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My World

Saturday, February 22, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 7

Day 43: After a long 100th day of Kindergarten I came home to a baby who still isn't feeling good.  We had to run Landon to church and anytime he's in a car he passes out.  He gets that from his momma.

Day 44: I stayed home with the boys.  Bennett was still not his playful self and even slept in till 10:30.  I wasn't sure if he'd take a nap but he did and he went to bed at his normal time.  CRAZY!  So I called our regular doctor and Lance will be taking him in tomorrow.

Day 45:  Happy Valentines Day!  Lance took Bennett to the doctor and they said he most likely had the flu but he's at the end of it.  So we will finish his medicine and continue to rest since it's the weekend!  Landon's furniture was finally delivered so we did a little rearranging and Lance fried some fish for us so I got the night off from cooking.  I'd say that is the best kind of Valentines Day!
Oh and mommy fail!  I did Landon's valentines backwards so I had to fix them before his party!

Day 46:  I went to Branson all by myself!  It was a quick trip to return some barstools but who doesn't love Target!?!  I even found a rug for our bathroom and some more pieces for Landon's room.  Lance even grilled fish for us which was no cooking for me two nights in a row!  

Day 47:  I stayed home with Bennett today and Lance took Landon to church.  In Landon's Sunday school class they had the Olympics.  Ms. Lori sent me this picture of Landon with his medal.  He said "my mom will be so proud of me"!  He's such a sweet boy!  And I gave Landon a lesson on shadows so we took a picture of his silhouette.

Day 48:  I'm the type of person that when I want something I have to have it right that minute.  I drive Lance crazy with this sometimes.  We've been talking about painting the play area and so I decided to start it this night.  After doing my Jillian kettle bell workout and trimming the play area, I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow.

Day 49:  After more than a week of being home Bennett finally got to go back to school.  And he moved up to the next class.  He had a really good day and loved going outside.  He had some issues getting out of the swing (just because he didn't want to go inside) but he'll learn eventually.  

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