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My World

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We didn't do too much this weekend.  Saturday Lance spent the entire day outside power washing the house.  So me & the boys hung out inside.
 Love these two boys!
Bennett takes great naps in his swing, but he's starting to get a little wild.  He will try to sit up in it and he usually ends up with his head hanging off.  I keep a close eye on him, but on this particular day he went back to sleep so I just left him.  Why would I wake a sleeping baby?!?

Saturday afternoon Lance & Landon went over to Logan's birthday party.  I stayed home with Bennett and did my walmart trip.  Hated to miss it but B doesn't like the car that much and I really needed to do things around here by myself (or at least with only 1 kid).
 sweet cousins
 Happy 8th Birthday to Logan

 Thor, Iron Man, & Captain America were at the party

Sunday we went to church and then took naps.  Judy (my MIL) is here for the week helping with VBS.  I enjoy her company and hey maybe I'll be able to take a slow shower or even a bath.  I usually take a 3 minute shower now days. 

I found this on pinterest today and had to share.  We all need to remember this.

AND BIG NEWS....BENNETT LAUGHED OUTLOUD TODAY!!!  He would giggle here & there but nothing like today.  It was sweet!  It was when I was tickling his belly.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet dad and my wonderful husband.  Both these men take care of their families so well and we appreciate them so much.  Lance is an awesome dad to our two boys.  Those boys love their dad so much.  I hope that Landon & Bennett are just as wonderful like their dad and grandpas when they become fathers.
Here are the sweet boys before church this past Sunday.

The other day I asked Landon some questions about his daddy and here is what he said.

1.   My dad is 4 years old.
2.   My dad is really strong, he could lift a big chair.
3.   My dad's favorite color is red.
4.   My dad's favorite food is beans, chicken, & potatoes.
5.   My dad always says "I love you".
6.   My dad is the best at growing gardens.
7.   My dad's job is building boats.
8.   My dad laughs when I kiss the chair.
9.   If my dad had time, he would love to play with me.
10. My dad and I like to play outside.
11. My dad really loves me.
12. I LOVE my dad because he's my best friend.

I will have to continue doing this every year.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Day & Lake Trip

So today my mom watched Bennett so Landon & I could go on a date to the movies.  We saw this movie...
and it was very good!  Landon did good at the beginning, but he got a bit restless towards the end.  He didn't nap and we went to the 2 o'clock movie so I think he was just tired.  I got him to sit in my lap and promised him we would play a game in the arcade part if he finished the movie (I wanted to see the end since I was into the movie at this point).  We had a great time and he later told me I was his best friend.  Love him!

 After the movie we went to get Bennett and visit a bit with my parents.  Landon was a bit cranky and we kept telling him he needed a nap.  Of course he never thinks he needs one, but as we were waiting for our food this is what happened in the backseat. 
And on Friday night, the Springfields invited us to their campsite and to go on the lake for dinner.  It's awful but we had yet to meet their newest addition (Braelyn's 10 months old) and they hadn't met Bennett yet.  So I'm glad we finally got together and it was a blast.  We took a tour of their camper and then headed to the pontoon.  Landon and I got in the water with them while Lance kept Bennett on the boat.  It was a bit cold but as hot as I am these days (oh what kids do to your body) it felt really good.  After our swim Joash made his yummy fajitas.  Right before we started eating it started to lightning and thunder so we hurried back to the dock and ate there.
 The up front weighing us down....ha!  Oh, and this is Bennett's first time on a boat.
 He loves his picture taken.

It was a fun night & you know whats even better...everyone slept till 9 AM on Saturday!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Yum

Well the garden is growing like crazy, and every evening Lance & Landon are getting so many yummy things out of it.  We have been eating tons of squash and zucchini, but the other evening the boys brought in beans.  So I got some pictures of the boys snapping them.

Looks like we'll have beans and new potatoes next!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Special Day

Today is my hubs 32nd birthday.  I wish he had the day off to spend with us but I guess someone has to make money...ha!  We don't have anything planned which is probably fine with him.  He didn't request any fancy dinner so he's getting a new pinterest meal.  We gave him his present yesterday-because I just can't wait.  I love giving presents but not good on waiting for when they should receive them.  Lance had me get him some sunglasses a month ago at Oakley and within 2 weeks he lost them (they're at the bottom of the lake if you want to go find them).  He was a bit irritated and I felt bad for him so I got him a new pair (I mentored a teacher last school year so I figured part of that money could go towards those). 

But I also got him this.  So we better not have anymore lost sunglasses!

Happy Birthday Lance and don't lose these sunglasses or you're getting a pair from walmart.

This weekend we had a garage sale at my parents house.  We were over there by 7 AM and wouldn't get home till late.  But I'm not complaining because we got rid of a lot of stuff that we don't need anymore and also made over $500.  I'm actually excited about our next garage sale and I'm also starting to use eBay.  I have a problem and it's buying jeans.  I don't want to admit this but just for the garage sale I had over 18 pairs to sale + I have just as many in my closet.  Now these have been bought over many years (high school even) but I just don't ever get rid of them.  So I'm finally ready to say goodbye to some...not all...but some! 

So at the garage sale we had a celebrity sighting.  Can you recognize him?
It's Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. isn't really him but sure does look like him doesn't it?!?

So besides the garage sale we've been enjoying our lazy summer.  Bennett is 15 weeks today and I forgot to blog about his newest trick.  Last Tuesday (June 5th) he started rolling over.  He's been trying and so on Tuesday I just let him lay on the ground pretty much during all of his wake time.  He was getting so mad when he couldn't get over that I finally just made him deal with it.  And it worked!  He is officially rolling over.
 And he noticed his hands Friday (June 8th) at the garage sale.  I am not sure this is the first time but I noticed it big time over there.  It was pretty funny!  And speaking of funny....look at this face.
 Blowing bubbles :)
 And we decided to try B in the door jumper.  Landon showed him how it worked.  B is still a bit small for it but he'll be there before too long. 
I ordered him a new Bumbo seat today.  I borrowed my sisters when I had Landon and they are using it up at her school.  So I'll be glad when that gets here and he can sit up like a big boy.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Weekend & More

Memorial weekend was wonderful.  Lance went to Flippin's graduation Friday night, Saturday evening we had the Benton's over for dinner, Sunday we went to Lance's uncle and aunts cabin on the river, & Monday we just enjoyed the day.

Lance's Uncle Randy and Aunt Brenda invited us down to their cabin.  It's on the river so we were super excited to get down there.  It was Randy, Brenda, their two daughters & their kids, Forrest & Nina, my mother in law, Aunt Janice, and my crew.  So much fun!  We got to fish, catch crawdads, play in the water, eat fish, and lots of sweets!  We went down there around 4 PM and didn't get home till after 9 PM.  And we went the entire time so we all slept good that night.   
 Me and my sweet boy.
Getting ready to go play down at the river.
 Nana holding Bennett
 Nina got to hold B and she got him to sleep.  She's the baby whisperer!
Nana and Mimi figuring out B's outfit.
Micaela helped with Bennett.  It's funny because Lance & I always worry that we are leaving B to others but we need to realize that everyone WANTS him.  And not that it matters, but Bennett is probably the easiest baby ever.  He never cried the five hours we were there. 

 It was so pretty down there and with the water low-it made the day perfect.

Landon loved the water.

 We looked for crawdads but it was only Lance & Rhett who would touch them.

 Such a fun day

My best friend

After we played in the water, we headed up to the pavilion to eat.  Uncle Randy fried fish, french fries, hush puppies, and Aunt Brenda made cole slaw and beans.  It was so yummy!
 Landon loved the fish

After we ate, we all went back and played in the water some more.  Once we finally got them tired we went back for more food...ha!  We celebrated Jeryn's birthday a few days early.  His momma had cake and ice cream. 

 Jaiden, Landon, Jeryn, & Rhett

The cabin was wonderful and I'm so glad we went down there.  Thanks to Randy and his crew for inviting us down there.  Hopefully this will be a Memorial day tradition here on out.

So all weekend Lance had been hunting around for a truck.  He has drove his truck for at least 10 years so it was about time he got something new and that was more family friendly.  He looked at Mtn.Home, Harrison, Melbourne, and finally Ash Flat.  He went with my dad on Monday over to Melbourne but they didn't have anything he wanted.  So they decided to drive over to Ash Flat since they were so close and it is a good thing they did....because he found exactly what he wanted and a little more.

Now we both have white vehicles...aww!  It's crazy to say this but I haven't even been for a ride in it.  I have only sat in it but we'll have to change that...its been a busy week.

I'm so glad it's the weekend.  My parents and I are getting ready for a garage sale so my house is messy (or it is for me since I'm OCD).  For some reason I want to get rid of pretty much everything I own.  I'm definitely not a collector or a hoarder.  And I'm enjoying these two boys and thankful I get to be their momma.