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Monday, February 3, 2014

#thenewtonsdaily2014 week 5

Day 29:  Y'all we finally had outside recess today!  It's hard on the kids to be inside all day so to see an empty room was wonderful!  I ran to town after school to get some perfume and I found it on the 50% off table.  Maybe Justin's recent trouble knocked the price down!  And I was a little embarrassed asking for his perfume but it smells really good to me!  That night Bennett surprised me by eating my cherry tomatoes.  He liked them and kept eating them until I took them away.

Day 30:  Our school had a penny drive for a little boy battling cancer.  Our class collected a lot (even the bucket couldn't handle them all) but didn't win the pizza party.  Who cares...our building raised over $2000-$3000 for him.  That's awesome!  And after school I had my hair appointment.  No I didn't cut my hair off-it's just pushed back.  Right now my hair is more of a natural color so he just touched up my roots and I was out in under an hour!  That is my type of work.  I don't find getting my hair done as a relaxing thing....not sure why but just not for me!  I do enjoy visiting with Adam though!  

Day 31:  Wowzer!  We got out early this morning so we had time to get donuts for the boys and a sonic drink for me.  After school Landon brought home his name writing crown.  Ms Vicky does so good at teaching kids to write on lines.  Just what us Kindergarten teachers want to see!

Day 32:  Lance was gone to Tulsa for a boat show so it was just me and the boys.  After a long time of trying to get Bennett to nap I found Landon sleeping too.  So I went ahead and got my PD done for Arkansas history!  It was all about Hot Springs so it was kind of interesting.  

Day 33:  Today we were expected to get snow but not until after church.  Lance always takes Landon to Sunday school and Bennett and I come for church.  It was cold so we sported the monkey hat!
By the time church was over we had snow everywhere!  It was like being in a snow globe going home! We made it home safe and had a lazy afternoon.  
Lance and Landon went to a friends to watch the Super Bowl game.  I kept Bennett home just because it's easier that way!  

Day 34:  Well we are getting another snow day!  Can't say I'm too sad about that.  It's hard to get out when it's cold and when I know we'll be in the classroom all day.  So me and the boys have been playing, resting, and trying to change sheets on beds.  Every time I go to do my bed this happens!  They always take over and then I have to wait till they're done.

Day 35:  Snow day number???  I've stopped counting since we've had so many!  We got out early for breakfast and sonic since we were expecting bad weather that morning.  We seriously pulled in the garage, came in the house, and found it snowing really hard!  Luckily we went when we did.  So after breakfast we got the play-doh out, we had some cuddle time, and I did my Jillian tape with Bennett as my workout partner!


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