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My World

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

We didn't do too much this weekend.  Saturday Lance spent the entire day outside power washing the house.  So me & the boys hung out inside.
 Love these two boys!
Bennett takes great naps in his swing, but he's starting to get a little wild.  He will try to sit up in it and he usually ends up with his head hanging off.  I keep a close eye on him, but on this particular day he went back to sleep so I just left him.  Why would I wake a sleeping baby?!?

Saturday afternoon Lance & Landon went over to Logan's birthday party.  I stayed home with Bennett and did my walmart trip.  Hated to miss it but B doesn't like the car that much and I really needed to do things around here by myself (or at least with only 1 kid).
 sweet cousins
 Happy 8th Birthday to Logan

 Thor, Iron Man, & Captain America were at the party

Sunday we went to church and then took naps.  Judy (my MIL) is here for the week helping with VBS.  I enjoy her company and hey maybe I'll be able to take a slow shower or even a bath.  I usually take a 3 minute shower now days. 

I found this on pinterest today and had to share.  We all need to remember this.

AND BIG NEWS....BENNETT LAUGHED OUTLOUD TODAY!!!  He would giggle here & there but nothing like today.  It was sweet!  It was when I was tickling his belly.

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