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My World

Friday, July 3, 2015

Busy Week

Last week was a busy week for us (mostly Landon).  We got back from vacation Friday at midnight, Saturday was catch up day (laundry, grocery shopping, yard work), and Sunday was Fathers Day.  We went to church and then had lunch with the Benton's!

Then Monday started VBS for Landon and the t-ball tournament.  We were undefeated all season and made it to the championship game where we ended up losing.  It was a fun season and I can't believe he'll be on pitching machine next year.  Plus Bennett will be starting t-ball!

Landon had a fun week at VBS this year.  

We also had to go visit the doctor this week because both boys were suffering with swimmers ear plus she thinks Bennett might have had strep.  

The boys are feeling better now but of course they gave it to me so my weekend consisted of staying on the bed.  Lance was a big help with entertaining the boys so I could rest.  They went for a ride down to the river by our house.
The new guys came to work on the steps this week so the front is a bit of a mess right now.  Lance and I put out our solar lights and mulch so I'll show that later.  And Lance meets with the rock guy today to get the rock work going.  It will look so good very soon!  
Can't believe it's July!  Today I plan to make my Christmas list (why not?!?) since I've already got my first gift bought....BOOM and clean more toys out.  We are having some friends over Friday so maybe that's my motivation to organize.  


  1. Crosby enjoyed VBS with Landon! Hopefully we can get them together to play again soon!

  2. And those little t-ball pictures are all so cute!!!