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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Gulf Shores 2015

We finally went back to the beach and it was a lot of fun!  My parents, my dad's two brothers, and most of their kids all went too!  This is what we used to do when I was little so it was nice with all of us being down there together again.  We all traveled down on our own (two uncles left early Friday, we left Friday afternoon, and my parents left Saturday morning).  Lance worked most of the day so I started packing the car.
Lance and I decided it would be best to split up the trip so we left at 3:15 and drove to Canton, MS.
The boys only slept an hour each and first was Bennett who fell asleep at the MH bypass and was awake by Salem.
Landon fell asleep right before B woke up and slept till Ashflat (maybe an hour away).
The boys did pretty good!  We had iPads, plenty of snacks, and even made sandwiches as we were driving.  This was a really big help and saved so much time for us.  We'll definitely keep this going for all future road trips.
We got to the hotel around 9 and tried to get a good rest.  The next morning we weren't in a big hurry (check in at 3:00) so we ate breakfast and let the boys run around the room.

I think we started back on the road around 9 and we should have had 4-5 hours left but once we got close to slowed down!  Bennett started to fall asleep but I told him he had to be awake for the tunnel.  It was a little rough!

Landon didn't sleep this part of the trip but Bennett fell asleep when we were about 10 minutes from the check-in place.

We got to our condo right after 3.

We tried putting our stuff away but everyone was so excited that we just decided to get down to the beach!
This was our only cloudy, rainy day the entire week which was surprising to me...but we'll take it!

That evening my aunt cooked tacos for everyone!
The next day we were out early.

My uncle loves the beach.  He was the first out and the last to leave.  He helped them all build sandcastles.
That afternoon our friends, the Daileys, came to hang out with us.

We got cleaned up and went to eat at my favorite place, Sea-n-Suds!

After that they headed home and we went back to my aunts room for dessert!  This was the day a few of us (including myself) got really burnt which is why I am standing!
The rest of the week was lots of beach time and we went out to eat about every other day.
We had to go to souvenir city for the shark mouth picture and we decided to eat at Chic-fil-a which I had never tried.

When it was time to eat the boys wanted to play at the indoor play area which we let them.  Lance and I got to eat alone and they got some energy out!

We got back early enough to go back and swim.  The boys improved so much on their swimming this week.  Bennett doggy paddles really well and Landon can go under, jump in, and not hold his nose!
I enjoyed eating out earlier than usual because we didn't miss the evenings on the beach.  It's really quiet and relaxing at that time.

The waves were pretty wild the first couple of days but they eventually died down.  It was fun the whole time though.  Bennett went out with Lance.  
We found tons of sand dollars and star fish.

We had a cookout for lunch with all the family.
We tried a new restaurant Bills by the Beach which was really good!

We took the boys back to Sea-n-Suds for lunch followed by Dippin dots which the boys now want every day!
Haley took some family beach pics for us!

We decided to leave Friday afternoon to head back home in case we had to split it up again.  On our way out Lance and I decided to get new sunglasses for each other!
We then started the drive home at 12:30.  Lance and I got it in our heads to just make it home.  It was rough once we got to Jonesboro but we did it.  We were home by midnight.

It was a really fun week and a lot easier than I expected.  Lance mentioned next year which was music to my ears!  I hope we keep going each year like I used to.  

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