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My World

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Goodbye April

I can't believe we're about to enter May. That makes me think of another school year ending and a summer home with my babies! Come on May! We haven't been doing anything too exciting. We seem to be healthy for the most part and I pray we stick to that.
Landon is getting so big! He is playing t-ball this year and he's had two practices so far. The first one I went to but he just cried when he saw me and didn't want to play. So I stayed home last week and he did fine. He's a mamas boy and I was the same way when I was little so I can't blame him. His friends Luke and Brayden are on his team and I know he's going to make a bunch of new friends through this adventure.
Bennett is a wild man and we love him to pieces! He is sleeping good and he loves being outside. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and get over these cold random days. The other night I let him eat Oreos and the kid got filthy. I seriously turned my head a minute and he was covered. Eek!!!
Landon has got to do some fun stuff with his daddy! They went to a birthday party down on the river so he spent most of the time playing there. He also went to the weigh-in last weekend. He likes anything do to with fishing. And thankfully the hubs got a boat from work so maybe we'll all be able to go some.
On school news...the boys had picture day and so my sister sent me a picture of their proofs. I can't wait to order them. Landon has been getting report cards from his class (which I love seeing) and he did great. Still has to practice writing his name on lined paper but I have kindergarten kids who still have issues with that. In my class, I've started organizing and going through stuff. I like to do this at the end of the school year so it's done when I go back in August. We've only got 21 days left...whoop whoop!
I think awhile back I posted about a new jillian DVD called ripped in 30. Well I LOVE it! Does it kick my butt and make me sore? Umm...YES! I try to do it every other day but that doesn't always happen. I really enjoy her tapes because they're quick and I can do them around two wild boys. And sometimes they join me in doing the moves.
This week I finally went out and bought my first colored pant. I went with the teal color and I can't wait to wear them. Here's a pic of the top I put with them. Hopefully it looks good!
Well I'm going to enjoy this gloomy day, hang out with my boys, and wait for the hubs to finish his fishing tournament. Those that fish on rainy days are definitely dedicated.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a very good yet relaxing Easter Sunday. Landon had a low fever the night before but luckily we were able to make it to church. Bennett wasn't being very quiet so Landon and I took him out. After church I picked up sonic (sounds pitiful I know) and when we got home the Easter bunny had brought us some goodies. Landon was pumped! We played outside and then about 4:30 or so Landon fell asleep and he slept until 7:15...yikes! He woke up, ate supper, and then asked to go back to bed! That tells you the kid doesn't feel good. Nana had plans to keep Bennett on Monday (since he had to get some shots) and so she just kept Landon. He continued to run a low fever so she kept him Tuesday (she also brought us a strawberry pie), I took him to the doctor on Wednesday (it was his throat) and my mom kept him Thursday. He finally quit the fever yesterday afternoon so all I can say is bless his heart. Hate to see my babies sick.

My sister told us to look at this picture of the new baby Benita. She's such a dork and always does silly poses to Bennett. At Halloween she put the candy stick in his mouth and now she's clipping his hair in girl clips. She loves her Bennett and he loves her! Plus it was pretty hilarious when she showed it to us.

School has been busy. We only have 38 more days and for some reason I can't wait! I'm ready for summer break and being home with my boys. On Friday we threw a baby shower for one of my friends at work. I was Kary's mentor last year and I love teaching with her. She will be welcoming her 2nd baby in a month. They are not finding out the gender of this baby so we did a neutral theme. And besides planning for the shower I have decided to be the math person for Kindergarten. I'm teaming with another teacher on this and I know I'll be happy we did it that way. We have four meetings already scheduled in the next month and then we've got a 4 day training this summer that will continue for 3 years. Wish us luck!!!