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My World

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 16 and Catching Up

I hope I can stop writing "catching up" in my titles but no promises on that.  I am just lazy and haven't made much time to sit down with the computer.
So about the pregnancy...I am in my 16th week and I honestly can't believe it is going so fast.  Here are some stats:

Total Weight Gain/Loss  I'll have to check that out at the doctor next time I go
Maternity Clothes?  Not yet but I have been using a rubber band on some of my pants just to because it is more comfy for me
Sleep?  What sleep?  I wake up around midnight and have to go to the bathroom and then I toss & turn the rest of the night b/c I think I have to sleep on my side which isn't always easy.
Best Moment of the Week:  Just feeling good and being able to go on a date with my boys this weekend
Movement  I am definitely feeling my baby move and sometimes I can see it.  As I am typing this I am feeling my baby move.  I've even made Lance and Landon feel stuff.  Love that!
Food Cravings?  I would have to say it has been cherry icee's from Burger King
Gender  ???
Belly button in or out?  Oh it has been out for a long time.  Definitely a balloon tie and no hiding it!
What I miss?  I guess it would be the sleeping through the night
What I am looking forward to:  Buying maternity clothes here soon
Milestones:   Being in the 2nd trimester and only taking my nauseous medicine in the evening
Things we experience this week:  My belly is definitely popping out and pretty much everyone knows I'm pregnant.
Size of baby:  avocado

Well since I last posted I had a pretty scary day.  I went to the doctor for my regular appointment August 31 and everything was great.  Well at school the next day, I took my kiddos to their special and went to show off my ultrasound pictures.  I was talking to a teacher and I started to feel weird - light headed, seeing spots.  I told her I wasn't feeling good and decided to try to get to the lounge which wasn't too far away.  Well lets just say...I didn't make it there.  I ended up passing out and apparently I feel into the wall (brick wall) and hit my head, scratched my hand and knee, and just scared the poo out of everyone.  When I came to I already felt better so I started to get up and someone helped me to the bathroom.  I like the cold when I feel yucky.  Our school nurse came and checked me out.  All of my vitals were fine but I had to go to my doctor just to be safe.  My sister had to come drive me and Lance met us there.  Everything was fine with baby (I had to hear the heartbeat to make myself feel better) and my doctor told me it was a low blood sugar I have had to change my eating habits and add protein in every 3 hours.  He sent me home for the rest of the day which this happened at 8:30 so it was early and I iced my head b/c that was the worse part of it all.  I should have taken a picture of the knot b/c it was good.  Sweet Landon told me not to fall and hit the wall b/c he didn't want me to break like Humpty Dumpty.  He makes me smile!!!  So other than that I have been fine and taking care of myself.

I have mentioned my growing belly and I'm not gonna hide it anymore.  I'm telling you it is a lot bigger this pregnancy.
Crazy big right? 

Ok now let me talk about my other sweet baby!  Landon is doing awesome!  He earned another crown at school.  This time it was his Spanish crown - he counts to 10 in Spanish :) 
We've been doing some fun things lately.  We went to Silver Dollar City with my sister, her two older kiddos, and my parents.  It was over Labor Day and the weather was perfect.  We didn't leave till 8:30 and we should have left earlier b/c we had to wait quite some time in line.  Of course Lance was timing it and at one point we had moved 1 mile in 30 minutes.  YIKES!  Once we turned at the stop sign we actually went faster and it wasn't horrible.  Landon rode his first rides and loved them, we ate lots of good food, and the thing Landon remembers most is going in to jail.  The kid can't forget it b/c it scared him.  In the little jail there is a man (a dummy) sleeping and he is snoring.  If we pretend to snore he tells us to stop snoring like the man in jail :)  It's kind of funny but I have to stop teasing him.
Here is a picture of him once we left.  We didn't even make it out of the parking lot before he was about out but he wouldn't give me my pickle.

This past Friday Lance and I took Landon to the fair for the first time.  We had to check out the animals and then we went for the rides.  We ended up finding the Sumpter's so Landon got to ride with Brayden and I got to catch up with his momma who I miss (we taught together at Flippin). 

After the fair we decided to go eat at Colton's.  It was a wonderful night out with my favorite boys!
Oh and once we got home my OCD boy played with his cars and look what he did.
He finally crashed after about 30 more minutes and I was very happy about that b/c the next day we had to go to Branson and get some fall clothes for the big boy.  What a weekend!