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My World

Monday, July 2, 2012

4 Months & A Bit More

Bennett is 4 months.  I know I say this every time but he is such an easy baby.  He weighs 17 pounds, eating 5 oz. every 2-3 hours, and last night we spoon fed him cereal for the first time.  He liked it and Landon liked feeding him.  Bennett has finally figured out how to roll to his belly going either way (he was only rolliong to his left).  Today he went to daycare for the first time (it was only for a few hours) and he did just fine.  I want him to go so we can all get used to it before school starts and he's going every day. 

Here is his 4 month pictures.
 He's getting wild.
 His hands are usually in his mouth now days.
 Isn't this sweet?!?  The boys were watching Baby Einstein on the computer.
 Landon took a picture of Bennett in his swing.  Notice his hands?!?
 And here's Landon playing dress up in his room.  He dressed me up as Spiderman but I skipped a picture.
 Look at the garden goods?  We are enjoying all of this and more. 
 Ok Landon is crazy with the phone, but showing you again...B's hands. :)



  1. He's so cute! I'm glad he did well at daycare. I'm sure his teachers love having him!

  2. Oh his teachers love him tons already such a sweet lil chuker!

  3. Your boys are SO precious! So sweet. :)
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