I have been dreading and a day I've been avoiding.  I know he's been ready for some time now but I wasn't going to start until summer break.  Since he had strep last week I thought I'd wait till he felt better.  I had to work on Monday and Judy kept Landon and then on Wednesday he was going to school so I decided Thursday would be the big day.  I did my shopping yesterday and I don't have a reason to leave my house - unless we make a quick Sonic run ;)  So to help me with the whole potty training issue I bought Lora Jensen's 3 Day Potty Training.  I finished reading it when Landon was at school yesterday...good thing right?!?  With the method you pretty much cut diapers out cold turkey, you encourage your child to tell you when they have to go instead of asking them if they have to go, you stick to your child like from sun up to sun down, and you don't play in the bathroom.  Landon has wore underwear before and he's went potty in the toilet here and there.  We've never used pull-ups so we are just going with underwear 24/7.  We put the first pair on at 8:30 this morning and we've really had a good day.  Here are the stats from today:
8:30 - went on the potty a little
9:30 - started to go potty while standing on the wood floors so I scooped him up and hurried to the toilet.  He went a lot when we got there.
10:55 - wanted to go to the bathroom and went potty
12:00 - went potty
2:15 - finally went potty so we could take a nap
4:30 - He slept for 2 hours and woke up dry :)  He was a bit crabby and I was trying to encourage him to go and he finally went after I started to wash my was an immediate reaction for the kid
5:30 - started to go potty at the door (luckily on the rug) and by the time I got him to the bathroom he didn't go anymore
6:15 - was playing and all of a sudden he had this look on his face and told us he had to go potty :)
7:30 - went potty

Here is the big boy today sporting his new big boy unders!

 We went to Target last week and stocked up on a bunch of underwear.  I let him pick out whatever he wanted so we have a little bit of everything.
 I couldn't help but get these!  How cute are they?  He hasn't wore them yet but I'll be sure to snap a picture of him in them. 
 Like I said...with this method you stay with your child all day long.  So we have colored, we did puzzles, played with playdoh, watched TV together and we napped together.  He's going to be tired of me following him around and saying to him "Landon be sure to tell me if you have to go potty, ok?"
Well hopefully we are about to call it a night and be finished with Day 1 of this potty training business.  I do have some pictures of what else we've been up to besides going potty.  Last week me, Landon and my mom ran to Branson so we could get new underwear and do a little shopping for our upcoming beach vacation.  Landon really dislikes the sun so I got him some new shades.  He picked them out all by himself.
 Here is the stud before church last week.  I told him he looked very nice and he wanted me to take his picture. 
 Gwen and I finally had our first play date of the summer.  We went over to her house and we let the big boys play inside and outside.  Gwen even made us a picnic.  We didn't get to stay long but it was a lot of fun. 
 Can you believe these two are 2 1/2 now?  They are so big and I just love them.

 Luke showed us his 4-wheeler and that thing sure was fast.  They had a hard time taking turns but I think we managed.

 We might have to get Landon one :)  Just kidding Lance!
Well I'll post tomorrow about our Day 2 and how the rest of Day 1 went.  Hoping for another good day!!!

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  1. I found your blog through Stafford Stories. I have a few questions about your potty training methods. My oldest son is currently 2 and a half years old and is really acting interested in using the potty. We have worked with him some but really plan to go cold turkey (no diapers) and get to business soon! Here are my questions...

    1. How old was Landon when you started this? Since I'm new to the blog, I'm not sure of his age.

    2. Does he use the regular toilet or a potty chair?

    3. What ideas did you use to reward him? We tried suckers and stickers (after every sitting) and that didn't last long with us.

    By the way, congrats on the pregnancy. I just had my 2nd little one in August (he is 4 months old today). Little boys are so much fun! :)