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My World

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Break Time

You might think I mean from the blog since I'm not good at keeping up but I'm talking about our break from school.  We had two flex days the week of Thanksgiving so I got the entire week off.  Lance left to go duck hunting a couple weeks ago-he left on Friday and got back Monday afternoon.  He had a really good hunt. 

 This was our first time staying by ourselves in the new house.  We did fine even though Bennett was sick.  I didn't sleep but a few hours that Saturday night so I was thankful it was the weekend and break.  Sunday nana stayed the night with us which was nice to have a guest + some extra help with the boys.  Monday the boys and I had a lazy day and on Tuesday I went up to Branson to do a little house & Christmas shopping.  I found some rugs, bar stools (which are too tall so I'll be taking those back at some point), a picture for B's room, a couple of items for my closet, and I was able to check off a couple items on my Christmas list.  

We also put up our tree.  I figured since we had all the boxes unpacked from the move we could go ahead and set up the tree.
The boys seem to like it!
I found these cute decorations at a store in MH and figured I could put them somewhere.
Also found these wonderful items at Walgreens...YUM!
Before we left on break at school, we had a couple volunteers hang lights in the hallways.  So not and up till Christmas we keep the hall lights off and just have the Christmas lights.  The kids love it!
And we also had our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We were Indians and this is my nephew who's in my class.  He's my wild man!
And I finally got the boys school pictures in so we hung those in the hallway to our bedroom.
We've started watching Christmas movies so this night was Home Alone 2 in our bed...with popcorn of course.
Here are the boys after school a couple weeks ago.  We ran to get an icee and the girl gave them crowns.

At the Kindergarten the faculty raised money for breast cancer in October.  My principal asked me if I wanted to go with her to present the check since I had shared about my aunt Linda who passed away a year ago.  So we went last week and we got a tour of the Peitz house.  It is so nice and definitely happy we were able to help with our donation.  
And after I got back from Branson my parents helped me out by bringing over our new rugs for downstairs.  They look so good down there and make it more cozy!  Plus I found an ottoman, pillows, and we finally hung Lance's deer.  He's a happy man!  
The play area which stays messy until bedtime each night!

Here is Landon reading a book to us!  He's so sweet!
Sweet brothers
We had a great Thanksgiving!  We had breakfast and then watched the Macy parade.  I was surprised at how much Landon watched it.  I get too bored!  Once Bennett woke up from his nap we went over to Viola for the Hopper Thansgiving.  Landon fell asleep on the way over-he gets it from me-car rides zonk me out!
On the way home we had our trailer so we could bring some stuff home.  And we ended up having a flat.  We were in my car so Lance didn't have his tools.  We ended up calling my dad at 9:15 PM to come help us.  Bennett slept through it and Landon was in and out through it.  
When we got home around 10:15 Bennett was up most of the night for some reason.  I was so tired!  The next day was the Newton Classic so Lance and Landon went back to Viola.  Landon only made it to 11:30 which was exactly when Bennett fell asleep.  My nice mom went and got him for me and brought him home later.  

And look who came back on December 1st?!?  It's John Mark!  Landon was super excited and loves finding him every morning.

Today we are having a snow or ICE day.  Another first in the new house!  We got out at 7:45 for gas, breakfast, and a sonic drink...of course!  Now we are playing, watching movies, and getting things done in case we lose power...I pray we don't!  Lance is at work so I hope he gets home soon and is safe.  It's still sleeting and hasn't really stopped since 8:45.  

Now that nap time is over I think we will go bake something yummy!  I'm sure we'll be having another snow day tomorrow so we need to start cooking!