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My World

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

Ok so i scheduled my next fix immediately after I got my first fix.  I ended up having some people use my referral link which gave me credit so I thought why not!  Plus with school starting soon I would like to update my wardrobe a little.
So I mentioned work pants to my stylist Erika.  She listened and sent two pants and three tops.
I went for the dark pants first and I paired them with a blue top she included.  The pants have a houndstooth print and they are pull on pants.  I thought for sure I'd hate them on but y'all...they were so comfy and a great cut...but I couldn't get past the print in them.  So I decided to send them back.
The blue top was cute.  It's hot right now so it was kind of hard to want to keep a long sleeve top.  I liked the color and the v-neck but if I rolled the sleeves up it was too tight.  So I decided to return it.

I tried on the other pants just because they tell you to try it all...but I knew these were a NO.

So then I tried on the next two tops.  The tank top was just ok.  I'm pretty pale so I think I needed more color to offset the paleness.  

The next top was the one I almost kept but I ended up returning it.  It was a bit boxy and I felt it made me look chest heavy.  I tried it with all types of bottoms but I just couldn't fall in love with it (and remember I am trying to say NO unless it just pulls at me right away...thanks for making me read that book sister 😉).  

So that's right...I returned it all.  I think my stylist did good.  Everything fit great but I'm more of a solid bottom type and some of the prices were a bit high for me.  When I checked out I told them that so I bet next time will be better.  So next fix will be here next week...still have credit that's why I don't mind scheduling them close...but I will start spreading them out soon.  Fun, fun!!

And if you want to join the fun here is my link.  It's super easy and lots of fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

I finally got my first fix and it was so much fun!  I filled out my profile last summer but never scheduled a fix (not sure why).  But I decided to do it.  It came yesterday right when I was trying to get Bennett to sleep so his nap got pushed way late!  I was too excited.  So here it is and the cards with my styling ideas.
I got a pair of jeans and four tops.
I first tried on this tank.  And although I liked it, I just don't see myself wearing it much when school starts back so return.

I then tried on top 2 which was a gray tee and I LOVED this one.  It was exactly my style so keeper!

Then I tried on the striped top.  I liked it but it just wasn't a definite YES so I decided to return it.
Thought a necklace would help me but no.
Next I tried on the jeans and the navy print top.  I'm not big on navy so even though it fit well I decided to send it back.

The jeans were good.  Even though I have a lot of dark skinny jeans these had cute pockets and I liked the color so keeper!
Sorry for the rear shot!
So I decided to keep the gray tee and the jeans.

This stitch fix process is so easy! The items I didn't want I just put in the bag they included (return label ready to go) and stuck it in the mailbox.  My stylist Erika did great.  All the sizes worked, I liked the style, and prices were expected prices.  I went ahead and scheduled my next fix and can't wait to see what it has.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: Beauty Routines

Now I am not a big beauty girl but I want to blog more so I'm starting to look for ideas to get me going.  

I've recently started using Rodan + Fields skincare line.  I started with the Reverse line and have really liked it.  I just tried the Redefine line last week and I started having breakouts on my forehead (yes it might be the body switching but I don't have time for that) so I've went back to Reverse.  
I am trying to get better at washing my face morning and night but it's just going to take time.  In the summer I honestly don't wear makeup unless it's Sunday!  But when I fix my face I keep it simple (remember don't like washing face).  I still use my caboodle from long ago.  
So I've never worn liquid foundation...just powder.  I love my BareMinerals powder.  
For blush I liked the NARS but found a cheaper blush that I really LOVE.  The color is soft lights Prism.
For my eyes I usually switch it up between a few things.  If I'm feeling fancy I go to my Naked 2 palette, for a little less I use the cover girls eye enhancers cafe au lait, and for quick times I will use cover girl champagne or just the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.  
Now I've had my eyeliner tattooed on but it's pretty light so I usually add the BareMinerals liner shadow to my top lid.  My favorite color is Tigers Eye but I sometimes use Nurture.
Next is mascara.  I know it makes me look alive BUT I hate washing it off.  I tried the 3D lash mascara from Younique but I'm just not that fancy.  I really love the Benefits They're Real.  It's in my shopping bag on Amazon right now.
But since I'm out I use Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black, Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express, or their Great Lash mascara.
For my lips I never wear lipstick...only gloss.  I'm not big on color so it's usually just something to give me shine. I really like Revlon gloss in Shine City or Snow Pink.

Now for my hair I love the pureology hydrate shampoo and conditioner.
If I wear my hair curly I will spray this on it because it doesn't cause crunchy hair...vert natural feeling.
Hope you found a new product to try from me.  

4th of July Weekend

Lance had a few days off so we got a lot done while he was home.  I say "we" but he did most of it.  Our yard work is still going but we've had a few issues come about.  The guys working this year haven't been the best for us so we had the crew from the first year come out and finish the work.  The first guys messed up our stairs so the new guys started working on those.
Lance met with the rock guy and got our stone ordered for the house. This is the color.
And this is the style.
Lance and I worked on the retaining wall landscape.

He planted some plants and we put out solar lights.
We also painted the toy room AGAIN.  It was the last thing to paint downstairs so we decided to knock that out.

We had friends over for the 4th for fish/shrimp, visiting, and a few fireworks.

We also had my nephews birthday party Sunday.  We went swimming until the big lightning bolt and thunder boom sent us out.