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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #2

Ok so i scheduled my next fix immediately after I got my first fix.  I ended up having some people use my referral link which gave me credit so I thought why not!  Plus with school starting soon I would like to update my wardrobe a little.
So I mentioned work pants to my stylist Erika.  She listened and sent two pants and three tops.
I went for the dark pants first and I paired them with a blue top she included.  The pants have a houndstooth print and they are pull on pants.  I thought for sure I'd hate them on but y'all...they were so comfy and a great cut...but I couldn't get past the print in them.  So I decided to send them back.
The blue top was cute.  It's hot right now so it was kind of hard to want to keep a long sleeve top.  I liked the color and the v-neck but if I rolled the sleeves up it was too tight.  So I decided to return it.

I tried on the other pants just because they tell you to try it all...but I knew these were a NO.

So then I tried on the next two tops.  The tank top was just ok.  I'm pretty pale so I think I needed more color to offset the paleness.  

The next top was the one I almost kept but I ended up returning it.  It was a bit boxy and I felt it made me look chest heavy.  I tried it with all types of bottoms but I just couldn't fall in love with it (and remember I am trying to say NO unless it just pulls at me right away...thanks for making me read that book sister 😉).  

So that's right...I returned it all.  I think my stylist did good.  Everything fit great but I'm more of a solid bottom type and some of the prices were a bit high for me.  When I checked out I told them that so I bet next time will be better.  So next fix will be here next week...still have credit that's why I don't mind scheduling them close...but I will start spreading them out soon.  Fun, fun!!

And if you want to join the fun here is my link.  It's super easy and lots of fun!

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  1. crack me up! How many pieces of clothing have brought you "joy" from your Stitch Fix? Ha ha! :) 1, although I like those black pants. Give me some money and I will hook a sister up with some ballin clothes.