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My World

Monday, June 18, 2012

Special Day & Lake Trip

So today my mom watched Bennett so Landon & I could go on a date to the movies.  We saw this movie...
and it was very good!  Landon did good at the beginning, but he got a bit restless towards the end.  He didn't nap and we went to the 2 o'clock movie so I think he was just tired.  I got him to sit in my lap and promised him we would play a game in the arcade part if he finished the movie (I wanted to see the end since I was into the movie at this point).  We had a great time and he later told me I was his best friend.  Love him!

 After the movie we went to get Bennett and visit a bit with my parents.  Landon was a bit cranky and we kept telling him he needed a nap.  Of course he never thinks he needs one, but as we were waiting for our food this is what happened in the backseat. 
And on Friday night, the Springfields invited us to their campsite and to go on the lake for dinner.  It's awful but we had yet to meet their newest addition (Braelyn's 10 months old) and they hadn't met Bennett yet.  So I'm glad we finally got together and it was a blast.  We took a tour of their camper and then headed to the pontoon.  Landon and I got in the water with them while Lance kept Bennett on the boat.  It was a bit cold but as hot as I am these days (oh what kids do to your body) it felt really good.  After our swim Joash made his yummy fajitas.  Right before we started eating it started to lightning and thunder so we hurried back to the dock and ate there.
 The up front weighing us down....ha!  Oh, and this is Bennett's first time on a boat.
 He loves his picture taken.

It was a fun night & you know whats even better...everyone slept till 9 AM on Saturday!

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