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My World

Saturday, February 22, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 8

Day 50:  Today we celebrated my nephews 4th birthday!  Mitchum is 4 which doesn't even seem possible.  We stopped by after school to give him his present and eat cake!  

Day 51:  I completed the last day of CGI for year 1.  We had to go to Melbourne so we made sure we had a sonic drink to help us get through the day.

Day 52:  I am so happy it's the weekend!  I ran home after school and started the 2nd coat on the trim in the play area while the boys played at school.  Kerry texted me and said Bennett had a fever (say what??) so I stopped and ran and got them.  He just had a low fever when we got home so we'll just watch him to see if it gets worse.  Lance came home and grilled for us and the boys enjoyed being outside.

Day 53:  I managed to clean house, do laundry, and shave my legs with both boys since Lance had to work.  When I was doing laundry I came back in to my room and found Bennett asleep.  He's acting ok but still has a very low fever.  

Day 54:  I haven't washed my car in a really long time.  So I snuck to town for a sonic drink and decided to drive through the car wash.  It helped a little but still looks dirty.

Day 55:  I was wanting skittles so when I found them I couldn't decide which kind to get.  So I settled on three bags!  

Day 56:  Aunt Brooke knows Bennett loves the Grinch so she gave him a Grinch doll for his birthday.  Some how Landon got to sleep with it that night.  

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 7

Day 43: After a long 100th day of Kindergarten I came home to a baby who still isn't feeling good.  We had to run Landon to church and anytime he's in a car he passes out.  He gets that from his momma.

Day 44: I stayed home with the boys.  Bennett was still not his playful self and even slept in till 10:30.  I wasn't sure if he'd take a nap but he did and he went to bed at his normal time.  CRAZY!  So I called our regular doctor and Lance will be taking him in tomorrow.

Day 45:  Happy Valentines Day!  Lance took Bennett to the doctor and they said he most likely had the flu but he's at the end of it.  So we will finish his medicine and continue to rest since it's the weekend!  Landon's furniture was finally delivered so we did a little rearranging and Lance fried some fish for us so I got the night off from cooking.  I'd say that is the best kind of Valentines Day!
Oh and mommy fail!  I did Landon's valentines backwards so I had to fix them before his party!

Day 46:  I went to Branson all by myself!  It was a quick trip to return some barstools but who doesn't love Target!?!  I even found a rug for our bathroom and some more pieces for Landon's room.  Lance even grilled fish for us which was no cooking for me two nights in a row!  

Day 47:  I stayed home with Bennett today and Lance took Landon to church.  In Landon's Sunday school class they had the Olympics.  Ms. Lori sent me this picture of Landon with his medal.  He said "my mom will be so proud of me"!  He's such a sweet boy!  And I gave Landon a lesson on shadows so we took a picture of his silhouette.

Day 48:  I'm the type of person that when I want something I have to have it right that minute.  I drive Lance crazy with this sometimes.  We've been talking about painting the play area and so I decided to start it this night.  After doing my Jillian kettle bell workout and trimming the play area, I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow.

Day 49:  After more than a week of being home Bennett finally got to go back to school.  And he moved up to the next class.  He had a really good day and loved going outside.  He had some issues getting out of the swing (just because he didn't want to go inside) but he'll learn eventually.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 6

Day 36:  Home again for snow which is crazy BUT we do go back to school tomorrow!  The boys and I tried to relax most of the day and then it was go time.  Showers got taken, hair got ready, lunches packed, and clothes picked out.  When Lance got home he decided to fix the shower door slider part and it ended with a big mess.  Thankfully I had the boys downstairs and Lance didn't get hurt too bad. He did have a few cuts but he's tougher than most!  

Day 37:  After being off so much it was kind of hard to go back.  Plus we had conferences that night from 2-8 PM so it was a long day.  Our roads are still covered so we had to take it slow.

Day 38:  Today was a fun mail day for me!  I finally ordered me some Tieks and I love them.  They are definitely worth it especially since all I wear is flats.  My sisters kiddos gave the boys their valentines and Landon decided to rip some of the eyes off of his card.  He's silly!

Day 39:  Landon and I got up and went to Walmart.  I knew I wouldn't be motivated to do it that afternoon so it was determined to go first thing.  I think he wanted to buy every single thing in the store but he only managed two hot wheel cars and two chocolate hearts!  When we got home Bennett was really starting to act sick.  That night he didn't sleep good because he was coughing so he should have been tired.  He would play some but he just wasn't acting himself.  Before dark our deer friends came to visit!  That's so neat having them around.

Day 40:  Well it was a rough night for all of us.  Bennett didn't feel well so I took him to the Walmart clinic and after a long wait we found out it's his tonsils causing all of his problems.  

Day 41:  Spending a day at home with my sick baby (who looks tons better) and his big brother!  I'm starting to feel like I don't work as a Kindergarten teacher right now but come June I'll be thinking that's all I do is teach!  

Day 42:  Home again with my boys and hoping we can all go back to school tomorrow.  And while we were home Landon and I got his valentines ready for his party on Friday while Bennett was sleeping in.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 5

Day 29:  Y'all we finally had outside recess today!  It's hard on the kids to be inside all day so to see an empty room was wonderful!  I ran to town after school to get some perfume and I found it on the 50% off table.  Maybe Justin's recent trouble knocked the price down!  And I was a little embarrassed asking for his perfume but it smells really good to me!  That night Bennett surprised me by eating my cherry tomatoes.  He liked them and kept eating them until I took them away.

Day 30:  Our school had a penny drive for a little boy battling cancer.  Our class collected a lot (even the bucket couldn't handle them all) but didn't win the pizza party.  Who cares...our building raised over $2000-$3000 for him.  That's awesome!  And after school I had my hair appointment.  No I didn't cut my hair off-it's just pushed back.  Right now my hair is more of a natural color so he just touched up my roots and I was out in under an hour!  That is my type of work.  I don't find getting my hair done as a relaxing thing....not sure why but just not for me!  I do enjoy visiting with Adam though!  

Day 31:  Wowzer!  We got out early this morning so we had time to get donuts for the boys and a sonic drink for me.  After school Landon brought home his name writing crown.  Ms Vicky does so good at teaching kids to write on lines.  Just what us Kindergarten teachers want to see!

Day 32:  Lance was gone to Tulsa for a boat show so it was just me and the boys.  After a long time of trying to get Bennett to nap I found Landon sleeping too.  So I went ahead and got my PD done for Arkansas history!  It was all about Hot Springs so it was kind of interesting.  

Day 33:  Today we were expected to get snow but not until after church.  Lance always takes Landon to Sunday school and Bennett and I come for church.  It was cold so we sported the monkey hat!
By the time church was over we had snow everywhere!  It was like being in a snow globe going home! We made it home safe and had a lazy afternoon.  
Lance and Landon went to a friends to watch the Super Bowl game.  I kept Bennett home just because it's easier that way!  

Day 34:  Well we are getting another snow day!  Can't say I'm too sad about that.  It's hard to get out when it's cold and when I know we'll be in the classroom all day.  So me and the boys have been playing, resting, and trying to change sheets on beds.  Every time I go to do my bed this happens!  They always take over and then I have to wait till they're done.

Day 35:  Snow day number???  I've stopped counting since we've had so many!  We got out early for breakfast and sonic since we were expecting bad weather that morning.  We seriously pulled in the garage, came in the house, and found it snowing really hard!  Luckily we went when we did.  So after breakfast we got the play-doh out, we had some cuddle time, and I did my Jillian tape with Bennett as my workout partner!


#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 4

Day 1:  Today I tried my new Bumble and Bumble Surf spray.  I don't like anything that makes my hair sticky or wet looking when I let it go curly.  And this spray didn't do that.  It smells good so I think I'll keep using this.  We usually go downstairs every night after dinner.  Landon usually wants to play football and Bennett usually has either the Grinch or Cat in the Hat playing.

Day 2:  I tried so hard to avoid the sickness going around BUT of course it got me.  I just had the stomach bug but it was bad.  I literally had no energy to leave the bed and my knees and elbows hurt so bad.  

Day 3:  I spent most of the day resting but by the time the school day was over I was determined to get to these sweet boys!  I missed seeing them!  

Day 4:  Thankful for the weekend!  We had a lazy day and only got out to take a ride around the land out here and down by the river.

Day 5:  I think I'm finally feeling some what normal after the bug took me down.  Landon went over to my parents house so we just had Bennett!  We spent most of the afternoon outside watching Lance clean out the garage and I did laundry.  That evening I watched the Bachelor wedding and flipped over to the Grammys occasionally.  

Day 6:  Landon and I were twinkles today in our UA sweatshirts.  Isn't he sweet!?!  I had early duty so that means I open doors for kids from 7:30-7:55 and was cold out (the wind was the worst part).  So it took me a long time to warm up.  Jillian tried helping me warm up with a lunch date.  

Day 7:  I usually do my workout tapes after school.  The boys play or crawl around me as I do them.  Luckily I think they are cute so they don't get in much trouble!