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My World

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer is Here

School is out & summer has started.  Tuesday night my sister called and invited me & the boys over to swim.  Of course we said yes-we needed out of the house.  My sister held Bennett the entire night (fine by me-gives me time to focus on Landon) and the other kids played outside.  They swam, ate popsicles, danced, & got out a bunch of energy.  Brooke's kids are not afraid of much and are pretty tough.  Landon...not so much.  He's not a swimmer and really doesn't care for water in his face.  Well that night he had to get over it!  He was splashed and he even went under...not on purpose.  It was actually scary for a moment.  He went down the slide and somehow he ended up going under.  Bless his heart-he came up and didn't know what had happened.  He didn't know what to do.  His eyes were huge, he was pulling at his ears, & trying to catch his breath.  Audrey was in the pool with him and I was to him in about two seconds.  He was totally fine but it just shocked him.  After it all happened & we saw Landon was fine we couldn't help but laugh.  His reaction was just crazy.  I guess I need to teach him how to swim.  
So besides Landon's drowning experience we had a really good time.  Of course Landon did get hurt more...he always does.  He was trying to get out of the pool and fell out.  He fell on to a stepping stone and scratched up his hand.  Then Audrey was pulling the boys on a toy and Landon smashed his!  He didn't have a nap so every little thing was very dramatic. 
I hope Brooke and Bradford invite us back even though my kid isn't tough.  Maybe hanging with their kids will toughen him up...ha!
 Landon and Mitchum
 Landon had a blast!
 Bennett was loving his aunt Brooke & I'd say she was loving him too!
 The boys (Audrey was hiding because she was mad)
 Love when these cousins get to hang out.  I hope they're always close.

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