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My World

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my sweet dad and my wonderful husband.  Both these men take care of their families so well and we appreciate them so much.  Lance is an awesome dad to our two boys.  Those boys love their dad so much.  I hope that Landon & Bennett are just as wonderful like their dad and grandpas when they become fathers.
Here are the sweet boys before church this past Sunday.

The other day I asked Landon some questions about his daddy and here is what he said.

1.   My dad is 4 years old.
2.   My dad is really strong, he could lift a big chair.
3.   My dad's favorite color is red.
4.   My dad's favorite food is beans, chicken, & potatoes.
5.   My dad always says "I love you".
6.   My dad is the best at growing gardens.
7.   My dad's job is building boats.
8.   My dad laughs when I kiss the chair.
9.   If my dad had time, he would love to play with me.
10. My dad and I like to play outside.
11. My dad really loves me.
12. I LOVE my dad because he's my best friend.

I will have to continue doing this every year.  

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